Johnny in a Dress Review and GIVEAWAY!!

My sweet friend Natalie from Johnny in a Dress sent my Luci an adorable Crayon Roll from her shop a couple of weeks ago. HUGE hit in this house…not only with Luci but with momma too!
I love the cute fabric combo for this Crayon Roll….grey polka dots with yellow.
There are lots of different fabric combos to chose from in the JIAD shop.
The convenience of this product is what really gets me. Just roll it up and throw it in your purse on your way out the door to an appointment or restaurant! Provides LOADS of fun for your little miss or mister.
Luci LOVES her Crayon Roll (to say the least). 
The other day when we were heading out the door to the grocery store, she asked me if her “Cwayon Woll” was in my purse : ) Not sure if coloring in the front seat of the grocery cart would have worked out. Guess what she wanted to do the second we walked in the door with groceries? ; )
Lucky for you, Natalie is giving one lucky MFTM reader a $25 credit to the JAID shop!
Say what?!
Yep! That’s right. Twenty-five smack-a-roos to anything in the Johnny in a Dress shop!
Enter to win!
{Leave a separate comment for each entry}
1. This is a giveaway for MFTM readers, please leave a comment letting me know you are.
2. Visit the JIAD shop and tell us what you would get if you won.
3. Follow the JIAD blog and leave her some bloggy ♥.
4. Share this giveaway on Facebook and tag Johnny in a Dress and Mine for the Making in the post.
For example: Head on over to @MinefortheMaking for your chance to win $25 to @JohnnyinaDress shop!
*You must “like” our Facebook pages first and you must put the @ sign in front of our names in order for the tag to work.*
Good luck! 
PS- I am sponsoring a giveaway over at JIAD blog right now too! After you enter this giveaway, head on over to JIAD blog to enter another giveaway! Lucky you :)

The giveaway ends on Sunday, October 16th at midnight (AZ time) and the winner will be announced on Monday, October 17th. Winner will be chosen via
This review and giveaway is sponsored by Johnny in a Dress. All opinions are 100% my own.
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  1. Hi. I am Debby from and I follow you.

  2. If I won I would buy a crayon roll for my granddaughter Mabel and one of those many buttons necklaces…..probably have to add some money but that’s okay they are adorable.

  3. I signed up to follow Johnny in a dress.

  4. I love that you girls are doing this! I love both your blogs. I follow Mine for the Making

  5. I follow Johnny in a Dress, too

  6. If I win I don’t know what I’d get….probably either put it towards one of the frame coat racks or get a little ruffled bag.

  7. yay! we just started following your site! looking forward to learning more!

  8. love love loving the ruffle dress!!!!

  9. we follow JIAD

  10. If I won, I’d love the ruffled zippered pouch. Pink is my favorite color and I sure hope I win so I can get one!

  11. I follow the JIAD Blog.

  12. I read and follow MFTM.

  13. If I won I would pick a crayon roll and the cloth sandwich bag.

  14. I follow JIAD Blog.

  15. Shared with tags on Facebook.

  16. I am a MFTM follower!

  17. i love the ruffled zippered pouch in green & gray or the navy infinity scarf!

  18. i am now following the johnny in a dress blog! :)

  19. I LOVE this giveaway! SO fun!

    I follow you, happily. :)

  20. I follow JIAD as well! Love her blog!

  21. Just started following today!!

    ginnykathleen at msn dot com

  22. There’s so much cute stuff.. it’s hard to choose!! I’d either choose one of the Boy’s Custom Applique Shirt, an Infinity Scarf.. or maybe TWO of the crayon rolls! :D

    ginnykathleen at msn dot com

  23. I follow the JIAD blog!

    ginnykathleen at msn dot com

  24. Happy follower here!! :)

  25. I would have to one of those cute crayon rolls and maybe a cute barrette!

  26. I follow the JIAD blog! :)

  27. Shared on FB! :)

  28. I’m a loyal MFTM follower! :)

  29. I would LOVE an infinity scarf for this cooler weather. I’m thinking the grey one!

  30. Great giveaway! I follow you :-)

  31. And I follow JIAD.

  32. And I’d spend my money on a ruffle tote or button necklace! So cute!

  33. I’m a follower of MFTM via gfc!

  34. I’d get 2 crayon rolls for my boys. And I’d let them pick the fabric! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  35. I also follow JIAD via gfc!

  36. I am now following your blog!

  37. I am a follower of JIAD.

  38. I would LOVE the green ruffle tote!

  39. I found you through JIAD, and I’m a follower now. Love your cute blog!

  40. I would definitely spend the money on a crayon roll for my little girl.

  41. And I follow JIAD

  42. I follow you of course, xoxo

  43. If I won I would have such a hard time deciding. I’m just that way. Love the crayon rolls, and her bags.

  44. I follow JIAD too of course :)

  45. I am a follower of Mine for the making

  46. so many cute this on JIAD shop, it will be hard to choose. Love the ruffle bag!

  47. i’m already a follower of MFTM!

  48. if i won, i would choose the bloomin’ brooch: turquoise and green and the yellow and gray crayon roll to share the jiad love with one of my followers :)

  49. i already follow jiad and commented on her gorgeous laundry room!

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