Food-a-licious Friday {64} Crockpot Young Chicken

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Are you ready for a new recipe?! Me too! Today my sweet friend, Michelle, is here to share a yum-tastic crockpot recipe with us. We ♥ a good crockpot meal, don’t we? 
Take it away Michelle…

Hellooo everyone and happy Food-a-licious Friday! I am Michelle and I am visiting from my brand new blog, ModernMarthaMichelle. My sweet little blog is all about sharing mommy stories, crafting,  exercise tips, nutrition tips, and delicious recipes such as the one I am sharing with you today.
Kara is a childhood friend of mine. She and I recently reconnected with thanks to Facebook, and our  awesome hobbies (blogging, crafting, & being moms) that we share in common. Kara is my {blogspiration}, so I am so excited and honored to be guest hosting on her fabulous blog today!

Tonight we are cookin’ up a meal that is a favorite in my home. Now, I ain’t no spring chicken, but that’s what we’re makin’. Ok, so it is really called a “young” chicken. We’re cooking a whole chicken in the crock pot. This dinner is great because it is so versatile. You set your crock pot depending on how much time you have~ you can turn it on before you leave for work or in the middle of the day. I hope y’all love this healthy, comfort- food recipe I am sharing.

What ya need:

What ya need to do:

  • Fill your sink with warm water and add a dash of salt. Soak the chicken in the salt water for 20 minutes.
  • Pluck all hairs (soon to be feathers) and any “funk” on the outside from the chicken.
  • Here comes the nitty gritty~ Via the back end, go wrist deep inside the chicken and pull out all the “extras”. 
  • You’ll know what I mean as soon as you’re in there. Discard extras. Drain your water.
  • Pour some salt on your fingertips and rub on the outside of the chicken. Then, pour more salt on your fingertips and rub all around on the inside of the chicken. This helps rid any foul taste.

So, our little chicken is featherless, the innards are out-ard, and I think we are ready to move along to the easy part.

  • Put the chicken inside the crock pot.
  • Quarter your onion and put 1/4 under each “armpit” and the 2 other quarters inside the chicken.
  • Set your crock pot on the high setting and cook for 4- 5 hours, or the low setting for 8+ hours.

This is what your little chickie will look like when all is said and done:

The meat seriously falls off the bone when you are trying to get it out of the crock pot, y’all! We just cut however much chicken we each want off from in the crock pot and put it on our plates. You can put the whole thing on a serving dish if you want to be fancy. Be prepared to devour the moist-est and most tender chicken EVER! It is so delicious. Best part is that it tastes like a total cheat meal/comfort food meal, but it is so healthy.

We make this into a meal by adding a sweet potato and a spinach salad, or some other kind of green veggie. Again, good and good for you.

Ok, just when you think it doesn’t get any better, there’s more! If you take all the left over chicken off the bones and refrigerate it, you have chicken for homemade chicken noodle soup. Stay tuned… Recipe to follow! Can you say, “Winner winner TWO chicken dinners”?? Come on over to my place, ModernMarthaMichelle, and say hi!

Have you ever heard of Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners?? They are an absolute must if you are cooking a messy little dinner like the one above. No scrubbing your crock pot!! You can find them by the Ziplocs.

Thanks for visiting with me today, and have a fabulous weekend with your family and friends!


LOVE this recipe, Michelle! Easy, tasty, and healthy?! Can’t beat that! Make sure you head on over to Michelle’s blog. She’s fantastic and I love what she’s doing with her place ; ) I have got to add those crockpot liners to my grocery list this week!! ♥ me some easy clean up.
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  1. Sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing! I love anything in a crock pot. :)

  2. We make whole chickens regularly because they’re so easy! Add all skins & bone back into crockpot & add about 5 cups of water to the chicken juice. Set crockpot on low & let it go several hours. (We let it cook over night.) Strain the parts out, refrigerated so fat will separate. Remove fat & you have cheap,easy & healthy chicken broth!

  3. I love the recipe my chicken came out delicious!!! thanks

  4. I love the recipe my chicken came out delicious!!! thanks

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