Food-a-licious Friday {82} Sausage Pasta Skillet

It’s FRIDAY!! 
Can you believe it’s already June?! Although we’ve hit above 100 degree weather here for weeks, I feel like June officially marks the start of summer. I’ve been sharing fun outdoor activities on my Facebook page to keep the kiddos busy…stop by and check it out!

Today my friend Brittney is sharing another of her family’s favorites. If you missed her recipe from last week, you can check it out here. Kid-friendly and super simple for those busy weeknights. Today’s recipe looks super yummy…take it away Brit!


I remember like 8 years ago watching Rachel Ray and she made this dish or something like it (because I didn’t exactly write it down).  It’s a one pot meal (LOVE) and a 30 minute meal (LOVE LOVE) and sooo delicious.  Amazing leftovers and again, even little ones will love this.  

Sausage Pasta Skillet


(Makes for about 6-8 people)
 1 package Johnsonville mild sausage (in casings usually)
 1 package sliced mushrooms
 2 Tbs butter
 2 Tbs flour
 1 cup spinach (optional)
 1/2 cup Chicken broth
 1/2 cup half n half (or milk of any kind)
 1 can diced tomatoes 
 1-2 cups of mexican blend cheese (or whatever you have will work)
 1 package penne pasta (or your favorite bite size pasta)

-Cook pasta as directed. (Start boiling water the same time you brown the meat and it will all time itself perfectly). 
-Start with the largest skillet you have and brown the sausage on med/high heat.  You will need to squeeze the sausage out of the casing then break it up with wooden spoon.  Spend about 10 minutes or so making sure that sausage is thoroughly cooked through.  

-Then spoon out the sausage and transfer to a paper towel/plate.  

-Be sure to leave the yummy fat in the skillet and add the butter.  Saute the mushrooms in the butter and fat from sausage.  Add salt and pepper here.  

-When mushrooms are soft and sauteed, add the flour and stir for one minute till all fat is soaked up.  
-Add the broth and half n half (or milk).  Congratulations, you just made a rue!  (the base for any cream sauce). 

-Keep stiring and let it all simmer and bubble until it gets thicker and with no chunks of flour.  If you want to add spinach, do it now.  

-Turn off heat and add the can of tomatoes and sausage back into the dish and add 1/2 the cheese and stir.  

Dump drained pasta on top and keep tossing whole dish together till sauce is well distributed.  
-Sprinkle the rest of cheese and grab the whole skillet and put it on the top rack of your oven.  

-Broil on high for 3-5 minutes or until cheese is nice and melted on top.  
-Take it out and serve immediately!  

Soooo yummy with crusty bread or salad..or both!  
Total time is 30 minutes and only 2 dirty dishes!  HOLLA Rachel Ray!


That skillet looks and sounds soooooo good! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing Brittney!

If you have a yummy recipe (appetizer, dinner, dessert, kid-friendly, freezer meals, healthy tips, etc.), I’d love for you to drop me an email so I can feature your recipe on Food-a-licious Friday!
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