Little Mister Mustache Bash {baby shower}

For the last two months I have been preparing for my sister’s baby shower.

The second I found out she was expecting a boy, the theme came to me in an instant.

I started designing things for the shower right away and had SO MUCH FUN planning this party.

My sister and I have almost 10 years between us, but we are VERY close. It was important to me to make her shower super special and memorable while keeping it budget friendly.

Today I am going to share the pictures of her shower with you, and tomorrow I will share all of the prints I created for FREE. That’s right, sweet friends. An entire boy baby shower that you can download and print for no cost other than the paper and ink used to print. Because sharing is caring *winks*

Let’s check out the Little Mister Mustache Bash {baby shower}…

 Almost every decoration was designed or mad by me. I spray painted and antiqued cheap frames, turned my Spring Wreath into the shower wreath, used my silhouette to cut out mustaches, and designed the prints that are in the frames on my computer. I also made chocolate mustaches for party favors for our guests…they turned out WAY cute.

Streamers, tissue paper pom-poms, a mustache chandi, washi tape pennant banners, and a collage of weekly baby bump photos…plus a lot of little details (love the little details).

 We had an awesome spread of food. My husband made salsa and a pretty fruit tray, my mom brought a cheese and crackers tray, meatballs, and chips; a friend made cupcakes; I hand dipped strawberries in chocolate, made Chicken Cabbage Salad, and Key Lime Cheesecake Bars.

 I had 4 fun games planned and a diaper raffle. My mom bought 4 gift cards for the game winners and I put together a gift bag of some of my handmade jewelry for the raffle winner.

-Don’t say BABY! 

(Give guest mini clothes pins to clip to their clothing. If you hear someone say BABY, steal their clothes pin. Whoever has the most at the end of the shower wins.)

-Sculpt a BABY!

(All guests are given a small container of Play Doh and a baking cup. Guests have 5 minutes to sculpt a baby. The mommy-to-be decides who made the most life-like baby.)

-How big is the momma?

(Guests use a piece of yarn to guestimate how big around the mommy-to-be is.)

-Draw a BABY!

(Guest are given a marker and small piece of paper. They place the paper on their head and draw a baby without looking, within 2 minutes…NO peeking! The mommy-to-be decides who drew the cutest baby.)

 My sister made out well in the gift department. Most everyone brought a book for baby rather than a card and wrote a message inside (suggested on the invite) and diapers for the raffle, which was GREAT! She got a ton of cute clothes, blankets, a stroller, carseat, swing, and lots of other baby essentials. Talk about blessed! And of course my nephew got a ton of handmade items from his auntie, including that bow tie onesie. LOVE.

Lots of friends and family which is what really made this a celebration.

We all love my sister and her little mister so much.

It was a blast preparing and planning this shower and my sister had a great time, so I consider this shower a SUCCESS. *Pats self on back* 

What do YOU think about the shower? 
I would love your feedback.

Join me tomorrow for all of the free prints from the Little Mister Mustache Bash {baby shower}!

Click HERE for the prints!

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  1. Kara, the shower turned out SO adorable! You did such an amazing job and what a cute idea! You went all out and your sis is lucky to have such a thoughtful and creative sister! :)

  2. Thanks so much for posting! We find out the gender of my sister’s baby on Monday. Is it bad I want a boy just for this cute shower? ;)

  3. It turned out so cute!!! *Pat on the back* You, know from someone else… ;) I LOVE the idea of a book instead of a card! Will the invite be included tomorrow? I’d like to know how you worded that?

  4. This is super cute, Kara!! I love all the little details. ♥

  5. Oh goodness, this party is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Too cute!!! You did a great job!

  7. love love love love love love love!!!! It all looks amazing and like such a blast!!! You what is funny, I have that star plate too and I am doing a couple of things with it if you kept it LOL! Love the mustaches, I need an excuse for a mustache party!

  8. So cute! I wish I would have had some of your printables when I did my sister’s moustache shower earlier this year. I did make these cute moustache cakepops for her, though…

  9. So cute Kara! Your sister is adorable and I know she had to love the wonderful party you threw her! I love the book instead of card idea :)

  10. This is like, the cutest baby shower ever! Love it!

  11. my sons first birthday is Saturday and this is his theme! I love these print outs! is there anyway you could send them to me? Thanks!

  12. Love the pics. Im hosting my daughter’s February. Id love ur help! Plz forward to get your printables. Thanks again fir the helo

  13. Love the pics. Im hosting my daughter’s February. Id love ur help! Plz forward to get your printables. Thanks again fir the helo

  14. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!!i love the little mister mustache bash printables. im having a baby shower in February and i would love to get your printables. unfortunately, i dont have a facebook account and i dont use my pinterest anymore but i already told my friends about your site and they love it!!:) thanks in advance.

  15. Can you please send me the printtables.


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