Painted Heart Burlap Banner

Hi there friends!
I hope you had a great weekend and a great start to your week. I’m stopping by today to share a simple and sweet banner that is perfect Valentine’s Day. We made this banner during MFTM Craft Class last week and they turned out so pretty. 
Sponge brush
Lace or ribbon
small piece of card stock
Hot glue gun and sticks
1. Cut 5 triangles out of your burlap and set aside.
2. Fold of card stock (mine was 3in x 3in) in half and cut a half heart around the fold line. Discard the heart, but keep the square of card stock with the missing heart center.
3. Place heart stencil in the center of your burlap triangles and paint with your sponge brush (dabbing/blotting). I prefer the flat top sponge brush for this. Repeat on all  5 triangles and allow dry time.
4. Hot glue the triangles to the twine (I used a 55 in piece of twine).
5. Add lace or ribbon in between your triangles.
6. Hang on your mantle, shelf, mirror, doorway, etc.
The girls at MFTM Craft Class were so much fun and loved their pretty Valentine banners. I loved seeing all of the different versions. If you are in Arizona and would like to attend a craft class, send me an email and I’ll get you on the monthly newsletter list. 
Thanks so much for stopping by, friends!
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See you tomorrow for Tot School Tuesday!
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  1. I love it! It sounds so easy to do!!!

  2. u kno i had fun !!!!!!

  3. u kno i had fun !!!!!!

  4. This is really cute, and how simple! It is just the addition I needed for our mantel. Thanks!

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