Teach Me Tuesday: Yarn Pom Pom Truffula Trees

February 25, 2014 in crafts, Dr. Seuss, kid-friendly, Teach Me Tuesday, yarn by MinefortheMaking

So happy you are stopping by today for Teach Me Tuesday, a day where we share all things kid-friendly! Activities, crafts, games, etc. that you can teach your child. 

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March is just around the corner and we love this month for so many reasons. One reason is because it’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday month and he is one of our favorite authors. We especially love reading The Lorax during the month of March because it’s all about Earthy-love…which is perfect for Earth Day, also in the month of March. Last year my daughter and I made these fun Truffula Tree Treats so I thought this year it would be fun to make a craft! Check out our Yarn Pom Pom Truffula Trees! 



Aren’t they cute?! 

Here’s what you’ll need for this activity:


Read the book with your kiddos and then make your own Truffula Trees. We used rainbow yarn but you can use any color. Follow the directions on your pom pom maker or make them by hand like I do. After you finish your pom poms, hot glue them (help the littles with the hot glue!) to the paper straws! Easy peasy! 

The wrapping of the yarn and scissor work is great fine motor skills!



Now we are off to plant some real seeds of our own! My daughter is thrilled to take care of and tend to her own little herb garden.

Don’t forget to “SAVE THE TREES!” just like the Lorax tells us :) 

Thanks for stopping by today!