Teach Me Tuesday: Jack-o-Lantern Game

Welcome to Teach Me Tuesday! A (mostly) weekly series where we share all things kid-friendly that you can do with your kids or teach them how to do. It can be educational, artistic, scientific, hands-on…anything goes as long as it’s kid approved! Today, our kid-friendly contributor is sharing a fun game your little pumpkins will love!

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Hi Friends of Kara!! Michelle from Delicate Construction here. Can you believe that it is already October? I surely can’t, but it is, so let’s embrace it with a fun and easy preschool Jack-o-Lantern Game!

jackolantern game1

All you need for this is orange (4 sheets), black (1 sheet) and brown (1 sheet) felt, some hot glue, pillow fluff and a wooden cube. All easy stuff that you can find at the craft store! First, take the four sheets of orange felt and cut a pumpkin shape out of them as big as you can.

jackolantern game2

Then cut one stem out of the brown that you will sandwich between the two orange pumpkin shapes.

jackolantern game3

Glue the stem between the two layers and then glue around the orange pumpkins to attach them together pillow style. Leave an opening at the bottom.

jackolantern game4

Fill it up with your pillow fluff.

jackolantern game5

Then, use the hot glue to close up the opening so you essentially have two pumpkin pillows.

jackolantern game6

Now it is time to put make the face pieces! These are all cut out of black felt and really I just wanted to have 6 different shapes so that there was something for each side of the wooden cube or dice. These don’t get glued to the pumpkin because this is going to be a reusable game.

jackolantern game7

After all you face pieces are created, each shape goes on each side of the wooden cube that will become your dice for the game. After drawing on the shapes, I also drew on the edges because I thought it looked a little more fun! You don’t have to.

jackolantern game8

Now you are ready to play the game! Basically it is designed so one child rolls the dice and then adds that piece to their jack-o-lantern, and then the next child goes. This goes back and forth until someone has a whole jack-o-lantern face. You can decide if the eye need to be the same shape which may help the game go a little faster. Also fun, you can make as many of the pumpkin and face pieces as you need for your group for not much more money!

jackolantern game9

What games do you like to play for Halloween?

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