Playground Patches

Our awesome sewing and fabric contributor, Shannon, is back this month sharing a GENIUS idea for us mommas who have rough playing kiddos. Check out her easy tutorial for Playground Patches!
Hi! Shannon here from HustleMama Handmade! It’s finally cooling off here in AZ. As a mom to three girls, we love these affordable cute patterned leggings from Target. My only issue? One of my girls is SO rough on her knees. We joke that her leggings are disposable! I prevent those pesky knee-holes by sewing patches on the knees before she even wears them!
Supplies needed: Leggings, Scissors, Fabric to embellish, fusible web – I prefer Heat’N’Bond (see my previous posts for more info on fusible interfacing)
Begin by cutting a piece of fabric and interfacing large enough to fit 2 knee patches on. Iron interfacing onto wrong size of fabric following manufacturers instructions.
Decide what shape and size your patches will be. I chose hearts, just because I think they are adorable! I used a pencil here to lightly trace around where I wanted patch to be.
Then cut out your patches. I cut just inside my pencil lines so they wouldn’t show.
Place on your leggings after measuring to see where your child’s knees are. Iron into place.
Stitch in place. I use my machine, but that can be a little tricky to get the stitching into such a narrow opening. I find that if I go slowly and constantly pull fabric out of the way with my right hand, I can do it pretty well. You can also hand-stitch into place.
That’s it! You’re done! Not only will your leggings last longer, they’ll be little cuter, too!
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  1. Cute! I know someone who would love this addition to her leggings. :)

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