Cinderella and Prince Charming Peg Dolls

Have you been to see the new Cinderella movie?! We are SO excited to see it this weekend for my daughter’s seventh birthday! And as a fun birthday present, I made her these adorable Cinderella and Prince Charming Peg Dolls!

cinderella peg dolls

Aren’t they cute? I made them one night after I put Luci to bed. You need about an hour, a few supplies, and patience. LOL! 

cinderella peg dolls4

Grab paints and paint brushes, paint pens, and a black Sharpie. Then you’ll need to buy a package of wood peg dolls from your local craft store… I bought mine at Michael’s. 

cinderella peg dolls2

I looked at a picture of classic Disney Cinderella and a picture of this year’s Cinderella and I thought they looked pretty similar in their blue ball gowns. So I chose to paint my Cinderella like that… in her sparkly, fancy blue ball gown. I used glitter paint for her gown and then hot glued the gem on after the paint dried. I used the Sharpie for her eyes and you could use the Sharpie to make a black choker necklace if you choose. New Cinderella didn’t wear one, so I opted not to draw one on. 

cinderella peg dolls3

For Prince Charming, I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to paint him like the new portrayal of the Cinderella’s prince or classic Disney’s. Obviously classic won in the battle. And to be honest, it’s because I thought he was a bit easier to paint. I used paint/brush for all of the prince except for the gold (paint pen) and eyes/black lines (black Sharpie).

cinderella peg dolls5

After they both dried, I sprayed them with clear paint to seal them. They are by no means perfect, but they are made with love and I think they turned out so cute! Normally I would post pictures of my daughter playing with them, but they are a surprise for this weekend when we see the movie for her birthday!

You can totally make your own versions just by pulling up a Google image of a favorite character and painting a peg doll replica! You can also use them as cake toppers for birthday parties or simply for play.

It’s a fun toy to play with in the car on the way to Disneyland too! Rather than spending a bunch of dough on toys in the parks, make a few Disney character peg dolls for on the road and in the hotel room! I plan to make more of these cute peg dolls before our next Disneyland trip. Check out our last trip to Disneyland…we had the BEST time! 


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