Non-Candy Egg Fillers for Under $10

Hi Mine for the Making lovelies! Michelle again from Delicate Construction and today I thought I would share how I filled all of the plastic eggs I needed for Avery’s egg hunt for under $10! If that wasn’t cool enough, what if I told you there was no candy involved?! I got your attention now right? Check out these Non-Candy Egg Fillers for Under $10! 

My biggest secret? My favorite place, and I am sure yours as well, the Target One Spot! The dollar store would also be a great option but basically I was looking for anything that had multiple items in the package for a dollar. I found lots of great things like small rings, erasers, pens, tape, hair clips and stickers in all of her favorite characters.


When it came to filling the eggs, I just broke everything up into singles and got to work! Things like the erasers I put a few at a time in but the barrettes and such were just one per egg.


The stickers I cut into strips and maneuvered around all of the character so I could get about 4 strips from each sheet.

Once they were all cut, I just rolled them up and stuck them in their own egg as well! Super simple and this one got a huge bang for the buck!

I can’t wait until Sunday when Avery gets to go on her hunt! She is going to have a blast! Bonus points that I won’t have to have extra candy in the house tempting her or me!

Hope you have a Happy Easter!

Michelle {Delicate Construction}

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