Travel: Lakeside, Arizona

Stand up if you think Arizona is ugly.
Now sit back down, son.
Even for those who have something against the desert landscape and find it “barren” or “boring” ( I’ve heard of these people and we will address this issue at a later date), there is some serious variety in this lovely state.
 First trip on our agenda, makers? A journey to my best friend, Cece’s hometown; Lakeside, Arizona. Holy gorgeous check it out…
If you’ve never heard of the place (highly likely), it’s a lovely little gem of a town near Showlow. It is jam packed with lakes and mountains and trees and Cece’s big tight-knit family. She was bred and born and raised right in Lakeside, how lucky!
My favorite thing to do while exploring is to sit and to think, just sort of soak it all up. And Lakeside is the ideal place to do so. The fresh mountain air can do wonders for a foggy head, and it is so quiet and secluded. Beautiful places make me feel so close to myself and to God, my best meditations happen in nature. When I came back from thinking, Cece had made me a gorgeous flower crown! Nature crafting is also a great thing to do here in Lakeside, Arizona.
lakeside az3
I am a firm believer in spontaneous trips, however small or extravagant! This day trip is only a few hours from Phoenix and it may as well have been across the country for how un-Phoenix-y (real word) it was. Though the cacti are pretty, it’s nice to escape the heat and see some trees, mountains, and lakes!
Victoria {Victori Speech}
My name is Tori Strode! I am a student in Mesa. I love photography, sewing, decorating, acting, and visiting new places. I’m the very definition of “Jack of all trades, master of none” but my real skill lies in seeing the potential of things and people and places. I’ve been all over the US and most of Europe and my list is still growing! I grew up in a military family and have had a lot of amazing cultural opportunities and now I am learning (and sharing) how to cope with having a tight budget and still managing to travel and finding amazing places near home. I am so excited to be working with Kara as a contributor for a semester! 
Five random and interesting facts about Tori:
1. Unpopular opinion: Yellow has been my favorite color since I was a toddler and I remain ever faithful to it.  
2. I have the hiccups. Like perpetually. 
3. I can make fart sounds with my hands.
4. All of my prom dresses were Tori Originals.
5. I have always wanted a French Bulldog, and someday I will have one. 
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