Calligraphy and Watercolors

Our life is a bit crazy over in these parts. We are in the process of down sizing, selling our first home, purchasing land for the build of our new home, purchasing a RV to live on land while we build new home, homeschooling, work, health issues… you get the gist. In the midst of all the crazy and all the chaos,  I find that crafting and painting often have a calming effect on me… it’s so therapeutic. I’ve had the desire to improve on my hand painting and hand lettering for a while now, so I’ve been all about calligraphy and watercolors lately. Because I love learning new things I recently took a calligraphy workshop at Pinspiration with My Cupcake Diary. I had the best time, y’all!


The Pinspiration studio was decorated in black and white with pops of pink… so pretty. Each attendee had their own place set for them, complete with an Intro to Calligraphy book, practice pad, calligraphy pen, ink, a mason jar drink, a yummy pink cupcake, and finished off with a hand written name plate. We learned everything from the parts of the pen to how to hold it correctly and form the letters. We had time to practice, ask questions, and received one-on-one help if needed.


I have to say, it was a challenge at first to figure out how much pressure to apply to the pen and when to re-dip for ink, but after a bit I got the hang of it! I was so excited when I finally wrote my own name in my practice book!


So pretty, right?! There’s just something about beautiful handwriting that gets me every time.

After the workshop, I came home and continued to practice my calligraphy and added it into my watercolor sessions. Here are a couple of my pieces that I shared on Instagram and Periscope (@mineforthemaking).



If you are in Arizona, I highly recommend you check out Pinspiration (here’s 3 reasons why) and register for My Cupcake Diary’s calligraphy workshops! You will not be disappointed…and you can thank me later!


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