Master Bedroom Reveal

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Hello makers! We moved into our town home a few months before Christmas and I got busy organizing, purging, and decorating all the things. I’ve decided to be really intentional with our space and what we fill it with. I also wanted to decorate my room right away because, let’s face it, our master bedroom is always last on the list. I’m happy to say that it’s complete and I really love it, so I thought I’d share our master bedroom reveal here to document it.

As I’ve mentioned several times over the course of this month, my focus word for the year is ‘intentional.’ Though I am not much for resolutions, I’m certainly a goal setter and a dream go-getter. I love self improvement and awareness. I love growth and to learn. So choosing a word in January to kind of set up my year, really helps me focus. My birthday is also in January, so not only am I preparing for the new year, but I’m preparing for MY new year. Another year older and (hopefully) a bit wiser. 

I wanted to be really intentional with this space. This room is where my husband and I come to wind down and relax after a long day or a long week (Netflix and chill, am I right?). It’s where our family reads together and snuggles together. It’s where we fold laundry, talk about our day, and say family prayer. So I wanted to room to be bright and relaxing, welcoming and calming. 

My budget was small, so I worked with what I had, prioritized purchases, and DIYed some things to make this room exactly how I envisioned it. It has a slight modern, farmhouse appeal, which I love. I held off from any wall treatments since we are in a rental, but that didn’t stop me from mounting our TV, handing wall decor, and making a set of photo ledges to display our pictures. 

My number one priority for this room was not only for it to look relaxing but to actually feel relaxing. Our bed is so comfy, which is a bid deal, y’all! It has been a long time since I’ve loved my bed…and loving your bed is necessary friends! 

In case you want to shop my master bedroom, I made a couple of lists for you. The first is the DIY list… all of the things I made to put the room together. As I create tutorial posts for them, I will link them here as well. The second list has stores and a few links for where I purchased items from (may include affiliate links) to make it easier for you to find.

DIY Items:

  • Snuggle Smooch sign
  • Intention sign
  • Photo ledges
  • Grey throw pillow
  • Book bench

Purchased Items:

I hope you enjoyed seeing my master bedroom reveal as much as I enjoyed sharing it! Would I add a few more things to the room if my budget was bigger, yeah probably (I have my eye on a rug and a chair and curtains and some hanging planters…). But I really believe that you can work within your own budget to create a space that brings you joy. And creating spaces of joy within our homes is so important. So don’t wait until you can buy all the things… start on a room and shop your house. Price things out on your Amazon and Target apps. Order a little here and there. Wait for sales. Hit up the thrift shops. Paint something a  different color. Make something yourself. If I can do it, you can do it too, friends. It’s mine for the making… and it’s yours for the making too! 

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  1. What a comfortable room! I love it! Thanks for sharing, Kara, my sister will love the bench! ♡

  2. Love it! So warm and cozy on a budget…is the best.

  3. Great ideas! I would like to ask you how long did it take you to complete all the DIY items you have in the room. Thank you!

    • MinefortheMaking says:

      Thank you! Took me a few months to complete the room because I was on a strict budget. The actually projects themselves didn’t take much time at all!

  4. Hi Kara, decorating master bedroom is always an exciting task for me. The tips that you provide are very useful. I love the use of photo ledges. Thanks for posting it.

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