Out of Africa Wildlife Park

This trip was hosted by Out of Africa Wildlife Park but all opinions are 100% my own and I only share things I love and think you will love too!

This year my word and big goal is to be intentional while also having less things and more experiences. Though we are natives to Arizona, there is still much of it we have not experienced. When we decided on a trip to Camp Verde to visit Out of Africa Wildlife Park, I couldn’t be more excited. I knew my animal-loving, thrill-seeking family would absolutely love this adventure, and I know you will too! 

After we arrived, we checked out the map so that we could schedule our day accordingly. We wanted to be sure to get the most out of our trip, so we picked out some of our very favorite attractions so that we wouldn’t miss out! 

First we hopped onto the safari ride so that we could see, feed, and learn about the animals living at Out of Africa Wildlife Park. We really enjoyed Pilgrim the giraffe.

He was so fun to feed!

After the safari ride, we had a very important meeting with a guy named Bart.

That’s right… Bart is a sloth! And he was who I was most excited about meeting. We scheduled a private visit with him and learned so much about this fascinating animal. Did you know sloths are faster in water than on land? We even got to feed him and pet him! He loves carrots, apples, and sweet potatoes. You can see more of this in our video too!

And of course I had to get a selfie with my new best friend… he was just way too sweet! 

Once sadly parted ways with Bart (lol!), we decided to check out the Tiger Splash show which was so much fun! You’ll have to check out our YouTube video to see how awesome it was… but in person is always better!

After the Tiger Splash show, we walked about and checked out some of the other animals (check out that beautiful lioness!) until it was time for our zip line date with Predator Zip Lines!  We had an absolute BLAST zip lining over the park… what a view! Check out our video for more on that too.

After our zip line adventure, we finished up our day with a picnic lunch and more animal encounters around the park. 

We loved learning about Totter the otter who was rescued from a canal in downtown Phoenix (who even knew otters lived in Arizona?!). When she was found she was underweight, dehydrated, and infested with fleas and ticks. Now she’s as happy as pie and completely healthy. She was so fun to watch playing in her habitat. 

To see more of our amazing day at Out of Africa Wildlife Park, check out our video below. Be sure to visit the Out of Africa Wildlife Park for business hours, more information on the park, as well as location and deals! Would you believe you can enter the park for FREE during your birthday month?! How cool! 


I hope you put Out of Africa Wildlife Park on your must visit list! This is not a government owned zoo, therefore visitors are what keeps this animal sanctuary going. It’s such a fun day trip for the family. Let me know when you visit!

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