Hiking and Biking Backpack Essentials

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Hello friends and Happy Monday! March is one of my very favorite months of the year and I can’t believe we are already here! It’s my baby’s birthday month and it’s the month that Arizona has the very best weather ever. We love spending time outside together, and March is the month to do all the hiking and biking we possibly can before the weather starts to warm up substantially. So this month I will be sharing my favorite places to hike and bike with kids in Arizona. To start off the month, I thought I would share hiking and biking backpack essentials so that you’re prepared for hiking and biking with us!

I don’t claim to be a professional hiker or biker, but we are definitely avid. I have been taking my daughter hiking since she was a baby, but especially when she turned three. Now that she is almost ten, it’s opened a whole new level of hiking and biking that we can do together. 

One thing that I am good about is being prepared. Before heading out for a hike or bike ride, you’ll want to pack up a backpack of some essentials. 

  • Sunscreen- Arizona is mostly sunny, so sunscreen is a must. We put it on before heading out and throw it into the backpack for reapplication later.
  • Water- We bring a couple of water bottles in our backpacks if we aren’t wearing a camelback. It’s so important to stay hydrated.

  • Sunglasses- Usually we are wearing these already, but I usually have an extra pair in my backpack just in case. Again, Arizona is sunny!
  • Snacks- I like to put a couple of granola bars, a baggy of mixed nuts, fruit leather, or beef jerky in the backpack for a quick and healthy snack while we are on the go.

  • Mini first aid kit- In case of bums and scrapes, we bring a travel first aid kit in the backpack too. This can include tissues (for runny noses or allergies) and essential oils (like Tea Tree oil for disinfectant) too. 

  • Chapstick- Our lips always dry out on hikes and bike rides, so this is a necessity for us! Drinking lots of water helps too.

  • Equate Fragrance Free Makeup Remover Towelettes- We are sure to pack these towelettes in our backpack! We love their convenience, ease of use, and that they are fragrance free and made with essential oils and 99% natural ingredients! They are inexpensive and versatile, so we can use them to clean our hands, face, or ‘ouchies’ while we are out hiking or biking. Not to mention I use them nightly to remove my makeup (and waterproof mascara!). 

I find Equate Beauty Fragrance Free Makeup Remover Towelettes in the cosmetic section with the other facial cleansers at my local Walmart. I usually buy 2 packages at a time because I keep one at home and one in my backpack or purse. 

Do you take a backpack filled with essentials when you take the kids hiking and biking? What else would you add to this list? I would love to know!

Thanks for stopping by, friends! We will see you soon with more hiking and biking fun! 


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