Hiking Tonto Natural Bridge, Arizona

We love the month of March here in Arizona for so many reasons. And I declare it to be the best month for hiking and biking. It’s starting to warm up a bit, but not too much. The desert is in bloom and places that require permits (like Fossil Creek) are starting to open for spring. Since we homeschool, we have a very open schedule to hike and we even plan day trips most weeks so that we can explore other beautiful parts of Arizona. One of my very favorites is hiking Tonto Natural Bridge, Arizona. Have you been?

Tonto Natural Bridge is a state park located in central Arizona near Payson and has been one of my very favorite hikes since I was a little girl. Looking at the photos, you can see why. It’s absolutely beautiful. 

There is an entrance fee to this park (gotta keep those parks clean and well kept so that we can enjoy them) but it’s affordable and you pay in the gift shop that located in the adorable Goodfellow Lodge. Be sure to pick up a park map while you are there so that you can decide which trails you want to hike. 

For this hike, you need good shoes and a backpack of your hiking essentials. The gravel is slick, which makes this hike a little more tricky that others. If you have little ones with you, be sure you have a set of extra hands to help lift little ones over big rocks. Hiking backpacks that carry little ones would be a great help too.

Once you get to the natural bridge, there’s lots of places to explore and marvel at… my favorites being the waterfall and rainbow you catch a glimpse of.

The water, caves, algae, stalactites… even the little toads we watch hopping around. This place is just magical.

After exploring under the bridge, we decided to hike back out and explore the trails on top of the bridge. The look out spots were awesome!

The picture above is a view from the top of Natural Bridge. There’s even a hole in the top of the bridge where you can look down and see through to what’s under the bridge… where we just came from!

Pretty cool, right?! The picture below is a picture looking into/under the bridge from one of the look out points.

There’s the glimpse of the rainbow! And you can feel the mist from the waterfall right from this spot. It’s absolutely beautiful. 

If you haven’t taken the kids to hike Tonto Natural Bridge yet, I highly recommend it! It really is one of my most favorite. 

If you are looking for other awesome hikes to do with your kids in Arizona, check out Fossil Creek and Grasshopper Point too!



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