Embrace Motherhood In This Season

I remember that from a very young age I wanted to be a mother. At 5, I knew I was going to have lots of children and by 8 I knew that I also wanted to adopt. I had a plan, y’all. And it was to be the very best mother I could possibly be. Now as an adult, I have come to find that your life doesn’t always go according to your plan. In fact, most times it doesn’t go at all the way you had planned. And that’s okay.


Throughout my 8 years of being a mom, I am finally starting to embrace motherhood in this season. I think this means something different for every mother. We are all in different seasons of motherhood, and I am coming to find that they don’t last very long. The seasons of motherhood move rather quickly. Sometimes while we are in the rough, sleepless seasons, we don’t realize how fast they really go until we are looking back on them.


For a long time, if things didn’t go according to my plan, I would be devastated, annoyed, angry, stressed, worrisome… anything but happy. As a little girl making my lifelong plans, I had no idea that having babies would be such a struggle for me. The thought of infertility didn’t even cross my mind.  So going through multiple miscarriages was a shock. And it certainly wasn’t a part of my plan.


Over the years, I put a lot of pressure on myself… for multiple things but mostly due to the fact that my womanly parts weren’t working the way I wanted them to. I wanted lots of babies… all close in age. Why couldn’t I have that? Any time I saw pregnancy announcements, I would secretly wish that it were me announcing a new bundle of joy. I’ve cried a lot of tears. I’ve mumbled lots of angry words. I’ve questioned God. I’ve even yelled at Him a few times. “I’m a great mother, God! Why does this keep happening to me?!” And through all of that sadness and anger and confusion, I was missing something super important.


Gratefulness. I was missing the whole point. Gratefulness that I AM a mother. That I was able to experience pregnancy and child birth and all the firsts. And that I’m not defined by how many earthy babies I have. And I’m not defined by my fertility journey. And I’m not even defined by my broken plans. I am a mother to a beautiful, smart, healthy, passionate, creative, funny, loving little girl. And I need to embrace that… and be grateful.


I need to embrace that I am her momma. Embrace that she is at such a fun and quirky age. Embrace that I know more now than I did as a new mom. Embrace that we get to share in this journey together. So instead of focusing on how my life isn’t going according to my original plan, this life I have is still so good. This life I have is still so sweet and full of blessings. That needs to be my focus. Because if I am busy being upset about what I don’t have, I will miss out on what I do have. And I have a whole lot, y’all. This sweet girl made me a mother. My heart is so full because of her.


Embrace the season you are in, mommas. We are so blessed to play this role. Remember that this time we have with our babies is fleeting. Embrace the moments. Be present. Breathe it all in. And be grateful.


Photo credit: Hovering Heart Photography

Dresses/Jewelry: Forever 21


Three Baby Accessories for Spring

Hi Everyone! It’s Siri from Of Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings! Just stopping by to share three baby accessories for spring that are my favorites!
There are lots of fun fashion and baby accessories that become more popular in the spring and summer months, but these might not be your typical “spring accessories.” They’re ones that I’ve found to be just wonderful for my little lady though!
1. Glitter Hair Clips by Little Blooms Handmade
Now that my little miss is running, dancing, and tripping all over the place, her bangs that are trying to grow are constantly in her face. These adorable little clips are perfect for keeping her hair out of her face
and staying in place!
We live in Arizona too, so in the spring when it starts getting pretty hot outside, you don’t want hair on your sweaty forehead. Again, these clips are lifesavers!
2. Bright Patterned Onesies
Spring is the perfect time to break out the stripes, polka dots, and chevron patterns! Be bold with adorable spring colors and patterns!  Svea’s onesie here is from Carter’s and they have all sorts of adorable spring patterns!
3. Play Blankets by A Pretty Life Shop 
A lot of people have asked if that blankets in my shop are swaddle blankets or toddler blankets. 
The answer is both! I call them play blankets because they are roomy, soft, and compact, able to be used for swaddling, nap time, or playtime. I’ve found them to be perfect for my little lady to play outside on! Right now while the weather is so lovely, our play blankets are perfect to bring a snack outside and picnic on or play with some toys on. 
Every blanket is sewn and hand-stitched with love.  There are several patterns to choose from with lovely spring colors and more coming soon!
Go on! 
Get yourself and your little ones dressed up in those cute spring patterns with glitter clips in hair and armed with blankets for playing.  Enjoy the fresh air, the flowers blooming, and fun that childhood brings to it all. 
Thanks for reading!

Modern Baby Mobile

Hi guys! Its Ali from Dream Crafter! I’m here to share a tutorial on how I made this Modern Baby Mobile for my son’s nursery. 

modern baby mobile1

I’m not even sure you could call this a tutorial since it’s pretty self explanatory. But here it goes. 
  • White plastic straws
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Thumb tacs
  • Gold spray paint
Start by unwrapping all your straws. To do the design I did, you’re going to need 12 for each geometric shape. Or you can use six straws cut in half for the little ones. 
Start by threading six straws on the thread at a time and making the square first. Just keep tying the string where you want the straws to connect. It’s really simple, just play with it a bit until you get the shape you are looking for.
Once your straws are all connected tie the knot. Be sure to leave some extra string for hanging. 
Bring it outside to paint. I literally just held it in the air by the string and sprayed away. (Just be careful where you are standing…unless you want a gold tinted house).
When they are all dry, just use the extra string to tie it to your thumb tack. Then stick the that into the ceiling.
Voila! I love how they sort of look like metal pipes of some kind. Painting them copper would be fun too. I love the industrial, modern look to them, don’t you?
Well that’s all folks! Be sure to stop on by Dream Crafter to see what else is gonna go down in my new nursery besides poopy diapers :)

February Baby Fashion

Hello Everyone!
It’s Siri again from Of Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings back for another fashion guest post! Today I’m going to share a few must-haves for February Baby Fashion!
February is such a fun month for fashion because bold reds and delicate whites can be styled together 
to create a classic, winning combination!
I love getting my little lady’s holiday outfits styled just right and this one was definitely a huge success!
I combined three pieces that are just perfect for Valentine’s day….or any day, let’s be honest!
1. A Bonnet
Baby bonnets are so delicate and sweet. They offer just the right touch to an Valentine’s outfit
to give a pop of color and keep your little one’s ears warm too! Svea’s is from Briar Handmade where you can find lots of colors and styles of gorgeous, handmade bonnets for your littles. 
2. Moccasins
Leather moccasins are wonderful for giving your little one flexibility for their feet and protection at the same time. Svea’s moccasins are Freshly Picked and they are hands down our favorite brand.  The red compliments her bonnet with this Valentine’s Day outfit and they match so many other outfits as well!
3. A Lace or Tulle Dress
Lace and tulle add just the right amount of whimsy to your little lady’s outfit for the day that’s supposed to represent classic love. I chose white coloring for the dress to contrast the bonnet and moccasins. And went with this precious lace dress from The Little Z Boutique. They have all sorts of other lace and tulle dresses as well!
And of course, Svea finished off her Valentine’s Day outfit by sucking her fingers in the “I Love You” sign like always. :)
Don’t be afraid to add those pops of red into your littles Valentine’s Day outfits! Hopefully I provided some fun fashion inspiration! Stop by my blog for more outfits!
Thanks for reading!

Easy Baby Blingy Headbands

Hello there!

I love making and giving a good homemade gift, don’t you? Especially for a new baby. I LOVE making baby gifts. And girl baby gifts are so fun because of all the fancy-shmancy embellishments and accessories you can add! Today I am sharing an inexpensive handmade gift that will take you no time at all to craft up. These easy Baby Blingy Headbands are the perfect gift for a baby girl…

easy baby headband4


I love the lace, the fun colors, and the sequins! Perfect for a little miss, don’t you think?

Supplies: adhesive embellishments (Michael’s), stretchy lace baby headbands (Dollar Tree), felt, scissors, glue gun & glue sticks

easy baby headband1


How To:

Place the adhesive embellishment face down, sticky side up.

Lay the lace headband on top of the adhesive embellishment, centering it as much as possible.

easy baby headband2

Lay a piece of felt over the adhesive embellishment and press down.

Carefully trim the excess felt. Try to get as close to the embellishment as you can.

easy baby headband3

Use your glue gun to secure any loose areas.


These cute headbands were less than $2 each to make and took me about 5 minutes! Now they are ready to be worn by an adorable baby girl.

easy baby headband4

Thanks for stopping by today, friends! See you tomorrow for some fall fashion talk!

How To Make a Baby Stats Print


Are you ready for the easiest personalized gift you could possibly make for the new mommy in your life? And I guarantee you that she will love this sweet memento.  I shared this tutorial last week at See Vanessa Craft for my sweet friend Vanessa who is on maternity leave. In case you missed it, today I am going to share how to make a baby stats print using PicMonkey.


PicMonkey is a (mostly) free site that allows you to edit photos and often times I use it to create prints. If you have not used PicMonkey yet, don’t worry. I’m here to show you just how easy it is.


After opening PicMonkey, you want to click on “Edit Photo” and upload a high resolution white page. (You can download a free one HERE and save it to your computer.)


Now it’s time to play! You can rotate the page so that it’s landscape (or leave it!), add text and images. You are able to resize the text and images as well as change the colors. I love mixing fonts and different shades of colors. I stuck with pinks and a bit of yellow to best match Miss Amelia’s nursery. I asked Vanessa for all of her little princess’s birth stats (full name, date of birth, weight, length, time of birth, etc.) so that I could personalize it just for her.


When you are finished, save it and print it out as an 8×10 or 5×7 (you should be able to adjust the size in print settings). Cut it out and stick it in a pretty frame. Such a sweet, personal gift for a new baby.

Here’s how the print turned out that I made using Vanessa’s baby girl’s stats…

seevanessacraft baby print


And here it is in a pretty white frame I bought at Hobby Lobby a while back…


Thanks so much for hanging out with me for a bit today! I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial…let me know if you try it out!

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Choose Joy

Hi there!
My sweet friend, Emmy, is here to share about something that is very near and dear to my heart…infertility and adoption. Please take a moment to read her inspiring story. 
I’m Emmy, I’m 35, and I’m infertile.
Wait, let me back up.  I’m Emmy.  Kara has been so sweet to allow me to invade her space for the day.  I own Much Ado About You {where I used to sell printed day planners, and now I just sell printables}, I occasionally blog {Confesstions of a Paper Freak}, and I incessantly Instagram {@itsjustemmy}.  I am married to my high school sweetheart and as of this year we have been together for more than half our lives.
Almost 11 years ago I got pregnant for the first time.  Nathan and I were so excited, and immediately started planning that child’s future.  We were thinking of names… wondering if it would be a boy or a girl… hoping its due date of December 26th would not mean we were going to have a Christmas baby.
But just a few days later I started bleeding heavily, and knew in an instant that that baby was gone. 
We had only just begun trying to get pregnant, but I had so many friends experiencing infertility and I begged God to spare us from that roller coaster.
Our doctor told us that since we were so early in the pregnancy I would not need a D & C, and that technically I could get pregnant as soon as my next cycle.
Which I did.
That pregnancy was such a relief, and I vividly remember thanking God that I was never going to have to walk that long and painful road of infertility.
A year after Beau was born we decided to start trying for a second baby.  We wanted four, so we thought we’d better get going!
God had different plans for our family. 
The next six years were spent going from one doctor’s appointment to the next… from one surgery to the next… all in an effort to figure out why my young and seemingly healthy body was not working.
I have Endometriosis, a condition that basically destroys your body from the inside out.  During my final surgery my doctor made the painful decision to remove both of my non-functioning fallopian tubes, hoping it would increase the chance of my third and final IVF {invitro-fertilization} treatment being successful. 
The next month we had our final IVF procedure.  It failed.  We were done.
We were physically {well mostly me on that one}, emotionally, and financially spent.  The chance of a natural pregnancy was eliminated with the removal of my tubes.  I was officially STERILE.  It is still strange to say those words.  I am a woman that cannot do what I was created to do… bear children.  That is a very strange reality to be faced with.
I spent seven dark years in the thick of my infertility {I say “my” infertility because the issues were mine… with another woman my husband could have had more children… more salt in the wounds}.  For some of those years Nathan and I were not on the same page.  He didn’t understand my desperation for a child when I already was a mom.  Those years I struggled with a deep loneliness that I had never known.  It is so hard to explain what infertility feels like to someone that has never experienced it, but the bottom line is… IT SUCKS.
However, God also used those seven years to challenge my character and bring me to a place of total trust and reliance on His plan for my life.  I came to a point where I had to say, “God, I love you and I trust you, and I know that {while very different from mine} Your plan is the best plan for my life.  So even if I never have another baby I will praise you and be thankful for whatever it is that you call me to do.”
And I really was at peace.  Without tubes I no longer had to live in two week cycles, wondering if each late period was the one.  I had an incredible eight year old that was the joy of my life, a loving, supportive husband, a thriving business… life was good.
Now since I have already babbled on for quite some time {and probably lost most of you} I will leave this next part of the story short and sweet {if you would like to read the whole story, you can find it here}.  Through miraculous circumstances, in March of 2011 we brought home the most beautiful baby girl that looks nothing like us. 
And in the instant that I met her I understood every no that God had placed in my path. 
If you are in a season of not understanding the circumstances of your life, please be encouraged that someday you may understand and even appreciate the painful path that you are walking. 
Since experiencing infertility and adoption I have a heart for encouraging hurting women.  Several months ago I felt a calling on my life to do something to help other women that are experiencing similar trials, and the Choose Joy event was born. 
Choose Joy is a one-day conference in Southern California for women and couples that are experiencing infertility and/or desire to grow their families through adoption.  I have somehow convinced several other women from all over the country to come and be a part of this event.  We have speakers on topics such as “God’s Heart for the Hurting; Waiting Hurts, Waiting Perfects”, “Having a Heart of Hope: Overcoming the Hurt of Infertility”, “The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly of International Adoption”, and much, much more.  My desire is for this to be a day of connection and community, and for women to open their minds to the plan that God has for their family.     
The event will include a luncheon and a dessert, and at the end we will be raffling off a cash prize to help someone grow their family.
Tickets are on sale for $30 through the 25th of January.  {After that the price goes up to $40, so don’t delay!}  Please visit the website for all the details on the location and schedule, bios on each speaker, and to register for the event. 
If you aren’t experiencing infertility, statistics say that someone you know is.  Please pass this website on to your friends or family that could use some support. 
Thanks for reading my story.

What to Expect + a GIVEAWAY!!

As most of you know, I am a creative mommy blogger. 
And if you didn’t know that…well now you do : ) 
Most times I share crafty DIY ideas and recipes, but I also like to share mommy adventures and moments too.

I became a mommy almost five years ago at the age of 23. As a first time mommy, I had SO many questions flooding my mind…
What kind of foods should I be eating?
What kinds of physical activities are okay?
How often should I see my OBGYN?
When do I get my first ultrasound?
And the list goes on…and on and on. Luckily, a couple of my sweet friends got me what came to be my favorite book… What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Talk about an answer to my prayers (and my doctor’s too, I’m sure, with all of the phone calls I made in my first couple of weeks of pregnancy). I kept the book with me…everywhere I went! Next to my bedside table, on my classroom desk, in the passenger seat of my car…I’m telling you, I LOVED this book (still do!).

What to Expect When You’re Expecting became my go-to book for questions, note-taking, and even helped me prepare for my next doctor’s visit. Lots of highlighting and folded down corners to show how loved this book was. You an only imagine how excited I was to open What to Expect the First Year at my baby shower! I only wish I would have known about the book What to Expect Before You’re Expecting earlier on… I’m actually re-reading it now, since my husband and I are trying to conceive again. 
These pregnancy guide books are packed FULL of helpful information. Not only is it easy to read and understand, but navigating through the books are a breeze. I can easily flip to the index to find exactly what I need info on. I HIGHLY recommend these books to all mommies and future mommies. Can you guess the first gift I purchased for my sister when we found out she was pregnant? You got it! What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a loved book in this family. 
I have exciting news for you today, friends!
What to Expect is giving away the 3 book set to one lucky MFTM reader!
That’s right, if you win you get all 3 books…
What to Expect Before You’re Expecting, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and What to Expect the First Year.
This book set would make a great edition to your own library or would make the PERFECT gift for the next baby shower you attend (or heck, give it as a Christmas gift!)
Here’s how to enter…
Giveaway ends on Dec. 18th at midnight and the winner will be announced right here on the 19th.

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Featured DIY Divas {61} and a WINNER!

Hi friends!
I’m stopping by to share some fun things today! First, the features from our fashion linky party last week. And second, the WINNER of the Catching Fireflies giveaway!
Such talented ladies link up to DIY Diva Thursdays every week. Thanks so much for sharing your awesomeness here. 
A Little Collaboration by Good Little Things
Diaper Bag with Removable Clutch by Nissa Made
Cuffed Crop Tutorial by Tales of a Trophy Wife
Beautiful job, Divas!
Grab a {featured} button for your blog.
Now for the WINNER of the Catching Fireflies giveaway

You have 48 hours to email me to claim your prize.
Mineforthemaking at gmail
Thank you so much to all who entered the giveaway! We have more AWESOME giveaways in the very near future {wink wink}. 
Thanks to Catching Fireflies for sponsoring such a great giveaway! If you didn’t win, don’t worry! There’s a special discount code just for YOU! Enter MINE for 20% off your entire purchase from now until the end of December. 

Come on back tomorrow to link up your FASHION projects, tips, tutorials, outfits, etc!

Cowgirl Baby Shower

I LOVE to decorate and I LOVE babies and I LOVE a good party. So decorating for a baby shower is the PERFECT gig for me. 
When a family friend asked me to help her decorate her daughter’s baby shower, my creative wheels started turning. The momma-to-be owns a ranch and loves horses…the nursery for her baby girl is even decorated in a cowgirl theme. So I took that idea and ran with it!
Bandanas, bails of hay, rope, burlap, mason jars, daisies… are you as excited as I was??
I only had 5 days to get the shower together, so I got busy!
I used bandanas, rope, and burlap to make banners for the shower. I also tied bandana strips and rope around large mason jars and used them as vases. 
I had fun gift making as well. I made the sweet baby girl a freezer paper stencil onesie and a cute headband out of bandana. For the mother-to-be, I made a broach for her to wear at her shower. All of the guests who came to celebrate sweet baby Elisabeth were able to take home chocolate hats and boots that I made. (Thanks for the great idea Kassi!)
As the guests arrived, they signed a storybook for baby Elisabeth (cowgirl themed of course). 
We used mason jars for drink glasses and I even tied bandana tags to them so that the guests could write their name on their beverage. Don’t you love the bandana monogram? I Mod Podged bandana paper to the wooden E and then added a burlap bow.
The mother-to-be’s best friend was there to help set up the decorations, which was a huge help.
My favorite part of the decorations that I made is that they can all be reused in the baby’s nursery. From the framed prints to the bandana banners and wooden signs, baby Elisabeth will have bits of the baby shower all around her room. LOVE that!
It was a beautiful shower and a beautiful day! I’m so glad I was able to be apart of the celebration!
Check out my little helper…
Just LOVE my baby girl.
Thanks for stopping by today! 
I hope you have a great weekend!