Once Upon a SNAP Conference

Once upon a SNAP Conference, there was a crafty mom who took a break from normal, everyday life and got on a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah, to learn and grow and create and to see some of her dearest friends from across the country. 

This crafty mom loves attending SNAP Conference every year and she swears it just gets better and better.


From the brands (I won a Silhouette Cameo!)…

To the awesome sponsor rooms (I met the number one LEGO master builder in the world!)…

To the fantastic classes (I stepped out of my comfort zone and sewed!) and speakers (as always, not a dry eye during Heidi Swapp’s talk)…

And everything in between like cocktail parties, unicorn dance parties, swag, chocolates, Swig drinks and cookies, and fantastic friendships…old and new! And I don’t know if y’all heard but… I have the best roomies ever. Viv and Bev (we missed you Michele!) make the experience even better… and oh the laughs!

After the conference was over, this crafty mom flew back home to Arizona totally rejuvenated to her family and lived happily ever after… until next year’s SNAP Conference! Now it’s time to crush goals!

 To see even more of SNAP Conference and to hear about my full experience, check out my video. 

SNAP Conference is my one guaranteed getaway each year where I can unwind and refresh all while learning and bonding and creating amazing relationships to further grow myself and my blog. Thank you to Tauni for creating a conference specifically for creative minds like me. I’m so grateful for the blogging community and the continued adventure it has me on. 


Contributor Search for 2015

Hello friends!

As you have noticed over the past 6 months, Mine for the Making has had some amazing ladies contributing to the blog each month. If you haven’t ‘met’ them yet, you can see them HERE. They have shared their amazing talents with us and I am so grateful to know these ladies. With the new year rapidly approaching, we are putting out our Contributor Search for 2015 now! If you are interested in applying to become a contributor for Mine for the Making, please take a moment to read through the simple requirements below and then take a moment to fill out the form. Please be advised this is a non-paying gig. I will announce new contributors right before the new year, so get those forms filled out! The last day to apply is December 27, 2014. 



-Friendly, easy to work with creative minds. 

-Reliability. Posts are always due the first week of every month. 

-Commitment. This is a 6 month gig, therefore you will be responsible for 6 posts (one per month).

-Simple photography skills. You must be able to shoot good, clean photos with a camera (no cell phone photos!) and have simple editing skills. 

-Able to communicate via email, Facebook, etc. It’s important that we are ale to communicate with each other. 

-No blog required! You do not have to have a blog in order to apply, however you should have an interest in writing. 


I am looking to fill the following contributor slots:


-Home Decor






Tour Through Blogland

Hi there friends! We’re taking a quick break from Mommy Tell All Monday for a fun blog series, Tour Through Blogland! Today’s post should let you know a little bit more about me and my blog as well as introduce you to a few of my bloggy friends!

tour through blogland.jpg

Bethany from Pitter and Glink invited me to join in this fun series. I adore this cute friend of mine and although we haven’t actually met in real life, I consider her a good friend. We often support and cheer each other on behind the computer screen and I adore everything she makes. A few of my favorite projects of Bethany’s are her Stencil Watercolor Makeup Pouch, Feather Art for the Not-So-Artistic, and her Thrift Store Lamp Makeover. Bethany blogs about cute crafts, DIY projects, art, and jewelry… you will seriously fall in love with the prettiness of her little corner of blogland. Be sure to visit her at Pitter and Glink!

pitter and glink.jpg

If you are new here at Mine for the Making, WELCOME! If you are a regular reader, what up peeps?! ;) I’m going to answer a few Tour Through Blogland questions to give you a better idea of what my vision of Mine for the Making is. 

What are you currently working on?

That’s a great question. But an even better one is…what am I NOT currently working on? LOL! Typically I have several projects going on at one time. I could be working on a blog campaign project, designing a printable, creating a wreath, lesson planning for homeschool, renovating a room in my house, and creating a new recipe all in one week. I enjoy being busy. I always have. Especially when I am busy with things that I love. Just recently I shared My Craft Room Reveal…really proud of this project!

craft room reveal mine for the making 6.jpg

I often share kid-friendly activities, my thoughts on motherhood, as well as parenting tips. Just recently I shared 3 Tips to Help Kids Cope with Vaccines

walgreens giveashot1

Over the summer we have been LIVING on lots of different smoothies to stay nice and cool (while trying to be as healthy as possible…summer makes us want to snack a lot!). This Dairy Free Pina Colada Smoothie was mom and kid approved and we had it often!


How does your blog differ from others in its genre?

Hmmm… this is a tricky question. I think that every blogger brings their own “thing” to the table. It may be what they share, how they write, or how well they connect with their readers. I think that Mine for the Making is a place where moms can go to find kid-friendly activities, thoughts from other moms who may be in the same ‘season,’ easy recipes, fun DIY projects, crafty crafts, and even free printables. MFTM is a one-stop-shop for mommas, or at least I hope it is! Are there other blogs who offer some of the same things? Absolutely. And I’m so grateful to be apart of such an inspiring, creative, and caring community of bloggers! I think something else that’s kind of unique about MFTM is that my husband works with me on MANY of my projects. Everything from DIY builds to beautiful and tasty recipes. I’m pretty much obsessed with his Smoked Mozzarella Dip and Luci’s DIY Loft Bed is always everyone’s favorite feature in our house. 

husband projects.jpg

Why do you write and create what you do?

I have always been creative and I love handmade…since I was a little girl. Mine for the Making is my creative outlet and a huge piece of my life. I share everything I love here, openly and honestly. I discovered a whole new world of ‘handmade’ when I started blogging and fell in love with that community as well. And though my blog morphed from a family blog to what it is today, I feel like I have grown with it as well. Being creative makes happy…it makes me feel alive. And I love that I have this little corner of the Internet to share it with all of you! 

How does your writing/creative process work?

I keep an “Ideas” journal close by so that anytime an idea pops into my head (it happens often), I write it down because I will most definitely forget. Especially if it’s in the middle of the night (when all the best ideas come to me) or when I’m in the middle of doing 5 things at one time (you’re a mom…you know what I’m talking about). My daughter is a huge creative inspiration for me and I often bounce my ideas off my husband (he’s the ‘idea guy’). Often times I have a vision of what I want to create, but as I am actually in the act of creating, it turns into something else or it gives me another idea for my next project. When I’m having a hard time coming up with creative ideas, I often visit some of my favorite stores or favorite sites for inspiration. Once I start writing (aka: typing up my post), words just come to me. Most times I go back and edit, re-edit, and edit again. Then once I publish the post, I ask my husband to go read it or check out how my photos turned out for a good critique. Creating and writing are two things that have always seemed to come pretty naturally for me. It’s not something I struggle with…it’s something I really enjoy.

Meet My Bloggy Friends!

I invited a couple of my bloggy buddies to join in the Tour Through Blogland series. You are going to love these gals and I really encourage you to check out their blogs!

My positive and energetic, paleo-eating, yoga teaching, crossfit doing, homeschooling, essential oils guru, inspiring mommy friend Mel of Mbrace Life is a must follow. Not only is she my real life friend, I just LOVE her blog. She blogs about health, fitness, and good ol’ mom life. Her perspective is uplifting and refreshing, yet she is real and honest. A couple of my favorite posts are Playground Fitness and Mbrace Parenting.

mbrace life.jpg

 My next friend that I am going to introduce you to I met via Instagram, and I tell you what- I’ve met some of my very favorite people because of that crazy cool photo app! Aleisha from Britches n Boots is as sweet and as caring as they come. She’s a mom (to 4 awesome kiddos) and wife first but she wears plenty of other hats as well. Aleisha is an avid book reader, gardener, coffee obsessed, fresh flower lover, Anthropology wearing, Jamberry Nails consultant, who runs a blog and a shop FULL of gorgeous handmade pretties. She’s the first to offer to pray for you and it’s not just something she says…she truly loves her Heavenly Father, family, and friends above anything else and I know this woman prays and she prays hard. You will find family posts, book reviews, her thoughts, sprinkled in with yummy recipes and cute crafts on her blog.


 Thanks so much for sticking around and learning a bit more about Mine for the Making and meeting some of my bloggy buddies! Please go on over and visit these ladies….I promise you will love them! Have a Happy Labor Day and blessed week ahead.

See you tomorrow for Teach Me Tuesday!



10 Alternatives to Using PayPal

Hello there!

Several years ago when I started my handmade business, I needed to find a way to send invoices, receive money and send  money securely. At the time, the only only company I knew of doing such a thing was PayPal. I had heard of lots of other people using PayPal and the company advertised that they were safe, secure, reliable and with low transaction fees. Now after using PayPal for almost 4 years, I finally decided to research what else is out there. Is there another more secure and maybe even cheaper company providing the same services? A company with amazing customer service (seems hard to find these days) who will work with me, listen to me, and make me feel safe while holding my funds?

After some research, I have found 10 alternatives to using PayPal. Most of these companies provide the same services as PayPal, if not more. Click each company to find out more about their terms, security, and fees. Don’t be afraid to check out reviews for the companies either! It’s important to check out others’ experiences, in my opinion.

10 Alternatives to PayPal

1. Google Wallet

2. Amazon Payments

3. Serve

4. Square

5. Braintree Payments

6. MoneyBookers

7. Merchantinc

8. WePay

9. Payza

10. Click2Sell


I think I am going to be trying Google Wallet first. I really like all of the special features it offers that are different than PayPal features.

Recently I’ve had some major issues with the customer service at PayPal and issues with my account being frozen without explanation. As you can imagine, this is a HUGE inconvenience as a handmade shop owner. This situation is what provoked me to do some research, which in all honestly I should have done from the get-go. While researching alternatives to PayPal, I came across many MANY people and businesses who have encountered the same problems with PayPal and their customer service…many even more severe than my situation. So do yourself a favor and do the research. Find a company that will fit your needs and that you feel will keep your finances safe. After all, it is your business we’re talking about here. And if PayPal is the company that works best for you, by all means continue using their services. I felt it necessary to share my experience with my fellow handmade/small business owner friends.

Further Reading:

Why You Don’t Have to Use PayPal for Online Transactions

Why People Look for Alternatives to PayPal

Why You Should Ditch PayPal

Are you a handmade shop/small business owner? What company do you prefer while doing your online transactions/business? I’d love to hear your opinions! And if you have experience with any of the companies listed above, let us know your thoughts and opinions!

Thanks for stopping by today! If you found this post helpful, I would love for you to PIN it or SHARE it with your friends!

Have a great night!

Preparing for SNAP!

Hello friends!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I spent mine getting prepared for SNAP! Conference and vending at a spring craft fair.

 Will any of you be attending SNAP this year? I would LOVE to meet you in person. I am thrilled be be attending this year (to say the least)!

Yes, I am a newbie and have saved long and hard to be able to attend with my creative colleagues this year. I am looking forward to learning and I know I will come home incredibly inspired. I feel blessed to be able to learn from such creative, innovative women.

Want a peek into my preparations?

If you follow me on Instagram, you get most of the “behind the scenes/real life” stuff. But for those of you who don’t have Instagram, I thought I would share some of my preparations with you :)

I made sure my bloggy business cards were ready for my trip. I love how well they match my blog. Thanks to my husbands design skills, I have some pretty sweet cards. I will say, however, I could probably stand to bring another 100 with me, but what I have will have to do.

I even attached some pretty rings I made with some baker’s twine to the first 45 bloggy friends I meet at SNAP! I hope they love their little gift.

I finally made it over to the new Tanger outlet mall near my house. I found some really cute clothes in some really fun stores. Ummm…can we say “I love you H&M!”??

I rounded up all my luggage… a suitcase, plenty of zipper pouches for organization, my jewelry organizer, my  purse, and my awesome Nest of Posies bloggy tote.

I checked out the SNAP schedule, picked out the classes I’d like to attend, and plugged them into my Much Ado About You planner. Now I am ready to register first thing Thursday morning.

I also prepared a schedule for my husband and daughter, laid out her outfits for the days I am gone,

I also made some really fun swag for my roomies, Bev of Flamingo Toes and Michele of The Scrap Shoppe. Can I tell you how excited I am to be rooming with these girls?? SO EXCITED!!

Once I am back from SNAP, not only will I share all of the juicy details, but I will share the FUN swag I gave my bloggy friends.

Most of the out-of-towners who are attending SNAP are flying into Utah. Not me. I’m road trippin’ it with some of my FAVORITE Arizona bloggers. Do you recognize them?

Cindy of Jenkins Kid Farm

Kendra of My Insanity

Sara of Clever Pink Pirate


Laura of Pink Cake Plate.

Um…Hello Party Bus!! : )

If you are not familiar with these ladies, I HIGHLY suggest you RUN over to their blogs. They are so creative, so fun, so silly, and so sweet.

And in the midst of preparing for my trip, I did a little of this over the weekend…

My big helper and I sold hand painted signs and handmade jewelry and hair accessories at a spring craft fair. I can’t get enough of it!! So fun : )

I leave for SNAP early Wednesday morning. Follow along on my adventure via Instagram.


Have a great week, friends!

See you tomorrow for Tot School Tuesdays.

My Valentine’s Decor

 Hi friends!
Boy have I missed you guys. The flu bug knocked me flat on my back for several days last week and I’m just now getting back to the swing of things. Today is full of cleaning and de-germing this house, that’s for sure. 
I wanted to stop by to share my Valentine’s Day decor with you and to update you on a few fabulous things that will be happening here at Mine for the Making. 
First off, tomorrow is the start to a HUGE GIVEAWAY  that you do not want to miss. And when I say HUGE I mean GINORMOUS. Seriously…the biggest giveaway Mine for the Making has ever been apart of, so please be sure to come back by. 
Second, this month happens to be Mine for the Making’s 3rd birthday! And with this milestone, I will be making a few changes to the ol’ blog-a-roo. In the next week or so MFTM will be moving over to Word Press. More info on that to come. With the big move and the big birthday will be LOTS of fun giveaways and prizes in store for you, my awesome readers. So please, stick around because it’s only getting better here on out : )
Now on to the pink, sparkly, mushy stuff.
Be prepared for lots of pictures…
Lucky I’m in Love Print (cut out of picture…oops)

And there you have it friends!
My Valentine’s decor

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
I’ll see you tomorrow for that GINORMOUS giveaway and Tot School Tuesday!

Stay Connected to MFTM

Hi there friends!
I just wanted to remind you that after today, Google Friend Connect will not work on many of our favorite blogs to read…meaning you will no longer get their feed in your reader. UNLESS you follow your favorite blogs another way. Although the phasing out of GFC does not affect Mine for the Making just yet, I wanted to share a few ways that you can follow MFTM so that you can stay connected.
Feedburner/RSS (subscribing by email)
You can also follow me on Pinterest or even my MFTM pin board to see what is happening on the blog. 
You can find all of the options in the right sidebar
If you are following via GFC, I ask that you consider following MFTM another way as well. 

Source: etsy.com via Kara on Pinterest

Thanks so much for reading MFTM, pinning your favorite crafts/recipes/ideas, and leaving those encouraging comments! Mine for the Making is such a fun place because of YOU, my friends. 
Be sure to head over to your other favorite blogs and follow them another way, too!

Calling all fellow bloggers!

Hey there friends!! Hope everyone is doing well!
I would like to extend an invitation to you…

{image via}

No, unfortunately I don’t have a fun bloggy conference or get-together planned…

I am looking for fellow bloggers who would like to guest post here at Mine for the Making.

Guest posts can introduce yourself and your blog and a few of your favorite projects/recipes you have made.

I ask that guest posts also share a tutorial or recipe of some kind, with easy-to-follow steps and photos.

If you are interested in guest posting here at MFTM, please send me an email at mineforthemaking(at)gmail(dot)com.

{image via}

Thanks friends! 

Pssst…tomorrow is FRIDAY!! : )

PS- Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not be posting a Food-a-licious Friday recipe tomorrow.

One year ago today… {and a CSN giveaway!}

That’s right…today is a special day for Mine for the Making. One year ago today, MFTM became real….well real to me anyway : ) Because of this ever-growing blog, I find myself ever-growing in so many ways….

  • I’ve made amazing friendships thru blogging
  • I am motivated to craft, sew, paint, mod podge, create, bake, cook, etc. so much more
  • I am inspired on a daily basis looking through my favorite blogs

One year ago today, I started out with only one follower on this blog (my sister-in-law…Thanks Arlena!) and we have now grown to over 400 readers! Wow. Seriously. Wow.

One year ago today, I had no idea what the heck a linky party was, or html codes were, how to enter giveaways, or how to create a button (Thanks Mandy!), or that my little ol’ blog would become more than just a “personal journal.”

One year ago today, I would have never dreamed of opening my very own etsy shop. Why would anyone want to purchase things that I have made?? I’m still in awe over this.

One year ago today, I came up with the title of this little ol’ blog and wasn’t 100% in love with it…but one year later, Mine for the Making is a HUGE part of my life. Not sure I could do without it now : )

One year ago today, I made a commitment to myself to have something that was just for myself. A place I could document things I like, things I’ve created, things I have done. I don’t see this as being selfish…everything else in my life revolves around my family, God, my job, others. So I find this necessary for my mental and emotional health : )

So, in honor of such a WONDERFUL day in my life, I want to thank YOU, my dear readers. For hanging in there when the photos I posted weren’t the greatest of quality, for my babbling on in some of my posts, through the projects you could have created FAR better than I, through the recipes that you wouldn’t be able to swallow with your nose plugged…. Thanks for hanging out with me through thick and thin. Thanks for using my ideas. Thanks for commenting on my posts. Thanks for hosting giveaways that I have entered (and WON). Thanks for the sweet emails that brighten my day. Thanks for featuring my projects, recipes, blog, and etsy shop.

Now for the Blogoversary Giveaway…
$55 credit to CSN.com online stores!
If you are not familiar with CSN stores, let me tell you that you are in for a TREAT! CSN is comprised of over 200 online stores where you can find everything from Delsey luggage to Le Creuset cookware. 
SO many options of items you can purchase using the $55 credit. Here are a few things that I would personally want for my family/home. 
My daughter would LOVE this wooden bake set... 

I am in ♥ with this GORGEOUS rug for my living room… 

If you know me, then you know my LOVE for the good ol’ crock pot…and this one has a timer!

And I mustn’t forget the hubby. This would be great for the chef in our family… 

So, how can you enter to win this AMAZING giveaway??
{Leave a separate comment for each}

1. Be a public follower of MFTM {mandatory}

2. Head on over the CSN.com and tell me what you would use the $55 for.

3. “Like” MFTM on facebook


*Giveaway is open until Jan. 31st, 2011. Winner will be announced on Feb. 1st right here at Mine for the Making.
*CSN only ships to the US and Canada (there may be international shipping charges for Canadian addresses).
*Giveaway winner will be chosen using Random.org.

 All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I will be provided with the store credit for the giveaway.

(candle photo via)
(thank you photo via)

Sponsor Spotlight: Fancie Strands

Hello lovely readers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I am so pleased to introduce you to Mine for the Making’s newest sponsor, Tammy from Fancie Strands.

Tammy has a lovely line of handmade accessories that are absolutely GORGEOUS! You can find her shop here and she blogs here. Be sure to check her out and leave her some love!

Here are a few of my favorites from her shop…

Aren’t they just lovely?!

Please head over to Fancie Strands to see for yourself!!

Psst! A little birdie told me there may be a Fancie Strands giveaway coming up soon! Be sure to check back!

**If you are interested in sponsoring MFTM, please check out my Advertisement Info tab at the top of this page! I can’t wait to hear from you!***