Once Upon a SNAP Conference

Once upon a SNAP Conference, there was a crafty mom who took a break from normal, everyday life and got on a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah, to learn and grow and create and to see some of her dearest friends from across the country. 

This crafty mom loves attending SNAP Conference every year and she swears it just gets better and better.


From the brands (I won a Silhouette Cameo!)…

To the awesome sponsor rooms (I met the number one LEGO master builder in the world!)…

To the fantastic classes (I stepped out of my comfort zone and sewed!) and speakers (as always, not a dry eye during Heidi Swapp’s talk)…

And everything in between like cocktail parties, unicorn dance parties, swag, chocolates, Swig drinks and cookies, and fantastic friendships…old and new! And I don’t know if y’all heard but… I have the best roomies ever. Viv and Bev (we missed you Michele!) make the experience even better… and oh the laughs!

After the conference was over, this crafty mom flew back home to Arizona totally rejuvenated to her family and lived happily ever after… until next year’s SNAP Conference! Now it’s time to crush goals!

 To see even more of SNAP Conference and to hear about my full experience, check out my video. 

SNAP Conference is my one guaranteed getaway each year where I can unwind and refresh all while learning and bonding and creating amazing relationships to further grow myself and my blog. Thank you to Tauni for creating a conference specifically for creative minds like me. I’m so grateful for the blogging community and the continued adventure it has me on. 


Creative Blogger Business Cards

Hi friends!

As most of you know, I had to privilege of attending SNAP! conference in Utah this year. I was able to meet, learn from, chat with, laugh with, and hug lots of my blogger buddies. And I’d have to say one of my most favorite things I received from the conference (besides the amazing swag of course) were the business cards my blogger buddies gave me. Talk about colorful, happy, creative business cards. Not only are they probably the most important thing to bring with you to a conference, but they are so fun to collect!

Kinda like collecting pogs and slammers…but cooler.

As a first timer to a blog conference, I had no idea what I could do to make my business cards really stand out. Let me tell you what…there are some serious pros out there. Bloggers who have “been around the block” when it comes to attending a conference. So today I thought I would share some of my favorite blogger business cards with you. And if you are planning to attend a blog conference, take out your notebook and get to note taking, because I guarantee these cards will inspire you to make yours that much better…

Starting at the top left…

Jen of Four Marrs & One Venus gave out cards that were HILARIOUS. They totally fit her personality.

Michelle of Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust attached little bottles of “fairy dust” to her cards.

Ann Marie of White House Black Shutters attached a crayon to her card so that the recipient can color the card themselves. Clever.

Angela of Livingstons House Full of Boys & Bubbas Basics gave a mini mustache photo prop with her cards.

Jamielyn of I Heart Nap Time gave out ice cream cone pens which fit her personality well also.

Kellie of Nest of Posies made her cards into magnets! LOVE.

Laura of Pink Cake Plate attached small cupcake charms to her cards. I already put mine on a necklace for my 5 year old.

Bev of Flamingo Toes gave out handmade bracelets (I wear mine practically everyday) with her cards, which is perfect since she is known for her gorgeous handmade jewelry.

Shelley of House of Smiths attached mini buttons to her cards (that we all wore on our SNAP lanyards) with her personal theme of the year, “I am Awesomer.”

Marissa of Rae Gun Ramblings gave out super cool bookmarks with her shop photos on one side and blog photos on the other. If you know Marissa, you know that a bookmark couldn’t be more perfect for her to give out.

Michele of The Scrap Shoppe gave out a cute mini print and baker’s twine with her card in a cute paper envelope.

Amanda of Burlap and Denim made her cards out of… burlap and denim! SUPER cute.

McKenzie of Girl Loves Glam gave out adorable vinyl decals with all kinds of quirky blogger sayings.

Rebecca of The Crafted Sparrow made 20 gorgeous necklaces (themed around her blog) to give out to 20 lucky bloggy friends…notice I was one of the lucky ones : )

I wish I could share everyone’s cards with you because they are all that great!

I think everyone enjoyed seeing the individual creativity come through with just a “simple” business card.

You’re probably wondering what I did with my collection of creative blogger business cards now that I’m home from SNAP! conference…

Those “seasoned” bloggers had this genius idea… hole punch the cards in the top corner and put them on a binder ring. PERFECT.

Thanks for stopping by today! 

I have so many more things to share with you…I just need more hours in the day to blog about it : )

See you tomorrow, friends!