Personalized Drop Cloth Stockings

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Hello friends! This year I went through a major purge and got rid of a TON of stuff… including Christmas decor. And because I want to go more simple this year and I have a very tiny budget to do it with, I decided to make a lot of my Christmas decor. One of the first things I knew we needed were stockings. What’s Christmas without stocking hung with care? So I whipped up these Personalized Drop Cloth Stockings for my little family.

Aren’t they so cute? If you’re looking for a fancy-shmancy stocking tutorial, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you are looking for a simple, cozy… almost “farmhouse” … appeal, these are the perfect stockings for you. Here’s what you’ll need if you want to make your own…

  • drop cloth (found at Home Depot)
  • an old stocking (to use as a pattern)
  • fabric marker (for tracing)
  • sewing machine and thread 
  • scissors
  • heat transfer vinyl (HTV)
  • iron
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • twine/jute

First, design your names (using a favorite font) in your Silhouette Design Studio. Remember to reverse your design before cutting your HTV with your Silhouette Cameo. Refer to the HTV instructions before loading your Silhouette Cameo. After your HTV is cut and weeded, set it aside.

Trace your old stocking onto the drop cloth. Tip: Trace the stocking at the top of your drop cloth where it’s already hemmed… this will save you from needing to hem the top of your stocking! Each stocking needs 2 pieces traced, a front and a back. Once the pieces are traced and cut, use your sewing machine to sew around the edges of two of the pieces. Remember not to sew the top of the stocking together! The flip it inside out… which is actually right side out! Tip: If you don’t have a sewing machine or are not a sew-er, you can hand stitch this OR use fabric glue! 

Now you are going to cut a few pieces of jute and sew them to the top corner of the stockings in a loop. This is how you are going to hang them! 

Place the cut/weeded HTV names on the drop cloth stockings where you want them and iron them on. I like to place a piece of fabric in between the iron and the HTV. The trick to ironing on HTV it high heat and lots of pressure. Tip: Line up your stockings all ready to iron. Go down the line of stockings, pressing the iron onto the fabric/HTV names and move the next to allow time to cool, then repeat a few times.

Slowly peel back the clear sheet that is on your HTV. If the vinyl is not sticking to the drop cloth, you need to apply more heat and pressure to it. 

And that’s it, folks! In all honesty, it probably took me 1-2 hours to make all three of them. So this is great nap time or ‘after the kids are in bed asleep’ craft. And if you are better at sewing than I am or if you have heat press, it will take even less time to make them. 

So, what do you think? Have you made your own stockings or do you prefer to buy them? Target has some really cute ones this year!



Vintage Inspired Christmas Crafts

Happy Friday friends! Bev here from Flamingo Toes today and I’ve gathered up some of my very favorite vintage inspired Christmas Crafts! If you love vintage and retro style Christmas decor this list is sure to get you inspired to start creating!

Vintage Style Christmas Wreath

Retro Winter Wonderland Wreath

Vintage Snowglobe Ornaments

Vintage Style Ornaments

If you love the look of vintage Christmas ornaments but can't find any around, try making them yourself!

Tinsel Christmas Wreath

Giant tinsel garland make a fantastic vintage-looking wreath! Add vintage ornaments to complete the look.

Silver Bells

Repurposed mini jello mold silver bells!

Ruler Christmas Tree

Repurposed folding rulers Christmas tree

North Pole Gift Bag Pillow

The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever

DIY Vintage Glitter House


Vintage Tablecloth Lamp

6-DSC_0093 (2)

Custom Painted Vintage Style Christmas Lights

custom color vintage Christmas lights

Vintage Style Ornaments in Baking Molds

DIY vintage farmhouse style baking tin ornaments

Vintage Fabric Hoop Art

09-DSC_0130 (2)

Vintage Image Christmas Trees

I've been imagining these dimensional Christmas centerpiece for weeks and finally found time to try out the idea! You'll love these cool trees!

DIY Vintage Ornament Wreath

Vintage Stitched Christmas Card Art


I love all of these!! Guess I better get busy and start crafting!!

Your hostesses,
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Buffalo Plaid Gift Guide

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I don’t know about you, but I am so in love with Buffalo Plaid. I made so many cute things around this theme last year, and I am having so much fun incorporating it into my Christmas decor this year. Are you a fan of the trend? If so, you will love today’s post. I’m sharing a Buffalo Plaid Gift Guide that will help your shopping tremendously!

Everything from decor, clothing, accessories, and more! Just click the link of the items you like to add to your cart, easy peasy!

Buffalo Plaid Scarf

Buffalo Plaid Cowl Neck Sweatshirt

Kids Buffalo Plaid Vest

Buffalo Plaid male slippers

Buffalo Plaid table runner

Buffalo Plaid iPhone Case

Buffalo Plaid Throw Pillow

Buffalo Plaid Christmas flag

Buffalo Plaid Tree Skirt

Buffalo Plaid Garland

Buffalo Plaid paper straws

Buffalo Plaid Throw

Buffalo Plaid Necklace

Buffalo Plaid Tie

Buffalo Plaid plates and napkins

Buffalo Plaid Bedding

Buffalo Plaid Pajamas

Buffalo Plaid Bow

Buffalo Plaid Gift Wrap

Buffalo Plaid Duct Tape


Give me allllll the Buffalo Plaid! I hope you find a thing or two you love as much as I do! Whether you need apparel, accessories, party supplies, or holiday decor, you can find it all in Buffalo Plaid! Wouldn’t it be cute to use some of the items for holiday photos? Love it all! Have fun with your holiday shopping, friends!







Alternative Ornament Decor

It’s finally December! We are in full blown holiday mode over here! Michele from The Scrap Shoppe here today. Since we’re just getting into December we’re going to continue on with fun, creative ideas for Christmas. And this week I’m talking about a little problem I have. You might have it, too. But I have a great solution for it!

Ornament hoarder? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!

My name is Michele, and I am an ornament hoarder. I mean, how many ornaments can one tree hold?? It doesn’t matter because if I see adorable, unique ornaments then I *need* to own them, you know what I mean? So today I’ve gathered up some adorable alternative ornament decor ideas in case you’re a hoarder like me!

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Ornament Wreath from Penny’s Vintage Home

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Mason Jar Lid Tree Art from Funky Junk Interiors

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Ornament Window Decor at Stylish Eve

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Ornament Display from Home Depot

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Framed Ornaments from Artsy Chicks Rule

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Ornament Lantern Luminary from Dimples and Tangles

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Ornament Topiary from Southern Scraps

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Ornament Vases from Mamma Papera

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Vintage Ornament Tree from Into Vintage

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Rustic Ornament Centerpiece from Far Above Rubies

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Ornament Place Cards from Snippet & Ink

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Ornament Garland from Pretty Quirky

Ornament hoarders? Me, too! Try these alternative ornament decor options OTHER than putting them on your tree!
Festive Ornament Chandelier from Aunt Peaches


Aren’t these ideas just the cutest??? Which ones would you use for your extra ornaments??

Must Have Craft Tips & More!

Stay tuned next week for one last creative Christmas roundup!


Your hostesses,
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Unique Christmas Tree Alternatives

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with your family and friends yesterday! Allison here, back for another week of Christmas ideas for this week’s Must Have Tip posts. If you are like me, today is the day you stay in decorate for Christmas instead of getting out in the crowd to go shopping. But before you put that tree up, you may want to take a look at this post because you may get an idea that you will want to try instead of a traditional tree. 
I’ve found so many fantastic unique Christmas tree alternatives that even my head has been whirling with ideas! 
 Create a tree using a collection of small items on the wall. 
 Love succulents and don’t have a lot of space for a large tree? How about creating a succulent tree! 
How cool is this?
If you don’t have a lot of floor space why not create a tree using lights on the wall or a piece of plywood? You can even add some ornaments to the wire if you’d like! 
Have a chalkboard wall? Why not create a beautiful chalkboard tree to enjoy over the holiday season?
Love this cute cardboard tree! You can get the whole family to embellish it with simple paper ornaments and drawings. 
Thinking about going very modern this Christmas? How about creating a simple plywood tree?
Ever look at dryer venting and wonder what else you can do with it? Check out this tree created with it! 
Have a love for architectural elements? Create this architectural salvage tree using all sorts of fun wood, knobs, pulls, and other interesting finds! 
A rolled paper tree sure does make a statement without the mess of dropping needles! 
Here’s another cardboard version that is just as fun as the previous one I shared. 
Enjoy decorating with the farmhouse look? Stack galvanized tubs on top of each other and wrap with ribbon to create a tree. 
Washi tape is a great way to get creative and create a tree on the wall plus it is easy clean up! Just tape up decorations and lights onto the tree for more detail.
Have a collection of license plates? Use them to create a unique tree. 
I love this PVC tree filled will colorful ornaments! This is beautiful on this large scale but you could easily make it smaller if you don’t have the space.
Have a lot of wood sitting around? Create a gorgeous wood tree with it! 
With the use of hooks on the wall and some yarn you can create a string art tree for relatively cheap! It can even pull double duty as a Christmas Card display! 
Create a unique tree using an old ladder. Wrap it with light and garland, hang ornaments on it or sit things on the rungs and you have a wonderful tree! 
Create a grouping of trees with washi tape over a table or on a large scale for fun modern decor.
Using a large piece of wood, draw and cut out a large tree. Place a light behind it to back light it and boom, you have a statement tree for sure! 
Oh my goodness, aren’t those all fabulous! Which idea is your favorite?
And there are so many other things you can do as well! Make a tree out of books, tape special papers to the wall, create a tee pee shape out of wood and wrap with garland and decorate, so many fun things can be done to make a unique Christmas tree! 
Do you decorate for Christmas with a unique tree? Stay tuned next week for even more Christmas ideas! 



Christmas Movie Quote Pennants

Hello makers! It’s Thanksgiving week and we are loving all the family time we are getting in. We decided to do a non traditional Thanksgiving on Thursday and get out of town to explore! Then we will have our traditional dinner with family on Saturday and I cannot wait! It’s practically the best meal of the year, wouldn’t you agree? Well, as you know, I’ve started my Christmas decorating already. I decided to pretty much purge everything from my decor and start fresh this year. So that means lots of Christmas crafts and DIYs, and I’m not mad about it. Today I want to share the Christmas Movie Quote Pennants I made for our new tree, but you can hang them anywhere!

We absolutely LOVE Christmas movies and it’s a goal to add new ones to our collection each year (just like our Christmas books)! These were so fun to make and they were the finishing touches to our tree. I really love them and the quotes we decided on. We even made Christmas Movie Quote Mugs too

In case you want to make some for your holiday decor, I thought I’d share the tutorial with y’all. You will need:

  • Drop cloth material (or something similar)
  • Black heat transfer vinyl (HTV)
  • Small wooden dowels
  • Jute or twine
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen/marker
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Iron
  • Silhouette Cameo

First thing you want to do is draw your pennants on the drop cloth (you can find drop cloths at Home Depot and Lowe’s). I used a fabric marker and ruler for this. I measured them to be about 5 1/2 inches by 6 inches (to the point), then cut them out. The cool part about drop cloth material is that you really don’t have the hem the edges if you don’t want to. I like the rough cut look for this project. 

Next I hot glued the small wooden dowels (found at Dollar Tree) to the top of the pennant by folding it over the dowel. Be sure some of the dowel is sticking out on both ends. 

Then you want to cut a piece of jute (mine was about 5 inches long) to tie to each end of the wooden dowel.

Now you can design your movie quotes in the Silhouette Design Studio (or use mine, links at the end of the post). Be sure to mirror your image and load your HTV into the cameo with the shiny side down (refer to the directions on your HTV package). After you weed the design (leaving the shiny piece on), place it on the pennant. Iron it onto the drop cloth material (high heat) by pushing down firmly and moving to different places. I also recommend putting a piece of material in between the iron and the HTV for protection. Towards the end, I remove the extra material and press down firmly with the iron one more time. 

Carefully peal the plastic sheet off the HTV, making sure the vinyl is secured to the pennant. If it’s not, iron again. 

Now they are ready to hang! I just love them on our tree…

Can you guess the Christmas movies we picked by reading the quotes? If so, we can be besties. 

I absolutely love them all. They are such fun and unique ornaments.

Do you think you’ll make them for your tree? They make it so fun and magical! Everyone that comes over wants to read them and yell out the Christmas movie they are from.

If you want to use my designs, simply click on the links below to download. And please leave a comment letting me know if you make them! 

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I am so thankful you are here and I appreciate all your support with this blog of mine! 


Snow Globe Ornaments

Hello makers! We are down to 5 more days until Thanksgiving and 5 more weekends until Christmas! This year is flying by… I wish I could slow time down a bit or press the pause button. Since I can’t, I decided to make Christmas last as long as possible (aka: decorate early) and get as many Thanksgivings in as we can (we have 3 scheduled with family and friends). I just love this time of year and this season of motherhood. Christmas is still magical and I’m hoping that lasts a while longer. So we put up the tree and my daughter happily helped me decorate it. We even made these fun Snow Globe Ornaments (last year…oops!) and they are some of my favorite ornaments to hang up. I love crafting with my girl!

These ornaments were so easy and fun to make… do you want to make some too? First you’ll need to gather up your supplies. I bought all of mine at Michael’s.

  • plastic ornaments that open
  • mini trees
  • plastic baby deer
  • faux snow
  • hot glue and gun
  • super glue
  • twine/jute
  • scissors

To make these, just open your plastic ornaments and hot glue a tree or two and maybe a deer to the bottom of one half of the ornament.  I also like glue the tiny contents to each other as well… so I glued the trees together that were touching and I glued the deer to the trees as well.

Add some faux snow and close up the ornament with the other half. Put tiny dots of super glue around the opening of the ornament to secure it (this step is optional). Loop twine through the top of the ornament to easily hang it from the tree. I even added a jute bow the the top with some hot glue. 

See! Easy and they are SO cute. I love them on my flocked Christmas tree. But it’s hard to get a good photo of them without catching my reflection! 

What do you think friends? Would you hang some of these Snow Globe Ornaments on your tree?

Creative Christmas Villages

Hello there makers! Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?! It’s my favorite meal of the year, so I cannot wait! 

I’ve already started decorating for Christmas and I decided to add a mini Christmas Village to my decor this year. I have always loved Christmas Villages. They are just so magical. And there are lots of ways to make and display them, so I thought it would be fun to share all of the fun and creative Christmas Village displays with you today!

Christmas Villages can be bought in pieces from holiday stores, Dollar Tree, online… pretty much anywhere that sells holiday decor! You can also DIY your Christmas Village and be as creative as you want. Let’s check out some of my very favorites!

Cake Plate Snowy Scene

Snow Globe Terrariums

Christmas Village Wreath

Christmas Village Lantern

Dollar Store Christmas Village

Advent Christmas Village

Recycled Box Christmas Village

Printable Christmas Village

Christmas Village Christmas Tree

Farmhouse Christmas Village

3D Paper Christmas Village (with SVG file for cut machines like a Silhouette Cameo)

Fabric Christmas Village

Wooden Christmas Village

Aren’t these Christmas Villages unique and creative?! I just love them all! Which is your favorite?

Join us next week for more Christmas tips, tricks, and ideas! I hope y’all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Your hostesses,
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Christmas Movie Quote Mugs

Hey there makers! Can you believe November is already half over? I packed up Halloween last weekend and busted out Christmas bins. I’ve always decorated for Christmas in November… I love having my Christmas decor up as long as possible and I love having Thanksgiving dinner by a lit tree. Call me crazy or be apart of my crazy, I’m okay with both! Of course I’ve started my holiday crafting and whipped up a couple of cute coffee cups that would be great as gifts or great to keep for yourself. And because I’m crafting while watching my fave holiday movies, it’s only natural that the Christmas Movie Quote Mugs came out of the craft room this week! 

Aren’t they fun?! Do you know what Christmas movies these quotes are from? Two of my favorites!

I picked up a couple of blank mugs from Dollar Tree and got to work on some fun designs in the Silhouette design studio. I used some of my Expressions Vinyl I had on hand, and cut the quotes out with my Silhouette Cameo. After weeding the design, I applied the vinyl quotes to the mugs with transfer tape. And that’s it! 

Of course these mugs are great for coffee, hot chocolate, and hot cider. You can even fill them up with a couple of packets of hot chocolate or some holiday candies and give these mugs as gifts to teachers, co-workers, friends, coaches, neighbors, etc. 

If you like the Christmas movie quotes I chose, you can download these free cut files to make your own mugs! Or get creative and pick quotes for YOUR favorite Christmas movies! The options are endless.

Be sure to hand wash these mugs as they are not dishwasher safe with the vinyl on them. We want them to last for lots of Christmases to come!

Have you started your holiday crafting or gift making yet? I would love to see your mugs if you decide to make some! Thanks for stopping by, friends. Have a great weekend. 



Must Have Harry Potter Gift Guide

Hi all! It’s Bev from Flamingo Toes here today with our last gift guide for the month! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan so I thought I’d gather up all my favorite HP gift ideas (I’ve added a bunch of these to my list too)! Check out this Must Have Harry Potter Gift Guide… perfect for the Harry Potter fans in your life.

Well, you can’t start a Harry Potter gift guide without the books right?! Check out this great paperback Harry Potter book set!

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit (we have this and it’s super fun!)

Harry Potter Bag

Image result for harry potter hybrid bag bioworld

Harry Potter Wand

Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Harry Potter Ornament

Hogwarts Wax Seal and Candle Set

Hogwarts Library

Hermione’s Time Turner

Hufflepuff Cup

Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes Shirt

6TN Mens Weasley's Wizard Wheezes T Shirt ( Small )

Harry Potter Letter Wallet

Image result for harry potter letter wallet

Nanoscene Gryffindor Tower

Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzle

Gringotts Bank Ornament

Marauder’s Map Mug – goes from black to color with heat!

Happiness Dumbledore Quote Print

Hogwarts Battle Game

Do you have any Harry Potter fans on your gift list?! Hopefully this has helped you out!

Come back next week for more fun tips and ideas!

Your hostesses,
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