I Love Lucy Costume

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You guys. I can’t even tell you how stinking excited I am to share this costume with y’all. When my daughter told me 6 months ago (we like to plan ahead) that she wanted to be Lucille Ball for Halloween, I was thrilled. What a fun costume idea! They don’t make super cute I Love Lucy costumes for kids… and if they do, they are super pricey yet cheap looking. So DIY was a must, but it was actually a really simple costume to put together. Take a look of our version of Lucille Ball in this I Love Lucy costume…

My Luci (yes, that’s my daughter’s name) LOVES Lucille Ball and knows pretty much everything about her. So she is well versed in practicing her facial expressions and silly antics… and of course yelling “Ricky!!” LOL! 

For this costume, I made the apron and the pearl necklace and earring set. I used white fabric, lace, ribbon, and red felt (for the heart!) for the apron. I glued everything together with fabric glue… no sewing! I used white puff paint to mock I Love Lucy like the logo. The necklace I strung together using faux pearls and I made the earrings by gluing two faux pearls to earring studs. We ordered the polka dot dress from Amazon and found the black ballet flats at Walmart, but there are similar shoes on Amazon. The red bandanna is from JoAnn, but you can get it on Amazon as well too.  It’s always easier to order it all online and have it shipped right to your door, in my opinion!

We found a tutorial for her cute hair style online and used a lot of bobby pins and hairspray, but it turned out so cute. We couldn’t find a good wig for kids and we opted not to dye my Luci’s hair, so I think this was a great compromise. 

Plus a little red lipstick… because obviously Lucy wears red lipstick… and your I Love Lucy costume is complete! So fun, right?!

I know y’all don’t have time to make this costume for this Halloween, but PIN IT for later so you can find it easily for future Halloweens. 

Doesn’t she make the perfect Lucy?! We had SO MUCH FUN making this costume… and my daughter totally sells it! Such a ham… I just adore the heck out of her.

Thanks so much for stopping  by friends! Have a fantastic weekend and a Happy Halloween!

Easy Nancy Drew Costume

Hi y’all! It’s been a busy week on the blog, and I’m back again to share a super simple but fun Halloween costume with you! We had our homeschool Halloween party at the park this morning, so we needed to come up with a fun costume idea that we could easy put together and could be played in easily as well. My daughter (age 9) is super into mastery books right now, so we decided on this easy Nancy Drew costume and it turned out really cute!

We had most of what was needed for the costume on hand and the rest we pieced together using dollar store items. But doesn’t she look so cute as Nancy Drew?! I love it!

This costume is fun because you need props to make it work. You need a longer coat that buttons up or can tie around the waist, a ‘detective’ style hat, sunglasses and a few other fun things…

Nancy Drew carries her TOP SECRET notebook with her to keep track of her clues and solved cases. We found a faux leather notebook at the store and added tape with the words “TOP SECRET” in red.

Nancy Drew also needs a magnifying glass to look at clues more closely. We have magnifying glasses in our science kits, but you can find them at the dollar store as well.

Nancy Drew also needs to dust for finger prints… so be sure to get a small brush (a makeup brush works well or a brush from an excavation kit) for one of the props.

Nancy Drew also needs a map for whatever case she is working on… this also helps her keep track of clues! 

And since Nancy Drew is always working on solving cases, it only makes sense that she was working on one this morning at the park! Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Jack-o-Lantern… SOLVED! 

We had so much fun with this costume idea! Do your kids like dressing up as book characters too?

Okay friends, I’ve got one more Halloween costume idea coming at you this week and it’s my favorite one to date! Giddy with excitement is an understatement! 


Starbucks Frappuccino Costume

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Hello there Makers! About a month or so ago my best friend’s daughter showed me a picture of what she wanted to be for Halloween this year. Since my best friend gets minor heart palpitations from crafting, I offered to help make it for her and you guys… it turned out so cute! Check out Livi in her DIY Starbucks Frappuccino Costume!

Way too cute, right?! We searched for tutorials on Pinterest and had no luck, so we decided to improvise and figure it out on our own. We took one of Livi’s older white dresses and dyed it this pretty brown color by mixing a dark brown dye and a tan dye. After rinsing and drying the dress, I added a thick piece of green ribbon to the waste with fabric glue. If you wanted to you could also sew it on. Then we printed the Starbucks logo on a piece of iron-on photo paper. We followed the directions on the package and it worked perfectly for this costume.

For the frappuccino’s whip cream, we decided to get a soft white fabric and make an infinity scarf with it. I cut a yard of the fabric in half and hand sewed it end to end in a circle. Then we double wrapped it around her neck. Perfect and comfy! 

The straw portion of the frappuccino costume was super fun to create. We used a white headband, white (thick) felt, brown puff paint, hot glue, green craft paint, and a paper towel tube! I trimmed down the tube and painted it green. I cute out two pieces of the thick, white felt in a curvy shape and hot glued the end of the paper towel tube to the center of one piece of felt. I sandwiched the headband in between the two pieces of felt and hot glued them all together. Then I added a drizzle of “caramel” with the brown puff paint. It turned out SO CUTE!

Miss Liv was very happy with the finished costume, which make my heart soar! So glad we could bring her costume to life for her. The girl’s cannot wait to go trick-or-treating together this year! 

What are your kids dressing up as this year? Do you like to make or buy your costumes?

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Keep your eyes peeled for two more fun kids costumes…. Nancy Drew and I Love Lucy! 


Easy Spider-Girl Costume

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With Halloween around the corner, we have been busy watching all of our favorite Halloween movies this month! We were super excited to add Avengers: Age of Ultron Blu-Ray/DVD to our collection since it was released on October 2nd at Walmart. Our family is all about superheroes! Aside from popping popcorn and chocolate covered blueberries, I decided to make the movie viewing even more fun for my daughter by creating an Easy Spider-Girl Costume using a Spider-Man costume and adding a few girly touches.

spidergirl costume1

How cute is this girl? I kid you not, after she put on the Spiderman part of the costume, she looked down at the faux muscles and said, “This is so sick.” LOL! She was totally digging the muscles!

spidergirl costume2

To girly up the Spiderman costume a bit, we added sparkly sneakers, a handmade tutu (tutorial below) and a spider web mask.

spidergirl costume8

To make the tutu you will need about 5 yards of tulle and a roll of 1-2 inch ribbon and scissors. First you want to cut your strips of tulle. To do that, keep the tulle folded long ways (it comes that way off the roll) and fold it two more times long ways. Then cut the tulle at every 4 inches until you run out of tulle (refer to the first photo above). Next measure the waist line of your child and add 40 inches to it and cut that length from the ribbon. For example, my daughter was 27 around the waist, so I cut off 67 inches of ribbon. Then you want to tie a knot 20 inches in on each side of the ribbon (refer to the second photo above). Go back to your strips of tulle that you previously cut and start cutting them all in half so that they are each about 13-14 inches long. Now take the strips of tulle and loop-n-pull them on in between the two knots on the ribbon (refer to photos 3-6 above) until the the entire ribbon between the two knots is full. You kind of have to slide the tulle down the ribbon as you go so that you get a full tutu.

spidergirl costume6

Now just add the handmade tutu to the Spiderman costume and BAM! You have yourself an Easy Spider-Girl Costume.

spidergirl costume4

In between the superhero/Spiderman stances, there was some definite ballet dancing in this costume. I love this girly tomboy of mine!

spidergirl costume3 And you better believe she wore the entire costume while we watched Avengers: Age of Ultron and munched on our favorite snacks. Do your kids love dress up too? I love that we can use this costume year round…not just for Halloween!

Head to your local Walmart to pick up your copy of Avengers: Age of the Ultron Blu-Ray/DVD and any of the MARVEL Avengers and Spiderman costumes to make movie viewing and Halloween that much more fun!


Is your family into superheroes? Which MARVEL hero would your kiddo choose to dress up like?

spidergirl costume5

Have a SUPER weekend friends!


Wicked Witch Costume

I have been meaning to get this post up for a few days now but it’s just been plain busy around these parts. I finished my daughter’s Wicked Witch costume early last week and she was so excited to wear it to our church’s annual Trunk-or-Treat Saturday night. Are you ready to see how it turned out?!

wicked witch7

Simple but so cute!! I was really excited when L told me she wanted to be a witch for Halloween…I was a witch when I was her age too! I wanted to make sure she was comfortable and my budget was about $20 for this year’s costume. I actually stayed under my budget and spent about $12 total. 

wicked witch11

Let me break it down so you know how I pieced this semi-handmade and very affordable costume together. 

  • Witch Hat: $2 from Target + embellished by by (see details HERE)
  • Wicked Shirt: $5 t-shirt from Target and embellished with iron on glitter vinyl (letters cut with my Silhouette)
  • Black tutu skirt: already owned
  • Black & white striped leggings: $5 from Target
  • Black boots: Hand-me-downs from friends
  • Trick-or-Treat Bag: All supplies had on hand (see details HERE)

Here’s a close up of L’s witch shirt…I really love how it turned out!

wicked witch3

And of course the BOOtique Witch Hat, which received many compliments and made my girl smile proudly.

wicked witch2

And just for fun, we had to make some WICKED faces because after all, L wanted to be the WICKED WITCH of the WEST for Halloween…with a little bling and flair of coures *wink*.

wicked witch10

She told me “Whoa mom! I look like a REAL witch in that one!” LOL! Oh man this kid cracks me up. 

I couldn’t believe she was the only witch and our church’s Trunk-or-Treat! Some of her friends even had cute handmade costumes too (Jack from the Neverland Pirates and a beautiful mermaid and a super cute fox). We had so much fun- there was a chili cook off, fun carnival style games (also handmade), and then of course Trunk-or-Treating. Personally, I love it better than door to door Trick-or-Treating…but we do both ;) 

wicked witch1

So what do you think? Totally do-able, right?! 

If you liked this costume I made, check out L’s Minnie Mouse Costume and her Olivia Costume I made her as well. 

minnie 2010

halloweenluci2 2011

BOOtique Witch Hat

Oh friends. I am really excited to share more of my daughter’s Halloween costume with you! It’s turning out to be such a cute costume and I really think you are going to like it. Today I am sharing the $2 hat I transformed into a beautiful BOOtique Witch Hat!

witch hat7


Now I’m not sure if I should be proud of this or embarrassed, but everything you see on this hat came from my craft stash. So this project literally cost me the $2 I spent on the child’s size black witch hat (Target). If I were going to purchase an already embellished witch hat, I would easily spend $25+. Needless to say, the cost is a huge bonus in my book. 

witch hat1


Making the BOOtique Witch Hat was SUPER easy! First I gathered my supplies:

  • black witch hat
  • spray on fabric glitter (silver)
  • black tulle
  • white netting
  • orange and black flowers
  • rhinestones
  • scrap fabric
  • ribbon (black, orange, and white)
  • feathers (black & white)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks

witch hat6


First I sprayed the hat with the fabric glitter and allowed it to try for a bit.

Then I cut 3 stands of tulle about a yard each and braided the pieces together. Then I hot glued it around the brim of the witch hat.

witch hat4


Next I started laying my embellishments onto one side of the hat, securing everything with hot glue. I added the netting, the ribbon (in different widths and colors) hanging off the brim a bit, then the flowers with rhinestone centers, and feathers poking out from behind. Then I used some scrap material to make a bow and added that on as well. 

witch hat5


Cutest witch hat ever, right?? Took me about 25 minutes total to complete and if you had to purchase all of the materials, I’d say the budget would be about $15 max. All supplies (besides the hat which was purchased at Target) can be found at your local JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store. 

witch hat3


I can’t wait to show you the rest of my cute little witch’s costume! She is totally LOVING how it’s all coming together. More to come later this week.

You can check out her No Sew Halloween Bag HERE

What are your kiddos going to be for Halloween this year?

Be sure to follow along on Twitter! I am sharing handmade Halloween costumes from all over the web this week, so don’t miss out!

Happy Halloween! {Olivia Costume}


I LOVE this holiday and my daughter is finally at an age (3) where holidays are magical and she understands the gist of things. Granted Halloween isn’t too hard to understand…dress up like whatever you want, knock on strangers’ doors, get candy for being cute. and eat said candy. What’s not to understand or like about this situation?
I love making my daughter’s costumes each year. In my opinion, it’s more affordable and it’s super fun to make rather than buy. This year my daughter decided she wanted to be Olivia. 
Are you familiar with Olivia?
Olivia is a character from children’s literature and she even has her own show on Nick Jr.
Olivia is adventurous, unique, loud, fun, silly, imaginative, creative…
And that’s my daughter. I think she picked her costume well, if I do say so myself. 
Which Olivia did my daughter choose to be?
Well, Ballet Olivia of course!
Here is my Ballet Olivia….

How cute is she, right?
I made the ears using felt. I added a pipe cleaner to the inside to keep the form and then a bit of stuffing. I added the red bows and secured the ears to the headband. No sewing…hot glue.

I bought the red shirt for under $4 at Walmart and added OLIVIA with a freezer paper stencil and white fabric paint.  (I also added silver glitter paint to the letters)

I made the tutu with red ribbon and tulle. Very simple. Again, no sewing. Just cutting and tying. 

Ballet Shoes
These were old shoes white shoes of my daughter’s and I spray painted them red and then I added red glitter with Mod Podge. I sealed the shoes with a clear coat and hot glued ribbon to the inside to lace up the legs. 

I was going to make her a trick-or-treat bag, but she insisted on taking my old bag. My mom’s friend made it for me when I was 5 years old. It’s in great shape, so I couldn’t argue with her on taking it : )
So what do you think? Momma did good, right?! : )
Here’s a picture of the two of us…

{riding my broom}

I’m a witch…with an “I ♥ vampires” shirt on : )

I hope you had a fun and safe Halloween, however you chose to celebrate!
We went trick-or-treating with our friends and ate pizza and s’mores. 
Perfect way to spend Halloween in my opinion. 
See you all back here tomorrow for a SUPER FUN GIVEAWAY!!!

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10 Clever Handmade Halloween Costumes

I am excited to share this round up with you all! 
I absolutely ♥ all things Halloween. 
Pretending to be whatever you want for one night is magical. 
Plus, there’s always yummy sweets involved.
You just can’t go wrong.
10 Clever Handmade Halloween Costumes

Can you guess what movie this costume is inspired from? One of my favorites.

Source: lookbook.nu via Kara on Pinterest

This one cracks me up every time! Soy sauce and a sushi roll!
Source: google.nl via Kara on Pinterest

Dwight K. Schrute from The Office…HILARIOUS!

Paper, Rock, Scissors! Pretty clever…although Scissors may need a little more clothing coverage…just sayin.

LEGO Indiana Jones is way cute. 

How simple and adorable is this paper doll costume?!

The Sanderson Sisters form Hocus Pocus…my all time favorite Halloween movie.

Lovin’ these Minions costumes from Despicable Me (another fave movie in our house).

Plastic bugs glued to pantie hose would be great for a witch costume.

I LOVE this family costume…BLT sandwich! Way cute and clever.
Source: parents.com via Kara on Pinterest

This post was inspired by Pinterest. You can go to the original posts for all of the links by clicking on the images twice.

How fun are those costumes? I hope you enjoyed the round up as much as I did.

Are you making your costume this year? What are you going to be?

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