Must Have General Craft Supplies

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It’s a new month and a new theme for our Must Have Craft Tips series! This month the girls and I are going to be sharing must have craft supplies that we keep in our craft rooms. These are supplies that we love and know you will, too!

Must have craft supplies to make your general crafting WAY easier!
I’m focusing on general craft supplies. These are supplies I keep within arms reach of my work space. We’re talking my favorite adhesives, cutting tools, and more. I don’t have a specific crafting niche, I dip my hand in a little bit of everything, so these are my must haves for all the various crafts I make.

We will be using affiliate links this month on these posts, meaning a tiny portion of any sales made through a click on any of the links will go into our pocket. But these links also make it easier for you to find our favorite products!

Of course I have to start with my Silhouette Cameo. I honestly use it ALL the time for paper crafts, vinyl crafts, and several other things. I also purchase all of my replacement cutting mats and cutting blades online. They are Prime and SOOO convenient!

There is also an AMAZING deal available online for a $25 gift card to the Silhouette Store that sells for less than $15! They not only make great gifts for your friends that have a Silhouette, but will save you $$$ on the $.99 downloadable designs in the Silhouette Store!

Speaking of things that cut… this folding paper trimmer from Making Memories is the BEST paper trimmer you could ever get your hands on. Unfortunately they seem to be hard to get ahold of these days. I originally purchased mine at Hobby Lobby (with a 40% off coupon!) several years ago. The blade self-sharpens each time you use it so you NEVER have to replace the blade! If you ever run across one, snatch it up!

A good pair of precision scissors are a must have as well. I like this pair from EK Success. I’ve had my pair for years and have yet to need to sharpen them. And I like that they have a safety cover for when I’m not using them.

Next up under the “cutting” category is this set of X-acto knives. One is a typical X-acto knife, great for precision cutting and cutting straight lines. Another has a swivel tip (my favorite!) for cutting out curvy shapes. And the third is heavy duty for cutting cardstock and thicker materials. They come in this handy wooden case with spare blades.

I sew a bit but I also use my Fiskars rotary cutter for other materials as well. I know that is a big no no for people who sew, but I keep separate blades for different materials. You can label them so that you don’t use your “fabric” blade on paper and whatnot. They are great for anything large you need cut!

And with any rotary cutter you must have a cutting mat. I actually have two. A small one (18″x12″) for cutting small items with my X-acto knifes and a large one (36″x24″) for cutting large items with the rotary cutter. These are self-healing and will last forever if treated correctly!

I also keep an acrylic ruler handy to use with my X-acto knives and rotary cutter. It’s the best way to ensure a perfectly straight line. This one is super awesome because it also acts as a centering ruler which makes placing items on fabric or paper easy to place. It’s great for working with vinyl, too, and getting that placement just right.

One more MUST HAVE cutting tool is the Crop-a-dile. I don’t use it so much for the eyelet setting aspect because I don’t use them much anymore (I did when I scrapbooked), but it is the most amazing paper punch ever. You can cut through thick stacks of paper like butter! It’s great for making banners and whatnot.

Although I don’t use it super often, I do use my Martha Stewart scoring board often enough to keep nearby while I’m working. Any piece of paper I need folded I always turn to the scoring board for perfect creases. I also like that the scoring tool and ruler can be stored in board.

Moving on to adhesives, any good crafter will have multiple adhesives on hand for creating. Let’s start with wet adhesives. These 3 are my absolute favorite wet adhesives for various media. They all happen to be from the same company, Beacon.

The Zip Dry is a fast drying adhesive perfect for paper crafts. It doesn’t wrinkle the paper like most wet adhesives.

3-in-1 is great for general crafting. I always tell people it’s like a cold hot glue gun. It dries super fast and you don’t get burned in the process!

Fabri-Tac, as you might imagine, is used on fabric. It doesn’t dry stiff so it leaves fabrics flexible and is also quick drying like the other 2 wet adhesives.

Now for the dry adhesives. I have two absolutely must haves: Super Tape and the Glue Glider Pro.

Super Tape is a double sided, super heavy duty tape that is not letting go of anything. When you use it you don’t have to worry about anything ever coming loose. I love it for adding paper to heavy duty media like cardboard and even wood.

The Glue Glider Pro has various cartridges available (i.e. repositionable, permanent, etc.) though I generally stick to the basic High Tac cartridge. I love that it is easy to apply the adhesive and use it ALL the time for paper crafting.

I tend to add a lot of paint to various craft projects. Whether I’m flat out painting something or just adding a touch of color to a project, I love, love, love having one of these Artist Brush Tubs on my desk. My craft space is nowhere near a sink. And I don’t necessarily want to have to stop what I’m doing to go rinse off a brush. So I keep this tub with water (it comes with a lid) on my desk all the time and open it up when needed. No more ruined paintbrushes because I didn’t rinse them in time (or forgot about them altogether!).


What do you think? Do you already have some of these or something similar? We’d love to hear your thoughts on your favorite craft supplies!

Must Have Craft Tips & More!

Stay tuned next every Friday this month for more must have craft supplies!


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Sewing: Trim

Another Friday means another new Craft Tip. A new month means a new theme! Today we’re talking about a tip for sewing trim.

Must Have Craft Tips & More! In case you’re new to our series, each month my friends Bev, Kara, Allison, and myself will be bringing you a new craft tip, with a different theme each month. We just finished up organization tips in June, and we are moving on to sewing tips for July!

I am certainly no expert seamstress. I’m self-taught and have only been doing it for a few years now. I don’t know all the “jargon” and certainly look up my fair share of “how to’s” on Google. I also like to try things my way which may seem outside the box to your average sewer. But, if it works it works, am I right?

Must Have Craft Tips & More: Sewing Tip - Glue tiny trim on fabric!
This little bottle is my sewing secret. I know what you’re thinking… glue??? With SEWING??? YES!

I was recently trying to stitch some tiny little pom pom trim to a piece of fabric and things were just NOT going my way. Like I said earlier, I’m no sewing expert and this trim was on my last nerve. I really wanted to use it but not if it was going to frustrate me so.

I started searching my craft room for ideas to solve my problem and came across this bottle of Zip Dry. Like it says on the bottle, it is used mainly for paper crafts because, though it is a wet adhesive, it doesn’t wrinkle the paper when you use it. It also dries very quickly.

Must Have Craft Tips & More: Sewing Tip - Glue tiny trim on fabric!
The precision tip on the Zip Dry allows you to place a thin line of the adhesive exactly where you want it. I decided to give it a try!

Now, two things: 1) I needed to fabric to remain flexible, and 2) I needed to be able to sew over the trim without messing up my sewing machine needle.

DIY Patriotic Mason Jar Cozies - perfect for summer barbecues! I wanted to add a row of blue, white, and red trim to this piece of denim. I glued on each row and gave it just a few minutes to dry.

Unless you put the fabric up to your nose and noticed the lack of stitches you would never know the trim was glued on! Using the adhesive gave me a lot more control over how the trim laid on the fabric as opposed to trying to stitch it in place.

Now, did it meet my two criteria?

DIY Patriotic Mason Jar Cozies - perfect for summer barbecues! Yes! I was able to easily bend the fabric (you honestly could not tell the trim was glued it was so flexible) and I was able to stitch over the trim as needed.

I did a Facebook Live video with my little trick when I first discovered it. You can see how pliable the fabric remained after gluing the trim down.

Must Have Craft Tips & More: Sewing Tip - Glue tiny trim on fabric! You don’t have to save this trick for just tiny pom pom trim. Use it on ric rac, thin ribbon, decorative ribbon, rope, or whatever you might be using that you find hard to attach to fabric by sewing.

I hope you found this useful! We’ll be sharing more sewing tips every Friday this month!

Must Have Craft Tips & More!

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Must Have Craft Tips and More

I have such an exciting new series to tell you about today!

MHCTM- square graphic If you’ve visited here before, you will have seen the Pinterest Feature Friday posts that we share every Friday. They have been so fun to write and we have all loved finding new friends to follow and pins to keep, but we felt like it was time for something new!

So today I’m introducing a new series that will be held here every Friday – Must Have Craft Tips and more! I’m partnering with Allison from A Glimpse Inside, Bev from Flamingo Toes, and Michelle from The Scrap Shoppe to bring you a fun and creative craft tip every week!

These tips will cover everything from crafting, organizing, sewing, DIY and more and will be great time-savers, cool tricks and new ways of doing things. We’re excited to share our ideas with you all and hope you find the series to be a great resource!

We’d also love to know about any tips you’d like – do you have a favorite craft you would like a tip for – or maybe some help with organization? We’ll be putting our calendar for the rest of the year together so leave a comment letting us know what you’d like to see!


Make sure you stop in next week for our first post in the series!

Summer Stash Giveaway


Did someone say Summer Stash Giveaway? Yep that’s right! 19 crafty bloggers are teaming up to bring you a giveaway loaded with all things crafty. 


I’ve gathered up some of my favorite craft supplies to give to one lucky Mine for the Making reader! Everything in this basket could be yours! For keeps! Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside…

Summer Stash Giveaway3

  1. Pretty, soft yarn
  2. Crochet Dude
  3. Fabric bonding sheet
  4. Pin cushion
  5. X-ACTO circle cutter
  6. Dimensional Mod Podge
  7. Mod Podge roller
  8. Sparkle elastic cords
  9. Beads
  10. Project Paint
  11. Tulip puff paint
  12. Mod Podge podgeable shapes
  13. Mod Podge sparkle
  14. Acrylic Jewels 
  15. Sewing travel kit
  16. Mod Podge 
  17. Mini wreath
  18. Mini clothes pins
  19. Twine
  20. Washi tape
  21. Felt Flower Ring (made by me)
  22. Bookmarks/metal paperclips 
  23. Sculpey clay
  24. Gloss enamel paints
  25. Fabric Bow Necklace (made by me)

So, who wants to win?

summer stash giveaway2

Nineteen of your favorite crafty bloggers have gathered some of our favorite crafting supplies together and we want to share with you! Each of these amazing gals will be sending out their very own group of supplies to a lucky winner. That means 19 giveaways and 19 winners! Take a look at all the crafty goodness we have here!

summer stash giveaway4

You can take a look at each bloggers individual basket on their own blog:

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A Glimpse Inside| Snap!Creativity | Bombshell Bling | Sugar Bee Crafts | A Girl and A Glue Gun
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Crazy Little Projects | Flamingo Toes|Yesterday On Tuesday | Design, Dining & Diapers | Andrea’s Notebook | See Vanessa Craft |

These are all amazing giveaways!

We’ve made it super easy for you to enter too – you can enter on just one blog to be entered for all the giveaways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for entering – and make sure you go check out all the other giveaways!

Happy Summer Crafting!


Ultimate Crafty Giveaway!

Happy Monday, friends! And Happy Veterans’ Day to all the men and women who serve our country. I’m so grateful to you and your families.
Who is in the mood for an Ultimate Crafty GIVEAWAY?!!
I’m super excited to share this giveaway with you today! I got together with some of my crafty bloggy buddies to give away over $250 of craft supplies, including a Silhouette! If you know me, then you know the Silhouette is one of my most favorite crafting tools! We’re so excited to share this with you… it is like an early Christmas present for one lucky reader!
The prize pack includes $250 of craft supplies (the items pictured above), including a Silhouette Portrait, Fiskars paper cutter, jewelry making starter set, rhinestone setting tool (and some rhinestones), Tulip puff paints, scissors, and more… really, the ultimate in tools and supplies for any crafter.
All you have to do is follow some awesome crafty bloggers on your favorite social media channels. And even if you don’t win the big prize, you’ll still get inspired all year long by these crafty gals!
Wait for the Rafflecopter widget to load below, then join in on the fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! The giveaway will end midnight PST on Sunday 11/17. 

For the Crafty Moms {printables}

There’s a lot of us out there.
Crafty Moms.
You know. The mom that sews on the cub scout patches for the entire troop. Or the mom who volunteers to organize all of the class parties for the year. Or the mom that makes every Easter dress and Halloween costume. Or the mom who spends countless hours sewing the bedding and curtains for her new baby’s nursery. Or the mom that busts out the craft supplies on Saturday afternoon and makes a glittery mess with her kiddos. Or the mom who bakes dozens of cupcakes for the community bake sale. Or even the mom that upcycles her kids’ winter clothes into new summer wardrobes.
There are all kinds of Crafty Moms out there.
And if you don’t consider yourself one, you probably have a friend, sister, mother, or grandmother that is a Crafty Mom. 
In honor of the Crafty Moms out there, I created 2 exceptionally cute prints for you for Mother’s Day
Print one or both…it’s up to you!
{Download HERE}
{Download HERE}
Like it? 
Simply download, print, and put into a picture frame!
These would make a GREAT gift for Mother’s Day for all those Crafty Moms you know. Especially with only a week until Mother’s Day!
Aren’t they adorbs?
I’m pretty proud of how they turned out.
So, tell me…
What kind of Crafty Mom are you?
Please Note:
-Printables are a gift for MFTM readers. Please follow my blog before you download.
-This is an 8×10 jpg. but can be sized down.
-Please do not alter, sell, or claim as your own.
-If you share this printable on the Internet, please link back to MFTM.

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Heart Argyle Valentine’s Wreath {tutorial}

 Hello there!!

Did you L.O.V.E. the week of giveaways?! Me too. If you haven’t entered yet, you still have time!

Thanks to all of the FABULOUS sponsors for their fun prizes.

Today I am going to share the cutest “pinspired” Valentine’s wreath I made last week with my cute friend, Michelle from Modern Martha Michelle.  I tried tracking down the direct link for the similar wreath on Etsy to give the creator credit, but had no luck. It looks like the Etsy shop is closed and the link is ‘dead.’ If you happen to know the shop or creator of the original, let me know in the comments so I can link back to them for inspiring this craft! : )

Anyway, back to the tutorial for this wreath…

Adorbs, right?!


wreath form


felt (2 colors)

heart template

marker or fabric pen


hot glue & gun


1. Wrap your wreath with yarn and tie end of yarn in a knot or secure the end with hot glue.

2. Trace your heart template on the felt and cut the hearts out. (I used 16 hearts or 8 of each color.)

3. Hot glue the hearts around the front of the wreath, in an upside down/right-side up pattern.

4. Hot glue the end of a new piece of yarn to the back of the wreath and wrap around the wreath, crossing over each of the felt hearts on the diagonal. (Don’t be too picky or you’ll be there all day. Am I right, or am I right Michelle?) When you get all the way around your wreath, cut the yarn and glue the end to the back of your wreath with hot glue.

5.  Repeat step 4, but cross of the felt hearts along the other diagonal, forming a “X” over each heart. (You can manipulate the yarn “X’s” just by slightly moving the pieces of yarn once the wrapping/gluing is complete.)

6. Hang on your door, place on a mantle, or hang from a wreath post for all to admire. (I used a piece of ribbon to hang it from my front door.)

Not only am I happy how the wreath turned out, but I had so much fun crafting with Michelle while our kids played (again).

Proof I had fun…

(insert messy crafter)

Proof my mini had fun…

(insert exhausted kidlet)

Have a great weekend! 

Check back next week for giveaway winners and more fun Valentine’s decor!

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Martha Stewart Inspired Christmas Wreath

I was lucky enough to spend some time with one of my sweet childhood friends who I haven’t seen in YEARS. We watched our kiddos play together (really well especially since she has a boy and I have a girl) and caught up on life. Since our kids played SO well together, we were actually able to get a little crafting in! I finally got around to making my Christmas wreath this year, thank goodness! : )
Here is the beautiful wreath that inspired me…

Thanks for the inspiration Martha!

And here is my wreath…

-wreath (Michael’s for $5)
-strip of burlap (had on hand)
-white & silver foam balls of all sizes (Michael’s- a bag for $5)
-hot glue and gun
Are you ready for how stinking easy this wreath was to make?
1. Randomly glue the foam balls on your wreath using your glue gun.
2. Hang it from your door with the strip of burlap.
EASY PEASY! And only $10!
I love how it turned out and I love how simple it is. 
The foam balls remind me or ornaments and snowballs : )

Thanks for stopping by today! 
I’d love for you to check out my friend, Michelle’s, sweet blog! She’s new to the blogging world, so be sure to leave her some bloggy ♥ while you are there! You can also check what Michelle made during our crafting/play date here.
Merry Christmas!!

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Leprechaun Poop

It’s almost here!!
St. Patty’s Day
How do you celebrate?! 
A green breakfast?
Corn beef and cabbage for dinner?
Make a leprechaun trap?
Chase rainbows?
Hunt for a 4 leaf clover?
Give out Leprechaun Poop??
Leprechaun Poop
Tis a little bit of Ireland
That’s been sent upon its way
To wish you luck and happiness
On this fine St. Patrick’s Day
It’s a wee and tiny present
From that merry little group
Tis the little folk of Ireland
Have left you their
Leprechaun POOP 
~Happy St. Patrick’s Day!~ 
I pass Leprechaun Poop out to my third graders :) They get a kick out of it. I put Lucky Charms in a baggie, print the poem on green paper, cut around the poem with fancy scissors, and staple the Leprechaun Poop poem to the baggie. 


Easy, inexpensive, and silly!
Great for your kids, students, friends, coworkers, family, neighbors, party favors, etc. 
Wishing you a LUCKY St. Patrick’s Day!

Parting with Jamielyn here…


And Jennie here…

 And Michelle here…

And Bev here…

Fall Napkin Rings {tutorial}

Over the holiday weekend, Luci and I went shopping at Hobby Lobby with our cute friends, Kriston and her daughter Kendall. We were able to find some AWESOME deals on fall decor (50% off fall decor day!!) and I was just tickled to come home and decorate. While we were there, my friend bought the cutest fall napkin rings. Although she got hers for a GREAT deal, I was inspired to make my own :)

Fall Napkin Rings

-Pack of napkin rings (Dollar Tree)
-cordinating ribbon
-fake leaves (bag of them at Dollar Tree)
-cordinating buttons
-cordinating rhinstones
-hot glue and gun

-Cut off the material around the napkin rings and discard.
-Hot glue burlap around the rings.

 -Hot glue ribbon to the inside of the rings to hid the seam.

 -Hot glue a bunch of leaves (I used 3) to the front (covering the seam).
-Hot glue a button onto the leaves.

-Hot glue a rhinstone on top of the button.

 -Repeat steps until all napkin rings are complete.

How cute would these be on your Thanksgiving table???

This was an easy fall project, and L even helped me pick out the leaves and hand me the buttons :) The burlap and leaves were left over from the Fall Wreath I made a month or 2 ago and I had the rhinstones and buttons in my craft stash. The only supply I purchased for this project was the napkin rings from Dollar Tree. The package came with 8 for a dollar.

Have you been busy decorating and making fall crafts? It’s one of my most favorite times of the year. As soon as I finish decorating, I will post pictures of our home in the fall. We do a lot of decorating since Arizona doesn’t get much of a fall.

Here’s a sneak peak of my front walkway decorated for fall…
Check back later for more fall decor and crafts!!

I am linking up this fall craft to the linky parties listed in the “Linky Parties” tab at the top of my page. Stop by to link up a project or to find some motivation/inspiration!