Fall Leaf Monogram {dollar store craft}

Hi there friends!
Did you all have a good weekend? Ours was somewhat relaxing compared to most, which was nice. I had some time to do a little bit of crafting and I’m excited to share them with you this week.
Today I am sharing a fall craft that will cost you less than $3 to make and about 15-20 minutes of your time. 
I just love the way my fall leaf monogram turned out!
Here’s what you need to make your own…
-razor blade or serrated knife 
-2 packages of faux leaves (dollar store!)
-scrap piece of yarn, twine, or ribbon
-hot glue gun and glue sticks
{How To}
Draw (or trace) the first letter or your last name on a piece of cardboard.
Cut out (very carefully) the letter using your razor blade or serrated knife.
Using your hot glue gun, randomly glue leaves all over your cardboard letter. Be sure to layer them and overlap the leaves so that all of the cardboard is covered.
Hot glue a piece of yarn, twine, or ribbon to the back so that you can hang the monogram. 
Easy as that!
A cute piece of fall decor that doesn’t break your bank or take up too much time to make.
Thanks for stopping by today! 
Stop by again tomorrow…I can’t wait to share a fall fashion project with you!

DIY Spring Pedestal Birdhouse {tutorial}

Hi there friends! 
So happy it’s the weekend. Time to catch up on Spring cleaning/organizing and crafting and time to spend with family.
We’ve had such a fun week since it was my daughter’s 4th birthday. Just love her to pieces. And what a fun time of year to have a birthday…Spring!
Today I want to share an easy and frugal Spring tutorial for a birdhouse

wooden birdhouse (any craft store or Dollar Tree)
candlestick holder
wooden circle
heavy duty glue
spray paint and or craft paint
embellishments (ribbon, twine, faux grass, etc)

Paint the birdhouse, candlestick holder, and wooden circle. Allow dry time.

Use your heavy duty glue to glue the candle stick to the wooden circle and allow dry time (according to directions on your glue).
Glue the top of the candlestick holder to the bottom of the birdhouse and allow dry time.

Add any embellishments to your birdhouse. I added glitter to the roof and twine around the house.

Like it? 

You can make a cluster or group of birdhouses and make them different heights by using different sizes of candlestick holders. Paint them different colors, stencil the roof, add a faux bird to one.. the options are endless and these birdhouses are so cute and frugal that they become pretty addicting to make. There’s your warning : )
I hope you have a great weekend!! 
Thanks for stopping by today.

Simple & Frugal Valentine Decorating

Hello friends! Today I am going to share my Valentine decorations with you. 
This isn’t a holiday I go crazy on like Christmas or Halloween, but I still like to decorate a bit. I think it makes the holidays more magical and fun for my daughter and let’s face it…I’ll use any excuse to decorate with pinks and reds : ) I also didn’t spend a lot of money on my decorations. Most things I just embellished with things I had on hand or I found things at the dollar store and in the dollar sections of JoAnn and Target. 
So I figured I would share photos of my decorations and give you tips for embellishing and saving money along they way, sound good?

This shelf is in our living room right above our TV. I added the Glittery Doily Heart Banner I made a a few more embellishments…let’s take a closer look.

Pretty simple, right? I used pink yarn and glittery foam hearts to embellish the shelf as well. 
Let’s take a look at the table in my entry way…
Closer look?
Even closer?
Let me break it down for you starting from the upper left box moving clockwise…
I decorated the box selves with more glittery foam hearts, $1 frames that I sprayed with chalkboard paint, and a painted & embellished wooden birdhouse (also $1).
You can find the tutorial on how I make my {Pot of Hearts} here. I used dollar store materials.
The wooden heart wreath was found in Target’s dollar spot ($2.50). I embellished the wooden “love” word with glittery wooden hearts ($1) and stuck it in a large white clothes pin ($1). The red magnetic frame was purchased at Walmart for $5 and I embellished it with pictures of my daughter, magnets, and a Glittery Doily Heart. 
The glass apothecary jars were made using dollar store vases and candlestick holders. I wrapped pink yarn around the apothecary jars to secure the Glittery Doily Hearts and skeleton keys. Then I filled the jars with foam hearts.
I spray painted a $3 wooden frame from Walmart red and placed one of my favorite photos of me and the hubs inside. 
A few more Valentine’s Day decorations for you…
My Sweet Valentine Candy Topiary here.
The pinspired Heart Argyle Wreath tutorial here.
My Whole Heart printable here.

I love thee printable here

Thanks for stopping by today, friends!
Just remember, decorating can be simple and frugal and still look lovely

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Glittery Doily Heart Banner {tutorial}

Ahhhh…the weekend. 
Don’t you just LOVE the weekend? Time with family. Time to sleep a little longer. Time to recoup from a long week. Time to craft… You know what I’m talking about. I’d MUCH rather be crafting than cleaning or doing laundry. So I thought I’d show you a quick, easy, and cheap craft you can do this weekend while you are waiting to switch loads of laundry ; )
Pack of heart paper doilies (Target dollar spot)
Pack of glittery paper hearts (Walmart for $0.97)
Yarn (had on hand)
Glue (had on hand)
Only 3 steps in the tutorial…are you ready… pay close attention because you don’t want to miss anything…
{sense the sarcasm?}
1. Glue a glittery heart in the center of the paper heart doilies and let dry.
2. Arrange your doilies in the pattern you want them and carefully lace the yarn through the little holes at the top of each heart doily. 
3. Cut the end of yarn and hang on your mantel with a couple pieces of tape. 
Quick and easy and CUTE.
I’d show you my whole mantle, but it’s not finished yet. So stay tuned : )
Enjoy your weekend, friends!

PS- Tomorrow is my birthday, so we are heading to DISNEYLAND to play (pending my daughter being healthy)! 
I have a special coupon code for the shop to celebrate!
Enter HAPPYBIRTHDAY and get 40% off your entire order!

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DIY Photo Coasters {tutorial}

It’s Monday! I’m ready for a super productive week, how about you?

I have been busy working on DIY Christmas gifts for our family and making new Christmas decor for our home. I wanted to share an easy and frugal gift idea with you today. This project cost me under $2 and took me an afternoon nap time to make (while switching laundry during dry time). I guarantee it will be a favorite gift to anyone who receives it.

Let’s get started…

DIY Photo Coasters



-sponge brush
-sanding block or paper
-pack of coasters (got mine at the dollar store)
-Mod Podge
-4×6 photos
-clear satin spray paint (not pictured)

{How To}

1. Trace your coasters on the backs of each photo and cut out the photos.

2. Using your sponge brush, paint the coasters with Mod Podge and press the photos on top. Smooth them out carefully to remove any air bubbles and let dry.

3. Once dry, paint a thin layer of Mod Podge on the top of the photos. Let dry and repeat, painting the Mod Podge in the opposite direction (first time paint horizontal and second time paint vertical). In between the coats of Mod Podge, I used my sanding block to gently sand down any of the photos that hung off the edges of the coasters.

Make sure each coat is dry before applying a new one. This prevents air bubbles.
**Updated: Seal your photos with a coat of clear satin spray paint. This helps with condensation from your glass on a hot day.**

I obviously made this set of coasters for our own family. I just love the way the turned out with our new family photos courtesy of Joy Photography.

Now all you have to do is stack up your Photo Coasters and tie a piece of ribbon around it and call it a gift!

We love ours and have been using them for our hot coco mugs : )

If you decide to make these, I would love to hear about them and see them! Leave a link or email me photos.

Thanks friends!

Have a great week!

By the way, I am sponsoring a giveaway over at one of my favorite blogs! Visit Southern Lovely to enter to win one of my Vintage Rose Rings!  {Closes 12/10/11}


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Halloween Handmade Gift Idea {DIY Candy Jar}

I LOVE giving gifts. I would much rather watch someone open something I made for them or bought for them than to receive and open a gift for myself. I take a lot of time to think about the gifts I give and the person I give them to. For the most part, I try to give handmade gifts because, let’s face it… they are just better when they are made by someone’s own 2 hands. 
Making a gift for someone doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It doesn’t have to take you weeks to create. And it certainly doesn’t have to be brain surgery or rocket science. Sometimes the best handmade gifts are the simple and inexpensive gifts we make. Like the gift idea I am sharing with you all today!
~Halloween Candy Jar~
-Candy Jar {purchased at the dollar store}
-Glass candle holder {purchased at the dollar store}
-Black spray paint {had on hand}
-Heavy duty glue like E6000 {had on hand}
-Scrap ribbon {had on hand}
-“Happy Halloween” tag {created by yours truly}
1. Wipe down and spray paint the glass candle holder. Let dry.
2. Once dry, glue the candle holder to the bottom of the candy jar. I let this dry for 12 hours but you should probably wait 24 hours to be safe.
3. Fill with candy.
4. Tie the ribbon and “Happy Halloween” tag to the top of the candy jar.
5. Give to a family member, friend, teacher, coach, boss, or neighbor!
So many things I love about this gift idea:
-Not only does it serve as a gift, but a great decor item for the person you’re giving it to.
-You can switch out the ribbon/candy to correlate with any holiday/special occasion. 
-Easy, quick, and inexpensive gift that is super cute! Wouldn’t you want one?
{Chevron Halloween printable found HERE and the chalkboard pumpkin tutorial is found HERE}
What do you think? 
Do you enjoy giving handmade gifts?

Thanks so much for stopping by, friends! 

Project inspired by Jamielyn from I ♥ Naptime

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Busy Bags

I am so excited to share these Busy Bags with you today! I originally saw this idea through Pinterest.  (surprised? no? yeah I didn’t think so…)

As soon as I saw them, I knew I just had to make some for my 3 year old.

Everything I used for these bags I already had or purchased at the dollar store, dollar spot at Target, or got on clearance at Target.

Let me break it down for you…

You have an active little one who has the attention span of a… little one. Organize easy activities that your child can do on their own or with minimal help. The activities need to be things that your child enjoys, but the bags/activities do NOT need to cost you a fortune. Switch the activities out often and let your child have choice in which activity they would like to do. I was going to label my busy bags, but decided against it since I will be switching out the activities as Luci tires of them.

Genius, right?


 Pencil pouches on clearance at Target {$0.74 each}

 Alphabet Match Up

I got this idea from delicateConstruction here. I arranged the ABC magnets on a white piece of paper, took a picture of it, and printed it off on cardstock. The alphabet ‘mat’ doesn’t fit in the pencil pouch, but I am okay with that (I don’t want it folded.)

ABC magnets bought at Dollar Tree, but I had them on hand.


The small coloring book, crayon pack, and stickers were purchase in the dollar spot at Target; they are called “Play Packs.” I bought 6 of them a while back to take to restaurants or appointments.

 Finger Puppets

These were also purchased in Target’s dollar spot. I have a few sets of finger puppets and small plastic princesses that I can swap in this bag.


This came as a pack of 6. I only included 3 so that I can switch them out. I bought this about a year ago in the dollar spot at Target (but for $2.50…totally worth it…they are great quality).

 Colorful Shape Match Up

I did the same method here as I did with the alphabet mat. I found the foam shapes at Target’s dollar spot.


The notebook was on clearance at Target for $0.30 and the pencils (came in a pack of 8…only included 4) were found in the dollar spot. I also put mini gel pens in this pouch (not pictured) that I found in the dollar spot  and had on hand.


I bought these wooden beads with laces at Dollar Tree about a year ago.

 I love using the pencil pouches because they were cheap, cute, easy to store, and easy to grab on your way out the door.

Are you wondering where I store them when they are not in use?

This is hanging in the playroom closet. I got this canvas shoe storage thingy from Target on clearance for $0.30. Yeah. Not sure why I didn’t buy more of them…

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

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Mini Fall Wreath {tutorial}

You knew it was coming.
You had to have known that, inevitably, there would be a fall wreath tutorial. 
Even if I posted a fall wreath tutorial last year
Fall 2011 deserves a new wreath.

Mini Fall Wreath {tutorial}

-mini wreath (Dollar Tree)
-twine (Dollar Tree)
-scrap felt in fall colors
-scrap burlap cut into triangles
-black permanent marker
-hot glue and gun

1. Tie a piece of twine to your wreath.

2. Write the word “Fall” with your black marker on the triangle pieces of burlap.

3. Hot glue the triangles to the twine to make a pennant banner.

4. Cut lots of felt circles (I cut three 1in. circles from each color of felt.)

5. Spiral cut the circles.

6. Roll the spirals starting from the center of the circle and secure with hot glue so it won’t unravel.

7. Hot glue to wreath.

8. Hang up and enjoy how cute, simple, and cheap your new fall wreath is.

I ♥ fall. 

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Fall Doily Banner {tutorial}

Yes…I know it’s still hot outside.
But it’s September, people! I am ready to start my fall projects and to decorate this house in all things autumn…regardless of Mother Nature’s choice in temperature. 
Enter in…today’s so simple and so affordable Fall Doily Banner {tutorial}.

You will need:
-fall doilies (found at Dollar Tree for $1 a package)
-twine (Dollar Tree)

We are at a total of $3 folks!
Gotta ♥ Dollar Tree. 
What to do?
Measure the area you want to hang your banner and cut the twine accordingly.
String the twine through the doilies, alternating different patters.
Now hang it up!

 I have not fully decorated for fall just yet…I’m easing my way in. I promise to show you the fall transformation. *winks*

I told you. 
Cute, simple, cheap, fall decor. 
Now if only the decorations would bring cooler weather….
Have a great weekend! 
Don’t forget to enter the UPrinting giveaway for 250 custom stickers!!
And there are some fabulous fashion posts linked up to this week’s DIY Diva Thursdays party!
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Colorful Rice Sensory Bin

As I have mentioned before, I am super excited and blessed to be able to stay at home with my 3 year old this year. It has been a dream of mine. That being said, I am taking full advantage of our time together and homeschooling my Luci. I’m so grateful I kept all of my preschool lesson plans, standards, ideas, ect. from when I was student teaching in preschool. It’s really coming in handy!

I am also grateful for all of the wonderful educational blogs out there! There are so many talented women in blogland (duh) who have created FREE units and printables as well as sharing their fabulous teaching ideas! I have been pinning my favorite educational ideas/activities/printables/blogs here. I encourage you to check them all out!

Today I am going to share a great idea I came across over at Pink and Green Mama. She has really great ideas for hands-on learning.

Colorful Rice Sensory Bin

What I used:

-5 lb. bag of rice

-food coloring gel

-rubbing alcohol


-tupperware container

-spoons, scoops, small shovel & rake, cups, etc.

First I separated the rice into 4 baggies. I put a different color of the food coloring gel into each baggie, closed the baggies securely, and moved the rice in the gel until they were mixed well. Then I added a splash of rubbing alcohol to each in order to “set” the colors. I let them dry for a little over 24 hours.

Then I put the rice into the sensory bin (aka: tupperware container).

 I love this picture…so pretty!

I added spoons, an ice cream scoop, a small shovel & rake, cups, and a measuring cup. Most of these items I found around the house. The shovel, rake, and monkey cups came from Dollar Tree.

Couple of things I like about this activity. One, is that I can switch out the toys/tools you put into the bin. Two, it was cost effective and easy to make. And three, I can put a lid on it when my preschooler is finished playing with it…makes for easy clean up and storage!

I loved making this sensory bin and am so excited for Luci to use it! I will post a picture of her playing with her new Colorful Rice Sensory Bin on my facebook page : )