Fabric Storage Organization

Happy Friday! It’s Bev from Flamingo Toes here with more ideas for tidying your craft space! Today I’ve gathered up all my favorite Fabric Storage Organization Ideas – everything for ways to store fabric on bolts to keeping your scraps tidy. I am working on this in my studio right now and I have used several of these tips!

We’d love to hear your tips at the end of the post too – do you use any of these? Or maybe you have some great ideas to share too!

This is a great tip on how to fold your fabric for storage on bolts – and how to fit it to the size of your shelves!

folding fabric - decide your width

If you don’t have room for bookshelves – filing cabinets are a great option! Here’s a tutorial on filing your fabric!

Fabric envy! How to fold and organise your fabric stash. Makes things so much easier to find and match. I'm doing it!

Hanging your fabric is a great option if you have closet space in your craft room!

Another option for closet space is to store your fabric in hanging shoe storage! I love how it’s sorted by color too – makes it so easy to see what you have!

Build a Cubby Fabric Storage shelf with this awesome tutorial! If Ikea or walmart cubby storage won’t work in your space – build your own!

super easy to build custom fat quarter fabric notions craft supplies scrapbooking storage ideas wall shelf || Sew at Home Mummy

Small plastic drawers would work great for fat quarters or small amounts of fabric.

Another great option for fat quarters is hanging shoe storage! Just tuck those fat quarters in the slots to see what you have – easy peasy!

Drowning in fat quarters? Try this trick from bestselling author Kim Diehl—and give fat-quarter clutter the boot!

Small plastic tubs would be another great option for small amounts of fabric or fat quarters. Easy to see your colors as well!

how to organize a room

If you have some favorite fabrics I love this method of rolling them up, labeling and storing them in a pretty old drawer.


This giant jar is such a great spot for little fabric scraps!! So cute and colorful.


And here’s a little sewing eye candy for you! We can all dream right?! This studio from Olabelhe is gorgeous.

Fabric in a pretty little scalloped bookshelf? Yes please!


Is vintage floral storage your thing? This is so pretty and I love how she stored the bolts on the lower shelves!

Beautiful light airy. Love for fabric stash

Tons of storage, gorgeous room and organized storage spaces? Yes please!

The Cottage Mama Sewing Studio. Check out this sewing space! www.thecottagemama.com

This fabric storage cabinet is gorgeous! I love that it has shelving and drawer storage.

So we’d love to know – how do you store your fabric? 

Make sure you come back next week for more craft room organization ideas!

Your hostesses,
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DIY Emoji Plushies

Hello there makers! I hope y’all had a fantastic Halloween with your friends and family. If you follow Mine for the Making on Instagram or Facebook, then you saw all of the fun we had! But now that Halloween is over, we are busy getting ready for the next holidays. We love to make a lot of the gifts we give for Christmas and right now my daughter and her friends are super into emojis. And to be honest with you, so am I! LOL! So today we are going to (finally) share our DIY Emoji Plushies with you.


My daughter (8) loves to craft and create, so she came up with the idea of turning her favorite emojis into plushies! These would make great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and even party favors. 

Our plushies are about 5 inches but you can make them as big or as small as you want. Also, because this is a kids’ craft, there’s no sewing involved, however you are welcome to adjust the tutorial to your liking and skill level. 

You will need:

  • felt (yellow, red, black, etc.)
  • puff paint (white, black, red, blue, etc.)
  • cotton/stuffing
  • scissors
  • Sharpie or marker
  • circle to trace
  • pictures of emojis
  • hot glue gun + glue


First you want to trace out 2 circles per emoji on yellow felt. I used a bowl to trace and my sharp scissors to cut them out. 


Using your marker, carefully draw an emoji face on one of the two circles. Then trace over it with puff paint OR you can cut pieces out of felt and hot glue them onto the yellow circle.


Next you are going to hot glue the two circles together, but be sure to put the face of the emoji against the other yellow circle so that you don’t see it. You will be gluing the emoji face inside out. Also be sure that you leave a small opening without glue so that once your glue dries, you can flip it right side out.


Once you have flipped your emoji plush right side out, stuff cotton or stuffing into the opening. Put as much as you want inside…the fluffier the better! Then carefully close up the opening with more hot glue.


And that’s it! Super fun craft that I’m sure all kids would love! We made 5 of our favorite emojis so far…


Are you or your kids crazy about emojis too? Which are your favorites?

Let us know if you make your own DIY Emoji Plushies! We’d love to see pictures of them!

Playground Patches

Our awesome sewing and fabric contributor, Shannon, is back this month sharing a GENIUS idea for us mommas who have rough playing kiddos. Check out her easy tutorial for Playground Patches!
Hi! Shannon here from HustleMama Handmade! It’s finally cooling off here in AZ. As a mom to three girls, we love these affordable cute patterned leggings from Target. My only issue? One of my girls is SO rough on her knees. We joke that her leggings are disposable! I prevent those pesky knee-holes by sewing patches on the knees before she even wears them!
Supplies needed: Leggings, Scissors, Fabric to embellish, fusible web – I prefer Heat’N’Bond (see my previous posts for more info on fusible interfacing)
Begin by cutting a piece of fabric and interfacing large enough to fit 2 knee patches on. Iron interfacing onto wrong size of fabric following manufacturers instructions.
Decide what shape and size your patches will be. I chose hearts, just because I think they are adorable! I used a pencil here to lightly trace around where I wanted patch to be.
Then cut out your patches. I cut just inside my pencil lines so they wouldn’t show.
Place on your leggings after measuring to see where your child’s knees are. Iron into place.
Stitch in place. I use my machine, but that can be a little tricky to get the stitching into such a narrow opening. I find that if I go slowly and constantly pull fabric out of the way with my right hand, I can do it pretty well. You can also hand-stitch into place.
That’s it! You’re done! Not only will your leggings last longer, they’ll be little cuter, too!

Floral Chair Pocket

I was provided with Waverly material for this post, but all opinions and ideas are 100% my own.

Hello there!

I have lots of FUN to share with you today, friends! First of all, did you know that September is National Sewing Month? How many of my friends out there are sew-ers? I’m definitely not a pro, but I dabble in the realm of sewing. Since September is the month of sewing, I thought I would share a project I sewed. A little something to allow for more organization in our school/craft room using Wavlery fabric from JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores! Check out the Floral Chair Pocket I made…

floral chair pocket9

Don’t you LOVE the fabric?! I love the colors and the floral pattern. It’s happy, don’t you think?

floral chair pocket

I added trim and several felt flowers too…because let’s be honest, I LOVE to embellish.

floral chair pocket11

I love how the chair pocket provides extra storage for my daughter’s homeschool books and folders. It really clears up the work space. I always wanted to make these for the chairs in my classroom when I was an elementary school teacher, but as you can guess, as a teacher I just didn’t have the time to make 30+ of them. I am SO excited I was finally able to make one for at home. You can check out the tutorial I adapted for my own chair HERE.

floral chair pocket8

Are you ready for the rest of the fun news? JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores and Waverly are teaming up to celebrate Waverly’s 90th Anniversary with a Waverize It! Facebook challenge! (Happy Anni Waverly!!) Anyone can enter the challenge by submitting a creation of your own. The contest runs from September 1-21, 2013, and the winner takes home $1,000 in Waverly fabric and a $250 gift card to JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores! Say what?! Yep, you read it right. So get your craft on and submit your creations HERE.


Simple Fabric Banner {tutorial}

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for popping in to read Mine for the Making today! I am excited to share a {no sewing skills required} fabric banner tutorial with you. This banner can be made for any holiday, party, or occasion…just change the fabric to suit your needs. Let’s get started shall we?

Simple Fabric Banner

simple fabric banner


Materials Needed:

Fabric-  You need about 1/4 of a yard total, depending on how many pennants you want to make. I like to use several different fabrics.

Twine, yarn or jute-   I used a 55 inch piece of jute. Again it depends on how long you want your banner.


Hot glue gun & sticks

Measuring tape

Optional: rotary cutter and cutting mat

simple fabric banner how to


Cut your fabric into 4.5 inch by 9 inch rectangles. I used 3 different fabrics and cut out 2 rectangles from each for a total of 6 rectangles.

Fold a rectangle in half (hamburger style).

Fold your rectangle again (hot dog style).

Starting about half way up the fold, you are going to cut diagonally to the (open) corner of the fabric (if you cut it wrong, you’ll be able to tell right away).

Repeat this will all fabric rectangles.

Cut a piece of jute, yarn, or twine. I cute a piece that was 55 inches long.

Using your hot glue gun, put a bead of glue along the (inside) fold line of the pennants and place the jute on the bead of glue.

Fold the top half of the fabric pennant down and add dots of hot glue to the inside corners so they don’t flap up.

Hang on a wall, doorway, fire place, mantle, mirror, frame, etc. These make such great gifts too!

We will be making patriotic fabric banners in my next craft class for the 4th of July.

simple fabric banner

*Tip:  Before gluing my pennants on the jute, I first find the middle of my jute by folding it in half. I space my pennants off of the middle of the jute and work my way out to the ends of the jute, gluing the pennants. I also put 1 or 2 fingers in between each pennant before gluing to easily and evenly space them.

Here’s the fabric banner hung in my craft room...

simple fabric banner4

I used the same material that I used for the fabric hoops I shared a week or two ago HERE.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram too! I love sharing sneak peeks of projects with my IG friends…

simple fabric banner1

 I just LOVE these banners, don’t you? I’ve made them for birthday party and baby shower decor as well as gift for friends. We even made some at the SNAP Conference Pajama Party this year! Way fun.

Thank you for stopping by today! If you make a simple fabric banner, it would make my day if you leave a comment or email me a photo of it so I can feature you on my Facebook page!

See ya later, friends!

Fresh Front Patio using HGTV Fabrics

Hi friends!

I’m so excited to share the easy freshen-up I did on our front patio today! I used some of the new vibrant HGTV HOME line of home decor fabrics that’s being sold exclusively at JoAnn, in-store and online! In-store, you can find an assortment of 30 fresh, colorful prints and patters. Online at JoAnn.com, you can find the expanded assortment of 74 exclusive designs. Indoor and outdoor home decor fabrics and trims are all available now, in-store and online.

Are you ready to see when I did with some of HGTV’s beautiful fabrics?

I made some pretty pillows to freshen up our bench on the front patio…

Aren’t the colors perfect for spring/summer time?

I also used some of the material to make a bright new wreath and I used the trim to hang it from my front door.

Here’s the BEFORE and AFTER…

One more close up of the cute pillows and wreath…

Now I just need to add some pretty potted flowers and maybe a hand painted sign or two from my shop…

I think you will LOVE the HGTV HOME line of fabrics!

Hurry into JoAnn to pick out some today!

And here’s a special coupon just for you to use on your next trip to JoAnn…

Thanks for stopping by today friends!!

See you next week.

Scrappy Spring Wreath {tutorial}

Hi there friends and Happy Weekend!
I’m stopping by to share my Scrappy Spring Wreath with you today. It’s probably my favorite spring wreath I’ve made. 
The fun part about this wreath is that scraps of fabric, felt, and yarn were used to make it. Hence the name Scrappy : ) 
You will need…
2 in. strips of fabric
2 in. strips of felt
felt bird/owl/bunny etc.
grape vine wreath (Dollar Tree)
lace applique (from wholeport.com)
hot glue gun and sticks
fork (to make yarn pom-poms)
*Go through your craft stash! Check your fabric, felt, and ribbon scraps as well as your scrapbooking supplies. That cute butterfly on my wreath is actually from the scrapbook section of the craft store.
*Purchase your grape vine wreath from Dollar Tree.
First, you are going to make rolled rose fabric flowers, pom-pom felt flowers, and yarn pop-poms. 
Check these great blogs for tutorials on each:
Randomly hot glue your flowers and pom-poms to your wreath.
Wrap yarn around the wreath. This can be “messy” with no rhyme or reason.
Glue on any other additions (felt bird, butterflies, etc.)
Display for spring! 
We made this wreath for my spring Craft Class and though each wreath turned out a little different, they were all beautiful! I love the pastels and the “scrappy” look it has. 
Perfect wreath for spring and for Easter! 
Any big plans for Easter weekend?
We will be attending church, coloring and hunting for eggs, playing with new Easter basket toys, and enjoying a big ham dinner, and watching the short video below.
Thanks for stopping by today friends!
Have a beautiful Easter with your family. We are so blessed!
Thanks to WholePort.com for the pretty lace appliques that I added to my wreath. I was not compensated for this post, but did use this product, supplied by WholePort. 

Creativity Made Simple + My First Vlog

Hi friends!
I hope you had a great weekend. It’s the start of a new week and I have a lot of goals to tackle. But first, I wanted to stop by and share something fun with you.
Mine for the Making teamed up with JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores to share their new concept “Creativity Made Simple.” 
Creativity Made Simple – the JoAnn mission to support the Craft and Hobby Association’s Cre8time initiative – is a website designed to help inspire and encourage creativity. Updated monthly, it has everything you need – simple steps, simple supplies, simple shopping and simple skills – to rediscover time for creativity.

-Explore 24 projects from home décor to fun crafts for the spring.
-Watch how-to video tutorials from our expert crafters.
-Get insight from professional crafters and learn what inspires them.
-Join us on Instagram by following joann_stores and tagging your masterpieces #cre8simple.

I created my first ever vlog (video blog) for the JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores YouTube channel to share a simple and creative spring craft. I purchased all of my supplies at my local JoAnn store and of course I remembered my coupons!
(Please wait while the video loads)

Pretty cool, right? And JoAnn has a great selection of burlap, ribbon, and fabric stamps and paints. The options for this craft are endless!

Now it’s your turn!
Let’s get started on simple, creative projects with this 40%-off coupon to JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores!

Remember, being creative doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or a lot of time. 
And inspiration is all around you!
I can’t wait to see what you create : )

My Fabric Pumpkin Patch

During the craft class that I taught last month, the girls and I made fabric pumpkins and they were a huge hit! They are so simple to make, so versatile, and so darn cute!
I LOVE them!
Here’s a great tutorial on how to make fabric pumpkins {click HERE} but there are lots of different ways you can do it. 
I have little clusters of fabric pumpkins throughout my fall and Halloween decor that I made last year. I made several larger ones this year and added a chalkboard sign.
The chalkboard sign was actually a garden sign from the dollar section at Target (my weakness). I just added a couple of coats of chalkboard paint to it at viola! It’s an official Fabric Pumpkin Patch.
Thanks for stopping by, friends!
Don’t forget to enter our Halloween treat bundle GIVEAWAY! It ends tomorrow!

Chevron Stamped Scarf {tutorial}

Hey there!
Y’all have a good day? We went to cooking class, gymnastics, cleaned the house, ran errands, worked on upcoming Halloween projects, and made a delicious dinner! I wanted to share a fun fall fashion project I whipped up during a little late night crafting sesh. 
One of the fabulous MFTM sponsors (FashionArtProjects) sent me a box FULL of fun things to create with! Last night I decided to add a little somethin-somethin’ to the scarf they sent me!
I thought it would be fun to use my giant chevron stamp (Michael’s with a 50% off coupon = less than $4) and some fabric paint (regular craft paint mixed with fabric medium) to create a pretty pattern.
Tips for stamping on fabric:
-LOTS of paint on the rubber stamp.
-Lay cardboard under your fabric in case of bleeding paint.
-Press down firmly on the stamp when placed on the fabric. 
-Carefully peal the stamp away from the fabric, using one hand to hold the fabric down.
-Place a cloth over the painted area (once dry) and press with a hot iron to seal the paint.
Thanks to FashionArtProjects for the scarf!
Check out their site for more fun fashion art supplies and project ideas or visit your local Walmart’s craft section.
FashionArtProjects provided me the scarf to craft with. All opinions are my own.