His Feathers Print

Hello friends! I’m sharing this His Feathers Print today. I made it to put up in my craft room as a reminder that I can see every single day.

His Feathers Print4

Sometimes I worry too much. Okay. Most times I worry too much.

About little things…

Did I remember to turn on L’s humidifier when I tucked her in tonight?

I can’t forget to water the flowers in the morning. 

Do you think the neighbors will notice the weeds in the front yard?

Did I sound too bossy when I said that to my friend?

Maybe I should have packed our lunches tonight rather than in the morning.

And big things…

We need to finalize our will. Like yesterday.

Will we ever have babies again?

I need to start my food storage. Pronto. 

Am I doing all I can to be the best mom?

How can I serve my Heavenly Father more?

I need to get to the temple. 

  His Feathers Print3

The list goes on and on…and on and on… 

You get the idea. Maybe you can even relate? Your worries might be different than mine, but maybe you are a worrier too. Or as my mother called me at a young age “worry wart.” I started my worrying back when I was a little girl. But I think my momma is a worrier too. 

Is that just something women do? Worry? Are we natural worriers? 

I do know that I worry too much. The time my brain is wasting on thoughts of worry could be better spent. 

And what does worrying really accomplish anyway? Nothing. 

It makes us feel insecure and yucky. It’s a very negative feeling. 


Knowing that I need to work on this is great. Actually DOING something about it is a whole other story…am I right? So this is what I have been doing lately to help with my worrying. When that worry train comes around the bend, blowing it’s horn, I slowly back away and… 



Read my scriptures.

Listen to uplifting music.

Write in my journal.

Think of all the things I am grateful for. 

  His Feathers Print2

And then when I am inspired, I make myself a little reminder that I will see often. When I was reading my scriptures the other night, I read Psalms 91:4 and it was exactly what I needed to read.

He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

So I created this beautiful print, featuring some of Angie’s beautiful feather images. It’s to remind me and inspire me. 

To worry less.

To be grateful more.

To be present.

To trust in Him. 

  His Feathers Print1

You can download this print HERE. Please remember all freebies are for personal use only. 


Thanks for stopping by today! I will see you tomorrow for Pinterest Feature Friday and a new recipe from our awesome Recipe Contributor, Erin of Crafty Auntie! 

{easy} Feather Earrings

Hey there!
I hope you are having a great weekend! Any of you crafting this weekend? I wanted to share this SUPER easy jewelry tutorial with you. It will cost you under $5 and about 5 minutes to make stylish, dangling feather earrings.
So pretty, right?
You will need an old pair of dangling earrings you don’t wear anymore and a package of feathers (from Michael’s) like the ones pictured and your jewelry tools.
Are you ready for how easy this is?
You are going to gently remove the earring hooks from your old earrings and put them onto the feathers’ jump rings (already attached to the feathers! 
It feels like cheating. And if it is…I’m TOTALLY okay with it.
Want to see them on?
They are kinda chevron-ish slash hearts. They are fun!
Thanks for stopping by! 
Show me your {easy} Feather Earrings if you decide to make some for yourself!
See you Monday : )
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