Felt Succulent Wreath

Hello makers! I’m looking to freshen up my front door for the new year. What better way to do that than with a new Felt Succulent Wreath?! Here’s my first blogged about craft of the new year… finally!

Isn’t my wreath so pretty? I don’t know about you, but I have a huge love for succulents. I’m not the greatest gardener, though I try, so I thought I’d figure out a way to create a succulent project without having to plant anything at all. 

For this craft you will need:

I used my Spellbinders Platinum 6 and the succulent dies to cut the succulents out of felt.

(Scroll to the end of the post for a video tutorial!)

Look how clean the Platinum 6 cut through felt!! Now stack them up…

Then glue them together with hot glue. Make sure you pinch them at the bottom!

And finally, I hot glued the felt succulents all over the heart shaped wreath. 

And viola!

My wreath is complete and ready to hang on our front door! But it would look great on a mantel or window or mirror. Where would you put it?

Didn’t the felt succulents turn out so pretty? I love the look of the 3 greens together. All in all this craft took about 30 minutes to complete, start to finish, thanks to my Platinum 6 for cleanly and easily cutting out my felt. Not too shabby if you ask me! Watch the video for a visual tutorial of the entire craft!


What’s hanging on your front door right now?

I received the Platinum 6 and dies from Spellbinders to review and share on my blog. All opinions are 100% my own and I only share products and companies that I truly love and think you will too.


Teach Me Tuesday: Jack-o-Lantern Game

Welcome to Teach Me Tuesday! A (mostly) weekly series where we share all things kid-friendly that you can do with your kids or teach them how to do. It can be educational, artistic, scientific, hands-on…anything goes as long as it’s kid approved! Today, our kid-friendly contributor is sharing a fun game your little pumpkins will love!

TeachME Tuesdays Button - Kara

Hi Friends of Kara!! Michelle from Delicate Construction here. Can you believe that it is already October? I surely can’t, but it is, so let’s embrace it with a fun and easy preschool Jack-o-Lantern Game!

jackolantern game1

All you need for this is orange (4 sheets), black (1 sheet) and brown (1 sheet) felt, some hot glue, pillow fluff and a wooden cube. All easy stuff that you can find at the craft store! First, take the four sheets of orange felt and cut a pumpkin shape out of them as big as you can.

jackolantern game2

Then cut one stem out of the brown that you will sandwich between the two orange pumpkin shapes.

jackolantern game3

Glue the stem between the two layers and then glue around the orange pumpkins to attach them together pillow style. Leave an opening at the bottom.

jackolantern game4

Fill it up with your pillow fluff.

jackolantern game5

Then, use the hot glue to close up the opening so you essentially have two pumpkin pillows.

jackolantern game6

Now it is time to put make the face pieces! These are all cut out of black felt and really I just wanted to have 6 different shapes so that there was something for each side of the wooden cube or dice. These don’t get glued to the pumpkin because this is going to be a reusable game.

jackolantern game7

After all you face pieces are created, each shape goes on each side of the wooden cube that will become your dice for the game. After drawing on the shapes, I also drew on the edges because I thought it looked a little more fun! You don’t have to.

jackolantern game8

Now you are ready to play the game! Basically it is designed so one child rolls the dice and then adds that piece to their jack-o-lantern, and then the next child goes. This goes back and forth until someone has a whole jack-o-lantern face. You can decide if the eye need to be the same shape which may help the game go a little faster. Also fun, you can make as many of the pumpkin and face pieces as you need for your group for not much more money!

jackolantern game9

What games do you like to play for Halloween?

Scrappy Spring Wreath {tutorial}

Hi there friends and Happy Weekend!
I’m stopping by to share my Scrappy Spring Wreath with you today. It’s probably my favorite spring wreath I’ve made. 
The fun part about this wreath is that scraps of fabric, felt, and yarn were used to make it. Hence the name Scrappy : ) 
You will need…
2 in. strips of fabric
2 in. strips of felt
felt bird/owl/bunny etc.
grape vine wreath (Dollar Tree)
lace applique (from wholeport.com)
hot glue gun and sticks
fork (to make yarn pom-poms)
*Go through your craft stash! Check your fabric, felt, and ribbon scraps as well as your scrapbooking supplies. That cute butterfly on my wreath is actually from the scrapbook section of the craft store.
*Purchase your grape vine wreath from Dollar Tree.
First, you are going to make rolled rose fabric flowers, pom-pom felt flowers, and yarn pop-poms. 
Check these great blogs for tutorials on each:
Randomly hot glue your flowers and pom-poms to your wreath.
Wrap yarn around the wreath. This can be “messy” with no rhyme or reason.
Glue on any other additions (felt bird, butterflies, etc.)
Display for spring! 
We made this wreath for my spring Craft Class and though each wreath turned out a little different, they were all beautiful! I love the pastels and the “scrappy” look it has. 
Perfect wreath for spring and for Easter! 
Any big plans for Easter weekend?
We will be attending church, coloring and hunting for eggs, playing with new Easter basket toys, and enjoying a big ham dinner, and watching the short video below.
Thanks for stopping by today friends!
Have a beautiful Easter with your family. We are so blessed!
Thanks to WholePort.com for the pretty lace appliques that I added to my wreath. I was not compensated for this post, but did use this product, supplied by WholePort. 

Tot School Tuesday: Felt Gingerbread Men

Happy New Year friends!
I hope you had a fun and safe night last night. We spent it at home watching movies, playing games, playing with our NYE Photo Booth, and eating yummy appetizers. I am so excited for 2013…lots in store!
Thanks for joining Vanessa (See Vanessa Craft) and I for another Tot School Tuesday!
Today for Tot School I am sharing a fun project I worked on for my daughter and her friends last month. One of our advent books was The Gingerbread Man and my preschooler fell in love with it. And after receiving a felt tree for Christmas, I knew that I had to make her a felt Gingerbread Man (or Lady). 
I made a gingerbread template on card stock and then traced it onto the brown felt with a marker. I made 4 different Gingerbread Men/Ladies…each with coordinating colors. We had a pink one, red one, green one, and a blue one. I used buttons from my stash for the Gingerbread’s eyes and buttons. I separated them all into baggies so that Luci could keep one and give the other 3 to her friends. You could have your tot/preschooler glue all of the pieces on for one time use, or you can eliminate the glue so that your tot/preschooler can play with their Gingerbread Man/Lady multiple times. 
Thanks for stopping by today! 
Don’t forget to hop on over See Vanessa Craft for more Tot School ideas!
And now it’s your turn to share your tot/preschool ideas…

Halloween Week: Pumpkin Plate

Another Halloween Week post! Are you getting sick of Michelle and I yet?
No? Well good because I have another fun Halloween craft for you today…

Isn’t he cute?
Here’s what you’ll need to make your own…
Orange plate (dollar store)
Black vinyl or sticker jack-o-lantern
Transfer paper (optional…only needed for vinyl)
Brown felt
Green felt
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Hot glue gun and sticks
Clean and dry your plate.
I used my Silhouette to design and cut my jack-o-lantern face, but you can also trace it and cut it out or you can use a jack-o-lantern sticker.
Add transfer paper if you are using vinyl and place it on your plate carefully, smoothing it out and pressing it down. Remove the transfer paper slowly.
If you are using a sticker, simply apply the sticker where you want it.
Using your sponge brush, paint a light coat of Mod Podge to protect and seal the vinyl to the plate.
Using your scissors, cut out a stem and leaf from the felt.
Add the stem and leaf to the top of your plate, adhering with hot glue.
Display on a plate stand or mount to your wall!
**Important: I would not put this in the dishwasher, microwave, or eat off of it. Lightly wipe it down to clean/dust it.**

Pretty simple, right?
Simple can still be CUTE, my friends!
Okay, it’s time to head on over to Delicate Construction to see what haunting and spooking Michelle has going on! If you are here visiting from Delicate Construction, WELCOME! So happy you stopped by. 
Also, link up YOUR Halloween projects, recipes, tutorials, and crafts to our Halloween {Linky} Party!
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Pumpkin Argyle Wreath {tutorial}

Hey friends!

It’s about time we get some fall crafts up on the blog, don’t ya think? I have an easy and inexpensive fall wreath to share with you today…and I just LOVE the way it turned out.

Do you remember back in February when I made the Heart Argyle Wreath for Valentine’s Day?

I actually planned to make this wreath way back then when I made the heart version. Do you love the way it turned out? Here is how you can make your own!

1. Gather your supplies: wreath form (Walmart for under $2.50), yarn , felt, scissors, hot glue gun & glue sticks, pumpkin stencil,

and a marker.

2. Wrap your wreath form in yarn. You can tie or hot glue to ends to secure the yarn. I left the plastic on my wreath form to make it easier to wrap with the yarn.

3. Trace 12-15 pumpkins on your orange felt and carefully cut them out.

4. Lay your pumpkins on the wreath to figure out where you want them exactly. Secure with a dab of hot glue.

5. Hot glue the end of a new piece of yarn to the back of the wreath and wrap around the wreath, crossing over each of the felt pumpkins on the diagonal. When you get all the way around your wreath, cut the yarn and glue the end to the back of your wreath with hot glue.

6. Repeat step 5, but cross of the felt pumpkins along the other diagonal, forming a “X” over each pumpkin. (You can manipulate the yarn “X’s” just by slightly moving the pieces of yarn once the wrapping/gluing is complete.)

7. Hang on your new fall wreath on your door and admire.


Thanks for stopping by today, friends!

Stop by next week for more fall inspired projects and posts.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Simple Hoopart {tutorial}

Happy Hump Day!
Are you ready for another Christmas in July: Workshop Wednesday?! I am loving the motivation this series is bringing me to create gifts early. If you are visiting from Flamingo Toes, WELCOME! We am excited you are here. Be sure to stop by The Answer is Chocolate after you check out my gift idea!
Today’s gift idea was inspired by the fun #hoopartswap that my sweet bloggy friend, Mandy (of Mandipidy) put together on Instagram. I had never made hoopart before and have always wanted to, so I thought this was the perfect challenge for me. Let me also let you in on a little secret…I have NO clue how to embroider, so my hoopart does not have elaborate embroidered designs and images. But I had so much fun creating this little piece of art (without having the skill of embroidery under my belt) that I just HAD to share it with all of you. 
Simple, but lovely right? My inspiration for this piece came from the momma I was sending it to. I knew her choice colors were orange and grey and that her family is very spiritual. I also saw the scripture Deuteronomy 30 on one of her Instagram photos and knew I wanted to incorporate that. I thought white linen and lace along with burlap would look pretty with the orange and grey.
embroidery hoop, embroidery floss and needle, craft paint, sponge brush, burlap, felt, lace, linen, thin Sharpie, scissors, hot glue and gun.
-Cut a piece of linen to write your message on with your Sharpie. I frayed the edges of my linen to give it a shabby appeal.
-Make felt rosettes by cutting circles out of your felt, then spiral cutting the circles, rolling them up and securing with hot glue. Check this tutorial
-Paint the outer hoop with craft paint and set aside to dry. I painted mine with orange and added grey polka dots using the wooden end of the sponge brush.
-Lay the inner hoop on the burlap and cut an over-sized circle around it. 
-Layer the following materials inner hoop, burlap, piece of lace, then the outer, painted hoop. Push the outer hoop down until the burlap is secure that the hoops are snug. Gently tug your burlap and lace until they are snug in the hoop.
-Using your hot glue gun, glue your felt rosettes onto the burlap.
-Place your linen message onto the burlap and using your embroidery floss, stitch around the linen securing with a knot.
-Trim off the excess burlap and lace that stick out of the hoop.
Are you inspired to create hoopart for Christmas gifts this year?
You don’t have to be a master embroider to make one! 
Plus there’s a TON of inspiration on Pinterest…check HERE
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Be sure to visit the other creative masterminds in the series.

Felt Bow Bracelets {tutorial}

Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend…we sure did! 
We got work done in the backyard, I got all caught up on laundry, spent time with my sister and her baby bump, finished my wedding sign order, and I was able to do some crafting. Productive and fun!

Today I am going to share a fun and easy, no-sew tutorial…and it only took me about 10 minutes to make!
The inspiration behind this project was actually from Steph at Crafting in the Rain. She has a fun monthly Challenge called “Make a Splash” and this month the challenge/inspiration is bows. So I decided to make my daughter and I a couple of Felt Bow Bracelets.

Not only are these super easy and cheap to make, but they are so versatile!

Let’s start off with the supplies

The width of the bracelet for my daughter and for myself was 1 inch. The length depends on your wrist measurements, so be sure to either use a measuring tape or just wrap the felt around the wrist and cut off the extra. I made the bow on my daughter’s bracelet small and the one on my bracelet a little larger, but it’s all based on personal preference. 
Let’s move on to the tutorial

1. We are going to start with the bow… Hot glue the ends of the felt together, into a circle shape.
2. Pinch the middle of the felt circle and glue.
3. Wrap the “pinched circle” of felt with a small piece of felt and secure with more hot glue.
4. Hot glue the velcro to the piece of felt that is meant for your bracelet.
5. Hot glue the felt bow to the center of the bracelet.

Cute and easy, right? 
Felt comes in different textures and patterns, so you could easily make Felt Bow Bracelets to match any outfit and for any occasion. You can also use ribbon, lace, or other embellishments to gussy the bracelets up a bit. 

Thanks to Steph for inviting me to participate in her fun challenge this month!

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends!

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Make it a great week!

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Heart Argyle Valentine’s Wreath {tutorial}

 Hello there!!

Did you L.O.V.E. the week of giveaways?! Me too. If you haven’t entered yet, you still have time!

Thanks to all of the FABULOUS sponsors for their fun prizes.

Today I am going to share the cutest “pinspired” Valentine’s wreath I made last week with my cute friend, Michelle from Modern Martha Michelle.  I tried tracking down the direct link for the similar wreath on Etsy to give the creator credit, but had no luck. It looks like the Etsy shop is closed and the link is ‘dead.’ If you happen to know the shop or creator of the original, let me know in the comments so I can link back to them for inspiring this craft! : )

Anyway, back to the tutorial for this wreath…

Adorbs, right?!


wreath form


felt (2 colors)

heart template

marker or fabric pen


hot glue & gun


1. Wrap your wreath with yarn and tie end of yarn in a knot or secure the end with hot glue.

2. Trace your heart template on the felt and cut the hearts out. (I used 16 hearts or 8 of each color.)

3. Hot glue the hearts around the front of the wreath, in an upside down/right-side up pattern.

4. Hot glue the end of a new piece of yarn to the back of the wreath and wrap around the wreath, crossing over each of the felt hearts on the diagonal. (Don’t be too picky or you’ll be there all day. Am I right, or am I right Michelle?) When you get all the way around your wreath, cut the yarn and glue the end to the back of your wreath with hot glue.

5.  Repeat step 4, but cross of the felt hearts along the other diagonal, forming a “X” over each heart. (You can manipulate the yarn “X’s” just by slightly moving the pieces of yarn once the wrapping/gluing is complete.)

6. Hang on your door, place on a mantle, or hang from a wreath post for all to admire. (I used a piece of ribbon to hang it from my front door.)

Not only am I happy how the wreath turned out, but I had so much fun crafting with Michelle while our kids played (again).

Proof I had fun…

(insert messy crafter)

Proof my mini had fun…

(insert exhausted kidlet)

Have a great weekend! 

Check back next week for giveaway winners and more fun Valentine’s decor!

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Mini Fall Wreath {tutorial}

You knew it was coming.
You had to have known that, inevitably, there would be a fall wreath tutorial. 
Even if I posted a fall wreath tutorial last year
Fall 2011 deserves a new wreath.

Mini Fall Wreath {tutorial}

-mini wreath (Dollar Tree)
-twine (Dollar Tree)
-scrap felt in fall colors
-scrap burlap cut into triangles
-black permanent marker
-hot glue and gun

1. Tie a piece of twine to your wreath.

2. Write the word “Fall” with your black marker on the triangle pieces of burlap.

3. Hot glue the triangles to the twine to make a pennant banner.

4. Cut lots of felt circles (I cut three 1in. circles from each color of felt.)

5. Spiral cut the circles.

6. Roll the spirals starting from the center of the circle and secure with hot glue so it won’t unravel.

7. Hot glue to wreath.

8. Hang up and enjoy how cute, simple, and cheap your new fall wreath is.

I ♥ fall. 

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