DIY Halloween Wreaths

I can’t believe Halloween is just around the corner! Hi all – it’s Bev from Flamingo Toes here today and I’ve gathered up some of my favorite Spooky and Fun DIY Halloween Wreaths to get your door all ready for trick or treaters!

Let’s check them all out!

Halloween Ribbon Wreath

Halloween Ribbon Wreath... so easy and cute!

Spooky Spiders Halloween Wreath

Spooky Spiders Halloween Wreath - This cute new wreath is all decorated with spiders and flowers - and some peeking little skeleton hands too!

Spiderweb Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Simple and Spooky Bat Wreath


Pumpkin Argyle Wreath

Velvet Halloween Wreath

A black and white wreath is classic for Halloween. Make it striped and made with velvet ribbon and it's downright skeletal looking and has vintage look and feel!

DIY Glam Halloween Wreath

Glam Black and White Halloween Wreath | DIY Halloween Decorations

Easy Witch Hat Wreath

Simple Glam Halloween Wreath

Halloween DIY Wreath – 2 in 1

Halloween: Chic Halloween Wreath Tutorial at ... Eek!

Black Cat Wreath

Give your front door or mantel a touch of frightfully furry fun with this easy Black Cat Wreath!

Halloween Berry Wreath

Elegant and classy Berry Halloween Wreath that is made from supplies from the Dollar Store! Inexpensive and will become your favorite holiday decor item!

Spiderweb Halloween Wreath

Witchy Halloween Wreath

witchy halloween wreath5

Giant Googly Eye Wreath

This giant googly eye wreath at Positively Splendid is so adorable! And easy to make, too!

Dollar Store Halloween Wreath


Aren’t they all so great?! Which one is your favorite?

See you next week for some awesome Thanksgiving ideas!

Your hostesses,
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A Hocus Pocus Halloween

Hello there makers! We love all things Halloween so we thought we’d do a fun round up today! And since our very favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus, we gathered up all of the awesome Hocus Pocus inspired projects, decor, and recipes to share with you! Let’s make this a Hocus Pocus Halloween, shall we?

The Sanderson Sisters are the best! They are the perfect combination of spooky, sassy, and hilarious! I really look forward to watching Hocus Pocus a bazillion times in October… and then quoting the movie for the month also (my family loves me!). I’d have to say my favorite witch is Winny, although I do love all three! 

DIY Hocus Pocus T-shirt

Hocus Pocus Halloween Party

DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book

Hocus Pocus Throw Pillows

Hocus Pocus Wreath

Hocus Pocus Prints

Hocus Pocus Smores Pops

Hocus Pocus inspired yard sign

Witch’s Brew 

Hocus Pocus Party Prints

Sanderson Sisters Shirts

Hocus Pocus Date Night

Hocus Pocus Day Planner Stickers

Hocus Pocus Coloring Page

Hocus Pocus Cup

Witch Hat Cookies

Hocus Pocus Vinyl Wall Cling

Hocus Pocus Family Costumes

Such creative ideas perfect for Halloween! Do you have a favorite Halloween movie that inspires your holiday decorating, parties, and food choices? I’d love to hear about it!


Sugar Skull Craft Ideas

It’s finally October! We are going to spend a couple of our Fridays of this series sharing some fun Halloween crafts. I’m pretty sure that right behind Christmas, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday to decorate for. And I love scouring the web for fun new ideas. Like these awesome Sugar Skull Craft Ideas…

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
I tend to stick to black and white with a little orange and purple thrown in for my Halloween decor. But I have to admit that I love all of the bright colors you usually see with the Day of the Dead decorations! So today I’ve gathered up some sugar skull inspiration for you to incorporate into your Halloween crafting.

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Embroidered Felt Sugar Skulls from Casa Artelexia

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Day of the Dead Planters from Creative Kismet

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Day of the Dead Cat Mask from Happy Thought

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Day of the Dead Mask Printable from Create Craft Love

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Sugar Skull Rocks from Color Made Happy

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Day of the Dead Pinata from Party Delights

Make mini canvases of a couple to celebrate Dia de los Muertos!
Mr. & Mrs. Dia de los Muertos from The Scrap Shoppe

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Sugar Skull Pom Pom Garland from Paper Source

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Day of the Dead Candle Wraps from Lia Griffith

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Day of the Dead Dollar Store Skull from The Kim Six Fix

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Day of the Dead Pumpkin – author unknown

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Glow in the Dark Day of the Dead Lanterns from Growing Up Bilingual

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Dia de Muertos Picado Banner from 100 Directions

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Day of the Dead Bookmarks from Red Ted Art

15 fun and creative sugar skull craft ideas
Day of the Dead Matryoshka Garland from Happy Thought


Don’t you just love all of the color and creativeness??

Must Have Craft Tips & More!
Join us again next Friday for more Halloween ideas!

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Pumpkin Carving Tips

Welcome to another week of Must Have Craft Tips! It’s Bev from Flamingo Toes here this week with some fun Pumpkin Carving tips!

Every year my family and I have a pumpkin carving competition. It’s one of our favorite traditions! We each pick a design and keep it secret from the others. On carving night we clear a huge space on the living room floor, pop in a movie and all carve our pumpkins, but we don’t let each other see what we’re making. When we’re finished, we have a big reveal and light them up! Then we take photos and post them on Facebook so friends and family can vote. The winner gets to choose a restaurant to go out to eat to celebrate! It’s so much fun and my favorite part of Halloween.


I’ve gathered up some of my favorite Pumpkin Carving tips and tricks to share with you all, just in time for Halloween!


Pumpkin Pileup craft from @bhg It also has a link for free patterns. #pumpkincrafts #pumpkincarving:
Photo: BHG

Carving the hole: If you carve your hole at the top, make sure you’re cutting at an angle, in towards the center of the pumpkin. This way, the top sits in the hole – if you carve the hole with your knife pointing straigt down, the top falls right into the pumpkin. (which we may or may not have done on occaision). Carving the hole at the bottom is another option.! It makes the pumpkin sit straight and it’s super easy to add a light, you just set the pumpkin over it!

For scooping out seeds: We’ve found that metal spoons work best. In ice cream scoop or large serving spoons are great for this. If you also scoop out some of the sides, this will make carving easier. You can also do some really fun things with partial carving if the pumpkin is thinner. Just scrape away portions of the outside in a design to let the light shine through. It makes for a really pretty effect!

Bouquet of Flowers Pumpkin -->
			<span class= “>HGTV Pumpkin Carving Ideas

For cutting: We use the little knives that come in the pumpkin carving kits. They have small blades that work well for carving delicate designs and they’re easy to handle. If you’re wanting to do really advanced designs, a dremel and/or drill work great too!

Everything you need to build the ultimate pumpkin-carving tool set. |

Fancy Carving Tools from This Old House

Fixing an oops: If you are cutting a delicate part and accidentally cut too far, you can easily add back in the section by connecting the open part with the part you cut off with a toothpick. If you need to, break the toothpick in half for really tiny sections. It works great!


Battery operated tea lights are our favorites! These little tea lights are so inexpensive now and you can even find styles that flicker. They last for a long time and you don’t have to worrry about open flames or the flames blowing out. Easy peasy!

Battery Christmas Lights: Thre are some really fun battery operated Christmas lights now so you could light your pumpkin with different colors, or even flashing lights!

Just for fun: If you use a real candle or tealight to light the pumpkin, sprinkle a little cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice on the inside of the lid. It will smell like a pumpkin pie!


Petroleum Jelly: Rub the open areas of the pumpkin with vaseline or the generic equivalent – this will keep them from drying out quickly.

Photo and more tips from A Real Life Housewife

Soaking: If your pumpkin still gets a little shriveled, soak it in a cold water bath for up to eight hours to help revive it!

Do you carve pumpkins at Halloween? We’d love to hear any tips you have too!

Your hostesses,
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Tips for Preserving Pumpkins

Welcome to another segment of Must Have Craft Tips and More!

Must Have Craft Tips and More
It’s October, a new month for the series, but Bev, Kara, Allison, and I are stilling bringing you fall-themed tips. You can’t have too many of those right?

Must Have Craft Tips: The BEST Tips for Preserving Pumpkins all fall long
I’ve rounded up some of the best tips from around the web for preserving your pumpkins, whether carved or not, to make them last as long as possible. I don’t know about you, but I’m a complete sucker for decorating with pumpkins in the fall! I love the natural look in my decor.

We have a wonderful local pumpkin patch that grows all sorts of pumpkins and gourds and allows you to go picking in the patch. This poor wagon from last year didn’t know what hit it after I went hunting for pumpkins! You can see I went a little crazy. I did say I love my pumpkins! And, of course, I want to make them last as long as possible through the season.

I also love to bring some of my pumpkins indoors. I have the Pioneer Woman Cake Stand that I love to dress up for the holidays because, let’s be honest, it’s NOT always full of cake, much to the chagrin of my little boys. But placing live pumpkins and moss under a sealed dome can lead to problems. Moisture builds up and mold sets in. But one of the tricks I’m sharing with you today will keep that moisture away and keep everything under the dome nice and dry!

I give you a brief description of each pumpkin preservation tip, but be sure to click the links on each one to read the tips in full.

365ish Days of Pinterest
This blogger swears by soaking pumpkins in a bleach bath then giving them a good wipe down with Vaseline to extend their lives.

Graceful Little Honeybee
A warm bath and a good towel off is what this blogger recommends to stretch pumpkins out for months of decorative use.

A Real-Life Housewife
There are some great tips here to extend the life of a carved pumpkin, including spraying the inside with a bleach mixture to keep bacteria at bay.

It’s Great to be Home
Floor cleaner can not only give your gourds a pretty shine, but it can create a layer to keep moisture out of them.

Creative Cain Cabin
This blogger says after giving your pumpkins a good wash and dry to spray them with a clear spray paint to keep moisture from getting in.

Family Food Garden
If you grow your own pumpkins, these are some great tips for harvesting, curing, and storing them until you are ready to use them.

Embracing Homemaking
This is a pretty powerful photo. And, as stated, this blogger tried 7 different methods to preserve her pumpkins and 1 worked like a charm.

My Science Project
This blogger did all the work for you on testing methods to find out how best to preserve a carved pumpkin by trying 5 different methods, including a white school glue method I had never heard of. Do you think you know which method was best?

The V Spot
This tip is the one I was hinting at earlier. It is one of my favorite tips for keeping moisture out of my pumpkin displays. But I do recommend keeping the silica in the packets. It will work just as well.

Must Have Craft Tips & More!
Join us next week for another must have craft tip for the fall season!


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BOO Halloween Porch Decoration

I am so excited to be here to share a Halloween project I made a couple of years ago! Check out this BOO Halloween Porch Decoration…

BOO Halloween Porch Decoration1

Made using scrap wood that I already had on hand, my husband and I got busy and finished this adorable Halloween decoration. 

BOO Halloween Patio Decor2

First we drew out the word BOO in big bubble letters, going down the piece of wood vertically. 

BOO patio decor5

Then we used a drill to make holes for jig saw to fit into so that we could easily cut out the centers of the letters. After the centers were cut out, we ‘traced’ around the edges to define the letters a bit more. 

BOO patio decor6

Using a dremel tool, we sanded the edges and insides of the BOO letters, while my husband cut and sanded the block stand for the letters. I primed and painted all the wood in white….and then I started my favorite part…the decorative painting! 

BOO Halloween Patio Decor7

I used Chevron Frog Tape for the letter B and then I painted polka dots and stripes on the Os. I used Martha Stewart’s Adobo Satin Craft Paint for the orange parts of the patio decoration. Now here’s where this project gets even cooler… 

BOO Halloween Patio Decor8

I used Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Glow-in-the-Dark Decoupage around the edges of all the letters and on the decorative parts of the BOO decoration so that it will glow at night! How fun is that? Once everything was dry, I set it up in the block stand on my front porch. And, here’s a fun tip for you- use a black light to “charge up” that glow-in-the-dark paint to really make it glow…and it helps for photographs too! 

BOO Porch Decor

So there you have it…and easy peasy DIY Halloween decoration for your porch. I didn’t give any measurements in this tutorial because you can make this as big or as small as you want it!

BOO Halloween Porch Decor9

If you liked this Halloween decoration, you may want to check out my Drop Cloth Candy Corn Bunting

drop cloth candy corn bunting


or this Wood and Burlap Halloween Sign



or the Reclaimed Wood Candy Corn!



Are you decorating for Halloween yet?! It’s one of my most favorite times of the year! 

Tips: Inexpensive Ways to Decorate for Fall and Halloween

Hello and Happy Friday!! We are back with another week of Must Have Craft Tips & More. Each week my friends Michele at The Scrap Shoppe, Bev at Flamingo Toes, Allison at A Glimpse Inside, and myself (Kara at Mine for the Making) take turns sharing tips based around a monthly theme. And this month we have been sharing tips for Halloween and fall… one of my most favorite times of year!

Must Have Craft Tips and More

This week I am sharing tips on inexpensive ways to decorate for fall and Halloween! Let’s face it, you don’t need to spend tons of money to to decorate. And I’m going to tell you how to save a little moolah. 


  1. Shop the dollar store.

That’s right! I have found the cutest holiday decorations at my local Dollar Tree. There are so many ways to dress up or spookify dollar store items. Talk about all the crafts… check out some of these awesome ideas!

Boo Mores Bar1

Halloween Boo ‘Mores Bar using Dollar Tree decorations


Pumpkin Plate using an orange plate and plate stand from Dollar Tree.


Make a fall leaf monogram using faux leaves from Dollar Tree and cardboard!


Dollar store plastic pumpkin painted with chalkboard paint for a Halloween Countdown Pumpkin.


This fall wreath was made with all Dollar Tree items and turned out so pretty.

2. Stroll Target’s ‘dollar spot.’

Though not everything is a dollar, Target’s ‘dollar spot’ always has adorable, inexpensive items to decorate with during the holiday seasons. Have you seen this year’s Halloween and fall decor yet? I love it all.


Image by The Spooky Vegan


Image by All Things Target.

3. Hit up the thrift stores and garage sales.

This is especially perfect for Halloween, in my opinion. Sometimes OLD is just plain SPOOKY! Be sure to check if your thrift stores offer special discount days or coupons… you can never be too thrifty. And rummage those garage and estate sales! One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. 


Paint thrifted wine glasses to create a spooky centerpiece.


Spray paint thrift store pumpkins for a whole new look!


Make your own witch potion bottles by thrifting various glass bottles and jars and paint them black and add labels. 


Turn those thrifted sweaters into adorable sweater pumpkins for fall! I love these.

And there you have it! Now I am in the mood to decorate for Halloween… how about you? I hope you’ve found this week’s tips helpful. We’ll see you back here next week for Must Have Craft Tips & More!






Tips: Using Reusable Wreath Forms

Welcome to another week of Must Have Craft Tips! Every week my co-hosts and I gather up our favorite craft tips to share with you! This week it’s my turn (Bev from Flamingo Toes) and I’m sharing one of my favorite holiday Must Have Craft Tips – Using Reusable Wreath Forms!

Save Space with Reusable Wreath Forms

While I LOVE decorating for the holidays, and I completely decorate the house for the fall Holidays especially, sometimes storing all these things gets to be a problem. You can only have so many boxes of just wreaths, am I right? Especially if you’re like me and don’t want to use the same wreaths every year. I like to change things up!

My solution is to use reusable wreath forms! These wreaths were made with pins – so that the ribbons and decorations can be removed at the end of the holiday!

For this Spider Halloween wreath, all the fabric is pinned in place. The doily and rick rack are pinned to the back as well. Easy peasy!

Eeek Spider Halloween Wreath

Eeeek Glam Spider Halloween Wreath

This Ruffles and Burlap Fall Wreath is made with a straw wreath form, but it’s also all pinned in place. The pins make a great decoration on the front too!

Ruffles and Burlap Fall Wreath

Once the holiday is over, I remove all the ribbons and other decorations and store them in a gallon sized ziploc. Then I keep all the ziplocs in a small tub with the wreath forms that I use. It’s super easy and they take up so much less space!

These wreaths aren’t for Fall or Halloween, but they are all made with reusable wreath forms and pins!

Lucky Shamrock’s Wreath

Lucky Shamrocks St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Pom Pom Patriotic Wreath

Patriotic Pom Pom Wreath

Spring Bunny Pom Pom Wreath

Spring Bunny Pom Pom Wreath

It’s such an easy space saver – I hope you give it a try!

Make sure you stop by next week for more Must Have Craft Tips from your hosts, Michele at The Scrap Shoppe, Kara from Mine for the Making, Allison from A Glimpse Inside and me, Bev from Flamingo Toes!



Tips: Reversible Holiday Decorations

A new month means it’s time for a new theme for our Must Have Craft Tips & More series! If you’re new to our series, my friends Bev at Flamingo Toes, Kara at Mine for the Making, Allison at A Glimpse Inside, and myself (Michele at The Scrap Shoppe) take turns each Friday to present a brand new craft tip revolving around a new theme each month.

Must Have Craft Tips & More!
It’s September and we’re officially kicking off the holidays! We will be focusing on different holidays for the next 3 months and bring you tips to hopefully make them feel a little less daunting.

This month we’re focusing on Halloween and fall.

Reversible Holiday Decoration ideas!
I am focusing specifically on reversible holiday decorations. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a ton of extra space to store holiday decorations. And I am a HUGE fan of decorating for ALL of the holidays. So multi-purpose decorations are always a big hit with me. This is super easy to do with fall and Halloween. Especially if you love pumpkins, like I do!

pumpkin-patch-decor-1024x497 I have a large collection of pumpkins and jack-0-lanterns that I love to display together in October. This set up is from a couple of years ago so I’m pretty sure I have even more now. But after Halloween is over, I am able to simply turn most of the jack-o-lanterns around and pretend they are just pumpkins. Easy peasy!

I also made this reversible Halloween/fall garland years ago. I still love to use it!

halloween-reversible-crafts I found these fun ideas that are also perfect multi-purpose crafts for Halloween and fall decor.

From right to left: Reversible Halloween/Thanksgiving Blocks at JN Designs | Reversible Holiday Table Runner from Simply Notable | Reversible Halloween/Thanksgiving Door Hanger at Wired Up by Mellie

fall-christmas-crafts You can make an even bigger reversible stretch with these clever craft ideas! Transition from fall to winter. I particularly like the stacked pumpkins turned snowman. Who thinks of these things?? SO smart!

From right to left: Reversible Pumpkin/Ornament Decorations at Over the Big Moon | Reversible Pumpkin/Snowman Door Hanger from Thee Alley Cat | Reversible Scarecrow/Snowman Pallet from Mollie’s Custom Creations

fall-christmas-crafts2 And here are a few more. How cute are those trucks?

From right to left: Reversible Pumpkin/Ornament Door Hanger from The Wayward Whimsy | Reversible Fall/Winter Door Hanger at Thee Alley Cat | Reversible Halloween/Christmas Mantel Scarf from Pattern Jam

Must Have Craft Tips & More! Do you have a reversible holiday craft that you’ve made? Leave us a link! We’d love to see it!






Graveyard Pudding

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SnackPackMixIns #CollectiveBias

Hello and Happy Monday, makers! It’s the week of Halloween and we are busy getting our homeschool co-op party on, heading to the pumpkin patch, painting and carving pumpkins, and even making some fun Halloween treats! Today, I am sharing how my daughter and I made spooky Graveyard Pudding! It’s so easy and so fun for the kids to participate in.

graveyard pudding11

Cute with a side of spooky, right? There’s only a few things you will need to make Graveyard Pudding and it all can be purchased at your local Walmart along with all of your other Halloween essentials.

graveyard pudding4

Pick yourself up some Super Snack Packs (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Chocolate Vanilla combo), OREOS, HONEY MAID Graham Crackers, baking gel, and any other Halloween candy you’d like to add.

graveyard pudding5

First, you want to smash one OREO per Super Snack Pack. You can do this in a baggie or right on your cutting board. The kids love this step.

graveyard pudding6

Next, open your choice of Super Snack Pack and sprinkle the crushed OREO on top. This represents the soil in the graveyard.

graveyard pudding7

Break off one rectangle of the HONEY MAID Graham Crackers and use the gel to carefully write RIP at the top. This will represent the tombstone.

graveyard pudding9

Stick your edible tombstone into the pudding and place any other Halloween candy you’d like on your Graveyard Pudding.

graveyard pudding8

For the finishing touch, we added a homemade cupcake liner to the bottom of the Super Snack Pack cups. I used a creepy looking fence download from the Silhouette online store and some black and white card stock and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut them out. Now it’s time to cue the spooky music and grab a spoon, don’t you think?!

graveyard pudding10

We had so much fun making these fun snacks together. Snack Packs give you that childhood nostalgia, wouldn’t you agree? It’s definitely a recipe we will continue to use each year. Yay for fun family traditions!

Not only is this Halloween treat great for an after school snack, but this would be great to make on a play date, with a co-op group, or for a classroom or holiday party!

graveyard pudding12

All you need to do to make your own Graveyard Pudding is head to your local Walmart to pick up the supplies. It is literally my Halloween go-to store…. from costumes to decor to treats, they have you covered. While you are there getting your Graveyard Pudding ingredients, be sure to keep an eye out for the “Buy 14.3oz OREOs get $1 off Super Snack Pack Pudding” coupon.

What are your favorite spooky treats to make for Halloween? Tell us in the comments!