Marvel Optics Glasses

Recently my daughter and I had our yearly eye exam and were told we needed new prescription glasses. After looking at the frames in the waiting room, I quickly ruled out the over priced glasses. They just weren’t in our budget… especially not two pairs. I decided on Marvel Optics glasses after looking through their affordable prices and the convenience of online shopping and ordering on their site.  

marvel optics glasses1

Once we both decided on a style of frames we liked, we emailed a copy of our prescriptions and placed order. That easy. 

marvel optics glasses3

They arrived on our door step several days later in cases and with little lens wipes. They fit great, the prescriptions are correct, and we couldn’t be happier with the convenience and service.

marvel optics glasses2

My daughter loves her pink ‘reading’ glasses with Mickey on the arms. I think they make her look older! Not sure how I feel about that one… LOL!

marvel optics glasses4

Right now Marvel Optics has a summer promotion running for 10% off all orders with code BEACH10 at checkout. Head on over and check out the large variety of styles for men, women, and kids. They even have sunglasses! 

20MAY2015 - Marveloptics - Summer Fashion of 2015 - Banner.jpg

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This post is a review based on my experiences with Marvel Optics. I was provided glasses to share my opinions, which are 100% my own. I only share products I think my readers will love too!

Matching For Family Photos But Not Twinning

Hi Everyone! It’s Siri of Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings back to share another fashion post.

A lot of mamas love the idea of matching with their littles and their family for photos.  It’s aesthetically pleasing and sometimes they won’t let you do it when they’re older. So take advantage of it now! But where most mamas go wrong is in thinking that to match, their family has to wear everything exactly the same. Today I’m here to give you some tips on matching for family photos but not twinning (dressing exactly the same). 
matching for photos1  
1. Choose at least three colors to be in your outfits. 

Back in the day (meaning the 90s and beyond) people thought that for family pictures, everyone had to wear the same color shirt, or worse, the exact same shirt. 

That’s not how families work. 

Each person is unique in personality and style. So choose several colors as your family’s color scheme and let each family member go from there. Try to NOT all wear the same color shirts. Wearing different colors or shades of colors in shirts helps to distinguish between each person in your photos. 

I personally don’t want to be a big blob, so since Svea’s colors in these photos are lighter and mine are darker, you can better see my waistline and make both of us out clearly.

matching for photos2

2. If you want to match something exactly the same, have it be a small accessory, like bracelets, cufflinks, belts, or necklaces. 

This way, everyone still maintains an individual look, but a sweet, little detail ties you together. Svea and I love our matching bracelets from Just an Armful of Sugar and they give just the right dainty, matching look.

matching for photos4

3. Wearing the same item of clothing is appealing, if you can make it unique in color or pattern. 

For instance, if three brothers all wear blue polos, but one is dark blue, one is light blue striped, and one is grayish blue, they all maintain their own look, but the article of clothing reminds you that they belong together. Svea and I wore cardigans here, but in different colors and I styled mine with a belt. 

matching for photos3

4. Only add one pattern. 

If one person is wearing stripes, someone else may not want to wear plaid or polka dots. If stripes is the pattern of choice, then stick with them and family members can wear different sizes and colors of stripes. In my professional photographer’s opinion, it just looks cleaner and fresher if you aren’t throwing tons of patterns into a photo. One pattern with some solids is best. 

I chose polka dots as the pattern for Svea and my outfits here. I made sure to have them be on a different part of our outfits too, again to match, but not be exactly the same. 

matching for photos6

Momma’s Outfit Details: 

  • Dress- Downeast Basics, Cardigan- Target, Heels & Belt- Ross, 
  • Bracelet- Just an Armful of Sugar
  • Svea’s Outfit Details:
  • Dress- Gap, Cardigan- H&M, Shoes- Freshly Picked, 
  • Bracelet- Just an Armful of Sugar, Hair Bow- Target

matching for photos5

Have fun taking family photos and good luck choosing outfits that will help you match, but still allowing everyone to look unique and distinct! I hope these four tips helped you!

Thanks for reading!

Siri {Of Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings}

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Hi makers! It is Michelle from Delicate Construction and I am back with another fun kids craft! This is a great activity to have in your back pocket on those long summer days. Most of us have all these things in our cupboard as we speak and this is a fun way to keep the kids busy but still having a blast! Check out this DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint!

diy sidewalk paint 1 {hero}

This paint is so simple to put together, all you need is cornstarch, water and food coloring or liquid water color (both work, sometimes at the school we have more color options when using the watercolors, but at home I use the food coloring and it works great!).

I do a one to one ratio so if I throw in a cup of cornstarch, I put about a cup of water. There is really no science to this, you just want it to be kind of a milky liquid. After it was all mixed, I poured it into a variety of bowls. Old plastic ones are best.

diy sidewalk paint 6
Lastly, I added colors to each bowl. One thing I should mention is that while both are non toxic, the food coloring mixtures stained hands much more than the water color mixtures. All of it did com out for Avery in the bath that night but I thought it was worth mentioning. 

diy sidewalk paint 7

Then you pass out some brushes, older ones if you have them, and let them go to town!

diy sidewalk paint 9

The kids can of course paint the concrete or driveway, but Avery and her friends also had a blast painting a textured wall nearby as well. I love how bright the colors were and how much fun they all had!

diy sidewalk paint 10

The pictures were great and it was such a fun change up from ordinary paint and brush on paper!

diy sidewalk paint 1

I hope you and your kids have fun with this idea this summer!! What is one of your favorite summer activities to do with the kids?

Pretty in Pink Fashion for Kids

Hey Everyone! It’s Siri from Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings back to share another fun fashion post for your littles! Today’s fashion tips feature Pretty in Pink Fashion for Kids. 

When I found out that I was having a girl, I pretty much immediately swore off pink. I wouldn’t be that mother that dressed her little girl in pink every day! In my almost snobbish efforts to stay away from pink, I ended up with almost an entire wardrobe for my baby with no pink in it. Then, slowly, over her first year, I discovered that pink didn’t have to be “stereotypical.” One piece of clothing at a time,  I discovered that I was falling in love with pink as an essential part of Svea’s wardrobe. 
Pink can be lively, 
and tasteful!
Whether you have boys or girls, there are so many ways to style pink in their outfits!
Start with a dress or shirt as the main piece of the outfit.
Then add a bow tie or some tights:
Add a cardigan, some adorable shoes, and/or a belt:
Finish off the look with a handsome pink hat or a sweet headband:
 Have fun styling pink into your little’s daily outfits! I hope these tips help you to incorporate pinks into your kids’ outfits!
Svea’s outfit: Dress- Carter’s, Flats- Gap, Hair Bow- Sara Ellie Bows,  Tights- Carter’s, Stuffed Pig- Merry Love Joy
Siri {Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings}

Dolly and Me Dresses

A couple of months ago for my daughter’s seventh birthday, she received a very special gift from her Amma (grandma). A fancy big girl doll. One that has different outfits and accessories and she even has pretty hair that can be styled different ways. Many of you with little girls are probably familiar with the Our Generation and American Girl dolls. The only the better than having a fancy big girl doll with cute outfits is being able to *match* said doll. Now that would be extra special, right? That’s where these Dolly and Me Dresses come into play…

dolly and me4

How cute is that?! I cannot tell you the excitement that hit our living room when my daughter discovered new dresses with mini matching dresses! 

dolly and me2

Not to mention the matching hair bows… so cute! This hot pink chevron dress with ruffles is pretty and light, perfect for spring and summer wear! The lace sleeves are an added bonus, don’t you think?

dolly and me7

With Memorial Day and the Fourth of July around the corner, how perfect is this patriotic pillowcase dress? The corkscrew bows and blingy necklace pair perfectly with this dress.

dolly and me6

With summer temps reaching the triple digits in Arizona, I know we will get lots of use out of these adorable dresses this summer.

dolly and me5

Outfit details for Dolly and Me:

Hot Pink Chevron Ruffle Dress (Dolly and Me)

Hot Pink Chevron Hair Bows

Pink Chunky Necklace with Rosettes

Red Zebra with Navy Patriotic Pillowcase Dress (Dolly and Me)

Red, White, and Blue Chunky Necklace with Diamond

Patriotic mini corkscrew bows 

All from– reasonably priced, great quality, and super fast shipping! This Utah based, family owned business also offers baby outfits and accessories, craft supplies, dance clothing, tutus, and much more! We were very impressed with our first package!

dolly and me outfits1

You can find on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also! And below you can enter to win $50 credit to their online shop! This giveaway is open to US residents who are 18 years or older. The giveaway is open for seven days and a random winner will be selected and announced. The winner has 48 hours to claim their prize and then a new winner will be chosen if needed. GOOD LUCK and keep supporting small business! 

  a Rafflecopter giveaway


I was given products to review, but all opinions are 100% my own and I only share products I think my readers will love.

Three Baby Accessories for Spring

Hi Everyone! It’s Siri from Of Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings! Just stopping by to share three baby accessories for spring that are my favorites!
There are lots of fun fashion and baby accessories that become more popular in the spring and summer months, but these might not be your typical “spring accessories.” They’re ones that I’ve found to be just wonderful for my little lady though!
1. Glitter Hair Clips by Little Blooms Handmade
Now that my little miss is running, dancing, and tripping all over the place, her bangs that are trying to grow are constantly in her face. These adorable little clips are perfect for keeping her hair out of her face
and staying in place!
We live in Arizona too, so in the spring when it starts getting pretty hot outside, you don’t want hair on your sweaty forehead. Again, these clips are lifesavers!
2. Bright Patterned Onesies
Spring is the perfect time to break out the stripes, polka dots, and chevron patterns! Be bold with adorable spring colors and patterns!  Svea’s onesie here is from Carter’s and they have all sorts of adorable spring patterns!
3. Play Blankets by A Pretty Life Shop 
A lot of people have asked if that blankets in my shop are swaddle blankets or toddler blankets. 
The answer is both! I call them play blankets because they are roomy, soft, and compact, able to be used for swaddling, nap time, or playtime. I’ve found them to be perfect for my little lady to play outside on! Right now while the weather is so lovely, our play blankets are perfect to bring a snack outside and picnic on or play with some toys on. 
Every blanket is sewn and hand-stitched with love.  There are several patterns to choose from with lovely spring colors and more coming soon!
Go on! 
Get yourself and your little ones dressed up in those cute spring patterns with glitter clips in hair and armed with blankets for playing.  Enjoy the fresh air, the flowers blooming, and fun that childhood brings to it all. 
Thanks for reading!

Watercolor Vase

Hi Mine for the Making lovelies! Michelle here from Delicate Construction and today I have a super fun Mother’s Day gift idea! Also, if you paired this with your teacher’s favorite gift card, it would be equally as awesome for teacher appreciation. To top it off, this pretty Watercolor Vase is a $5 project!

So, I was strolling around Target and noticed a whole new section… a craft section! Wahoo! There was so much fun stuff in there but my eyes zoomed in on these vases that almost have a ceramic look and feel to them- I had to have one.

I brought it home and knew that it would be a fun art project for my daughter, Avery. So I set her up with paper, water, napkins and her watercolors. I love the way this type of surface absorbs the watercolors instantly so there is literally no dry time!

Avery got to work and I did what I always do when Avery is painting, clean up the kitchen or other quick task. Because that’s #momlife, am I right?


I love when Avery paints things for me because kids have a way of always creating something beautiful. Especially when you set them up for success with the right materials. The way the watercolors started melting into each other was awesome. This wasn’t even a messy project either which was an added bonus.


The final product is something I am in love with and I would certainly be thrilled to receive on Mother’s Day filled with fresh flowers or even paper ones! This one would be a keeper for sure…

Didn’t it turn out so cute? Get yourself to Target’s craft section and grab a couple of vases for your kids to make for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation or for grandparents! Stop by Delicate Construction for more kid-friendly ideas!

Non-Candy Egg Fillers for Under $10

Hi Mine for the Making lovelies! Michelle again from Delicate Construction and today I thought I would share how I filled all of the plastic eggs I needed for Avery’s egg hunt for under $10! If that wasn’t cool enough, what if I told you there was no candy involved?! I got your attention now right? Check out these Non-Candy Egg Fillers for Under $10! 

My biggest secret? My favorite place, and I am sure yours as well, the Target One Spot! The dollar store would also be a great option but basically I was looking for anything that had multiple items in the package for a dollar. I found lots of great things like small rings, erasers, pens, tape, hair clips and stickers in all of her favorite characters.


When it came to filling the eggs, I just broke everything up into singles and got to work! Things like the erasers I put a few at a time in but the barrettes and such were just one per egg.


The stickers I cut into strips and maneuvered around all of the character so I could get about 4 strips from each sheet.

Once they were all cut, I just rolled them up and stuck them in their own egg as well! Super simple and this one got a huge bang for the buck!

I can’t wait until Sunday when Avery gets to go on her hunt! She is going to have a blast! Bonus points that I won’t have to have extra candy in the house tempting her or me!

Hope you have a Happy Easter!

Michelle {Delicate Construction}

Classic Little Kid Style

Hello there!

It’s Siri again from Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings back with another fashion post this month for your littles!
  classic little kid style1
Check out these tips on how to achieve a classic little kid style! We’re talking scraped-knee, playing outside, just-excited-about-life style!
For this look my favorite part is always the Osh Kosh B’Gosh overalls. Overalls are such a little kid classic and Osh Kosh has so many adorable varieties to choose from…for girls AND boys!
For Svea’s look, I went with a layered overall dress (aka a jumperall). I complimented it with a simple white onesie from H&M.
classic little kid style3  
The next part of the classic kid style is the hair! For little guys, a cute comb over is always to die for
and as with Svea’s look here, pigtails are always a winner on a little lady.
I added a little navy felt hairbow clip to compliment Svea’s outfit from Half Pint Kids.
The final touch to this classic little kid style is the shoes. Freshly Picked moccasins are definitely my favorite since they can match anything, always look adorable on Svea, and are very comfy on her little feet as she explores outside. For this outfit, I chose stone suede moccs and added some stockings from Carter’s. Everything turned out so cute!
She wore this outfit to church and exploring around our garden area outside. Perfect for playing, moving, and just being little.
Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you all have fun with your littles!
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February Baby Fashion

Hello Everyone!
It’s Siri again from Of Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings back for another fashion guest post! Today I’m going to share a few must-haves for February Baby Fashion!
February is such a fun month for fashion because bold reds and delicate whites can be styled together 
to create a classic, winning combination!
I love getting my little lady’s holiday outfits styled just right and this one was definitely a huge success!
I combined three pieces that are just perfect for Valentine’s day….or any day, let’s be honest!
1. A Bonnet
Baby bonnets are so delicate and sweet. They offer just the right touch to an Valentine’s outfit
to give a pop of color and keep your little one’s ears warm too! Svea’s is from Briar Handmade where you can find lots of colors and styles of gorgeous, handmade bonnets for your littles. 
2. Moccasins
Leather moccasins are wonderful for giving your little one flexibility for their feet and protection at the same time. Svea’s moccasins are Freshly Picked and they are hands down our favorite brand.  The red compliments her bonnet with this Valentine’s Day outfit and they match so many other outfits as well!
3. A Lace or Tulle Dress
Lace and tulle add just the right amount of whimsy to your little lady’s outfit for the day that’s supposed to represent classic love. I chose white coloring for the dress to contrast the bonnet and moccasins. And went with this precious lace dress from The Little Z Boutique. They have all sorts of other lace and tulle dresses as well!
And of course, Svea finished off her Valentine’s Day outfit by sucking her fingers in the “I Love You” sign like always. :)
Don’t be afraid to add those pops of red into your littles Valentine’s Day outfits! Hopefully I provided some fun fashion inspiration! Stop by my blog for more outfits!
Thanks for reading!