Creative Upcycled Craft Room Ideas

Hello friends! Welcome to another week of Must Have Craft Tips! Kara from Mine for the Making here this week to share Creative Upcycled Craft Room Ideas with you. I love a good upcycle or repurposed project and I love a pretty, organized craft room. Let’s check out these unique solutions.

Upcycled Furniture

I love taking something ‘old’ and making it new and fresh again. Especially furniture! Just add some elbow grease and lots of love, and you can turn any dingy piece of furniture into a focal point of your room. Here are a few of my favorite furniture transformations that are perfect for the craft room. Some are used for storage and others are used for work spaces. 

Upcycled hutch  to craft storage

Upcycled hutch to craft storage and work space

Upcycled filing cabinet craft storage

Upcycled sewing table to desk

Upcycled Projects for Organization and Decoration

You would be surprised what you can use for organization and decoration. An old baby crib, a vintage crate, tin cans… So many options if you open your creative mind on alternative ways to use ordinary things. Let’s check out some of my favorite up cycled projects for organizing and decorating your craft room.

Upcycled baby crib to craft storage

Repurposed frame to chic pincushion 

Upcycled Crates to craft shelves

Upcycled tray to magnetic board

Upcycled bed spring to craft storage

Repurposed tins to pencil holder

Repurposed frame to thread holder


Such great ideas! Most times that I upcycle or repurpose something, I save money doing so and I love it so much more because of the effort put into it. Do you have any upcycled projects or pieces in your craft room?

Join us next week for more tips on using upcycled ideas in your homes! 


Your hostesses,
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Cleaning and Organization Printables

Allison from A Glimpse Inside here again and it is the final Must Have Craft Tip and More post of 2016!! Where has this year gone?! 
 The beginning of a new year is a great time to start a new routine and get better organized in all aspects in your life. You can search and easily find any sort of printable to help you organize your life in one way or the other.
Today, I am going to focus on and share with you some awesome cleaning and organizational printables that will help you get 2017 off to the right start.


Cleaning your house is always a daunting task if you don’t stay on top of it. 
I’ve gathered some printables that will help you stay on top of your house, keep you on track, and relieve a little bit of stress in your life. 
I love this little Reusable Cleaning List from Craftaholics Anonymous. It is small and portable and will keep you on track over and over again without having to print out more sheets. 
 If you clean a little bit every day it can keep you on track but just in case you don’t have time to do that, use the weekly schedule to stay on top of your cleaning.

I love that this printable from Freebie Finding Mom and the fact that it gives you tasks to do everyday and also breaks it down by day of the week tasks. It is easy to read and and breaks it down by rooms so you aren’t overwhelmed by tackling multiple spaces at once.

 Get your kids involved by creating a easy to follow chore chart for them to to daily or weekly tasks.
This Chore Chart from Go Grow Go is perfect to get your kids in on the cleaning too.

 So you tend to clean weekly but need help on keeping up with the monthly, quarterly or items you clean annually. These Cleaning Checklists from Homeschoolin’ Mama will do just that for you. 
 Keep all the laundry in check with this Laundry Chart from I Should be Mopping the Floor.
It is also perfect if you have teenagers in your house and you want to start to teach them how to properly wash and dry their own clothes.

So you have all these printables to keep you on track with your cleaning schedule but now you have all these papers making a mess and you need to keep track of. How about creating a Cleaning Binder like this one from Clean and Sensible to keep all those papers in one place?


Want to give your house a good top to bottom cleaning but not sure where to start? Use this 31 Day Cleaning Schedule from Fresh and Organized  to work your way through your house and hit zones you may not think about when doing normal everyday cleaning.

Now that you’ve gotten on a good cleaning schedule, let’s talk about ways to declutter and organize the items left in your home.

Start by decluttering your entire house one room at a time. This printable checklist from While He was Napping for Ask Anna will help you work through your whole house and declutter and clean as you go.

Want to organize your home or life better but just don’t have a lot of time to tackle it all at once? Follow this 52 Week Schedule fro Home Storage Solutions to work at it one week at a time through the whole year.

What if you REALLY want to declutter and get serious about what actually stays in your home?
Be sure to print out this printable checklist from Making Lemonade using the Konmari Method.

And now that your house is decluttered, let’s use labels to stay organized.

If you have young kids, print out these Toy Bin Labels from Teaching Mama to teach your young ones how to properly clean up and stay organized.

Do you create your own cleaning products? Print these Cleaning Labels from The Handmade Home to keep everything properly labeled and uniformed looking.

Get that pantry organized with these beautiful editable Farmhouse Pantry Labels from World Label.

And lastly, keep all those storage bins labeled by using these Printable Labels from In My Own Style. Mark them with what’s inside and you don’t have to rummage through each bin to figure out what’s inside.

One more item that will help organize all aspects of your life and home.

This checklist from Home Storage Solutions has everything from Grocery Shopping Lists, Inventory Lists, Contact Information, and much, much more.

I hope that some of these printables come in handy for you in the New Year! Also, we hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We’ll see you in 2017 with all new tips!

Your hostesses,


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Free Christmas Gift List Printables

Hello! It’s Bev here for our Must Have Craft Tips post – and we’re working on organization this month! One of the areas I really need to work on in December is gift tracking. I have the hardest time remembering what I’ve given from one year to the next!

If you’re in the same boat – I have some great tips this week for organizing and keeping track of gifts!

1 – Organize who you are buying for. It’s tough to shop and find the right thing if you don’t go in with a list of recipients. It’s so easy to get caught up in the fun of buying, and forget to get something for everyone on your list! Don’t forget to mark off when they are wrapped too!

printable christmas gift list

Christmas Gift List – Going Home to Roost

2 – Make it easy to take your list with you! Finding cute gift lists to fit in your planner is a great way to keep track of what you’ve bought so you don’t repeat gifts, or overbuy either! It’s also a great way to make sure you don’t lose the list! :)

Planner Printable – Minted Strawberry

3 – Don’t forget stocking stuffers! (something I always leave until the last minute!) If you’ve got a handy printable you can check items off as your out shopping and get it finished early.

Stocking Stuffer Printable – Organizing Home Life

4 – Stay on budget! Keeping track of what you’re buying lets you know when you’ve reached the budget for each person.

Holiday Gift Tracker Free Printable

Holiday Gift Tracker from Moritz Fine Designs

5 – Don’t lose those online orders. With all the online shopping we do, it’s sometimes tricky to keep track of what we’ve ordered, and from where! This handy printable gives you a place to keep track of what you’ve ordered and when it’s arriving!

Online order tracker from Pinch A Little Save-A-Lot

6 – Don’t forget about Handmade Gifts! These cute printables keep gift ideas handy and give you a spot for listing supplies you need too!

free printable project list designed by heart heather

Holiday Project Idea List – At Home with Kim Vallee

7 – Find just the right gift! If you’re not sure what to buy, this cute little Gift Wish list is a great way to get ideas! I love that it’s more than just a list of things they want, it’s a great way to get to know their likes and activities, so you can really get creative!

Free Christmas Wish List printable! In addition to things that the kids want, this wish list includes a list of favorites to think about for gift giving. My kids had a blast filling these out and I got lots of great ideas! To download the PDF go to Enjoy!:

Wish List Printable – Stout Stop

8 – Don’t forget to say Thanks! This Christmas Gift Received List is a great way to keep track of who received what, and if you’ve sent out thank you notes! This is especially great if you have big families opening gifts all at once. It can be a little tough to remember who gave what!

Gifts Received List – Pinch A Little Save-A-Lot

I hope these lists help you organize your gift buying and budget! I know they’re going to be a big help to me!

Your hostesses,
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Christmas Organization Hacks

Hey, friends! Michele from The Scrap Shoppe here kicking off a new month of our Must Have Craft Tips & More series!

Must Have Craft Tips and More
This month we are focusing on the upcoming holidays. And more specifically today, some great Christmas organization hacks and ideas!

Christmas Orgnazation Hacks that will rock your holiday-loving world!
The holidays don’t have to be stressful. There are lots of tips and tricks to make everything from holiday decor to gift buying less overwhelming. I’ve gathered up a few of my favorites to share with you today.

Christmas Orgnazation Hacks that will rock your holiday-loving world!
Printable Christmas Planner from Becoming Martha
Planning ahead and keeping track as you go is a great way to stay organized during the holidays. A printable Christmas planner may seem overkill, but can actually be extremely helpful!

Christmas Orgnazation Hacks that will rock your holiday-loving world!
Ornament Organization at Smart School House
Who says you need to buy an expensive ornament organizer? I’m loving this idea for gluing plastic cups to cardboard to protect and layer ornaments for storage.

Christmas Orgnazation Hacks that will rock your holiday-loving world!
Hot Beverage Organizer from Useful Beautiful Home via Eleven Magnolia Lane
Not only does this hot beverage tower take up less surface space than spread out on a table, but it looks super cute to boot!

Christmas Orgnazation Hacks that will rock your holiday-loving world!
25 Gift Wrap Organization Ideas from The Scrap Shoppe
Keeping your gift wrap items in order can immensely help when it comes time to wrap all of those presents. This collection of 25 gift wrap stations is sure to inspire!

Christmas Orgnazation Hacks that will rock your holiday-loving world!
How to Store Christmas Lights from A Real-Life Housewife
If you’re like me, you are so over messing with Christmas lights be January that you just toss them in a container to deal with for next year. Then next year doesn’t go so well untangling them, right? I really need to try this organization technique! It’s SO simple and doesn’t cost a dime.

Christmas Orgnazation Hacks that will rock your holiday-loving world!
Easiest Way to Organize Wreaths from Ask Anna
Wreaths are fun to hang (I won’t even tell you how many I have up at any given time) but storing them can be a bear. I love this idea to hang them on a long hook!

Christmas Orgnazation Hacks that will rock your holiday-loving world!
Christmas Dinner Checklist Printable from Kirkland’s
Hosting Christmas dinner this year? Don’t stress over it! This free printable will help you keep organized and probably give you a few pieces of advice you’d never thought to ask about.

Christmas Orgnazation Hacks that will rock your holiday-loving world!
Wrap Christmas Tree with a Belt from Grunge Zombie
This. Is. Genius. An old belt is a great way to rein in those faux Christmas tree branches will definitely aid in getting it back into the box… something every tree tries NOT to do once it’s out!

Christmas Orgnazation Hacks that will rock your holiday-loving world!
Christmas Photo Checklist from Simple as That
And, finally, if you’re still feeling the holiday burn you can at least keep up with which photos you want to remember to take with this printable photo checklist. You don’t need them all, just mark the ones you want to be sure to get.

Must Have Craft Tips & More!
I hope these Christmas organization hacks help to alleviate some holiday stress! Planning well and packing well always make for a better “next year” at Christmas so get a jump start now to make all those future Christmas more relaxing!



Your hostesses,
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Organization: Pocket Organizers

Welcome to another week of Must Have Craft Tips & More! 
We are continuing with more organizational tips this week.
I am here to show you 10 different ways you can use pocket organizers for other than their normal purpose. They can be great additions no matter how small your space is.
I found these organizers in the Dollar Spot at Target.
One is just a small over the door shoe organizer and the other is an accessory holder.
I’ll also show you a few ways to use a hanging closet shoe organizer.Starting with a few ways to use these with items around the house.
Use the accessory organizer to store travel size toiletries for your guest.
Hang it in the bathroom or in the guest room closet for your guest to use just in case they forgot to bring one of the essentials.
You could also pack the organizer when you travel and help organize your toiletries at the hotel.
Have a small bathroom with little storage?
Don’t forget that you can use the back of your door!
Use a pocket shoe organizer and keep all your supplies in one place. Lotions, hair products, hair brushes… just slip them into each pocket and they are all in their place!
They sell much larger organizers than this one to suit all your needs.
Have tiny closets but need somewhere to store your sheets and towels?
Just use a hanging shoe organizer and roll up the towels and slip them into each spot.
This is also perfect to place in a guest room closet if you don’t have another space for towels and sheets.
We’ve had this over the door organizer for many years now.
It can be used to store books…
Or how about those extra toys sitting around?
Get them off the floor and up in the pockets to help tidy up.

And of course, you can place blankets and sheets in them as well, which is the main way we use it in my house.And now onto ways to store your more crafty supplies.

How about using the accessory organizer for all your embroidery supplies?
Place all your thread in the pockets where you can see all the colors and then you can store new thread that needs to be put on a spool.
Place your ink, scissors, needles in a pocket as well for easy reach.
You can even slip some of your upcoming projects into the pockets to store until you get to creating them.
You can use the over the door shoe organizer to store all that fabric you have sitting around.
Just roll them up and slip them into the pockets.
And if you are like me and you like to browse the fabric remnant bins, you will have lots of random rolls of fabric sitting about that is perfect for this.
Are you a knitter?
How about placing your yarn  into each pocket? You can even store your knitting needles in a pocket as well.
OR you can use the hanging shoe organizer for your yarn as well.
Spots are large so you can fit a few in each hole.
You can even fold up whatever project you are working on and slip it into one of the spots until you have time to finish it.

There you have it!
10 ways to use pocket organizer other than their main use.

Do you have pocket organizers?
Do you use them the way they were intended or do you use them in one of these ways?Stay tuned for more tips next week!


Do you have a topic that you would like to get more tips on?

Let us know so we can add it to our calendar. 



Organization: Labeling

Hello and happy Friday, friends! Thank you for joining us for our first ever Must Have Craft Tips & More series. Each week of this month, my blog friends Michele, Bev, Allison, and myself will be focusing on organization tips. And this week I am zoning in on my favorite way to organize… labeling.

Must Have Craft Tips and More

I am what I like to call, a labeloholic. Yes, it’s a thing. And let me just warn you, that after this post you might become one too. I label things in my daughter’s school/play room. I label things in my craft room. I label things in our closets and pantries and kitchen. I label our foods at parties and barbecues. Why do I label all the things, you ask? Well when I label, it makes things easier to find and easier to put away. And let’s face it, I’m all about making life just a little bit easier.

plush toy bin4

There are so many different ways to label. I’ve used iron-on vinyl for canvas crates and it’s worked really well. Now when I say “Clean up your stuffies!” they have an easy to find home that my daughter can locate on her own. You can get the how-to HERE.

craft room reveal mine for the making 12.jpg

You can label using stickers or adhesive labels and they are super inexpensive. I’ve found them at Michael’s and the Target dollar spot and they work on everything!

craft room reveal mine for the making 15.jpg

I love using chalkboard tags to label (and I found these cute ones at Michael’s). It makes it easy to erase and label it differently if you need to later on. You can check out all the labeling that went on in my craft room HERE.

laundry soap2

I’ve also labeled using vinyl and transfer paper. It was really easy to design, cut, and apply on glass jars using my Silhouette. I did this in my pantry and in the laundry room. Now I don’t have to hear “Mom, where’s the snacks?!” because I have a bin in the pantry labeled “Snacks” that I refill each week. Talk about a mom win!

football party food

The last tip this labeloholic is going to give you is to label that food at your parties. Yes, you can organize your party platters and foods too! This helps with food allergies and preferences and you won’t have to answer the “what is this?!” question 1,000 times when guests are trying your delicious homemade tapenade.

organization labeling

So, do y’all label to better organize yourself? What kinds of ways do you label?

I hope you’ve found this week’s Must Have Craft Tips & More helpful! Next week we will continue bringing you more tips on organization. Feel free to leave a comment letting us know any other areas you might need some helpful tips! We’d love to add it to our calendar.


We will see you next week! Have a great weekend…. go get that labeling on!


DIY Planner Cover

Hello friends! I’m stopping by today to share my adorable DIY Planner Cover with you!

planner cover2

If you know me at all then you know I am a planner and a list writer. Multiple lists, multiple calendars. It’s my thing. I have a planner that is just for homeschool (which I adore and you can find it for sale via @homeeducator on Instagram), our family wall calendar (it’s dry erase), my iphone calendar, and then my daily (paper) calendar. I am SUPER picky about planners. SUPER. I’ve only found one daily planner that I truly truly love (same goes with my homeschool planner) but the designer (my cute friend Emmy) stopped making them to focus her time elsewhere. You can imagine how excited I was to find out that @itsjustemmy was planning on selling her planners again!! Insert: happy dance. As soon as it arrived, I broke out my paper crafting supplies and started decorating my planner cover. You can find a great tutorial on Emmy’s blog HERE. Super easy!

planner cover1


I went through my paper stash and got to work. I traced the cover on a piece of floral scrapbook paper and cut it out carefully. Then I cut a 2 inch strip out of pink glitter paper to overlay. I used double sided photo tape to adhere everything. Then I busted out the fun stickers…

planner cover3

I love how it turned out and I can’t wait to start filling it in. I even started adding stickers and things to the inside…

planner cover4

I love that I can personalize my own cover… or that it’s cute enough to just leave black and white! 

Head on over to Emmy’s shop to get your planner… once they are gone, they are GONE! 

planner cover5



This is NOT a sponsored post. I just really love this planner and my awesome friend Emmy. I only share products and shops that I love and that I think my readers will love too.

Simple Plush Toy Bin

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #InsideOutEmotions #CollectiveBias

Hello friends and Happy Friday!! I’ve been busy getting our home ready to list on the market. So we have been renovation, packing, purging, organizing, and cleaning like crazy for the past few weeks. I noticed that my daughter’s stuffed animal collection was taking over her bed (do you have a child like this?). This is not eye candy for a potential buyer, so I created a quick and simple solution. A simple, yet adorable Simple Plush Toy Bin. Complete with glitter letters of course. 

plush toy bin1

Since we will be having people walk through our home, I need easy quick ways to pick up toys and clutter on a moments notice. Bins and baskets are great for that! When my relator calls, my daughter can easily put her plush toys into her labeled bin and we can be on our way.

plush toy bin2


Here’s how you can make your own! You will need:

  • Fabric bin 
  • Iron on vinyl letters
  • Iron

I used my Silhouette Cameo to design and cut out my vinyl glitter letters, but you can easily purchase the letters done for you if you don’t have a vinyl cutting machine. Here’s how I made mine…

plush toy bin Collage

1. Design your label on your Silhouette software, making sure to measure the surface you are going to apply it to first. 

2. Once you get the text how you like it, select the text and left click on the image. Then select “flip horizontally” so that your text is backwards.

3. Once your text is backwards (mirrored), you can cut the heat vinyl according to Silhouette and heat vinyl directions.

4. Weed your heat vinyl so that only the letters/words remain.

5. Make sure the surface of your bin is clean and lint/dust/hair free. Iron over the surface to heat it up a bit.

6. Apply the vinyl and press it down really, REALLY good. You can use a credit card or driver’s license for this too.

7. Iron over the top of your vinyl (leaving the plastic on). Some vinyls suggest you lay a towel over the top, but my iron doesn’t get hot enough to go through a towel, so I iron right on it very carefully.

8. Peal the clear plastic sheet off slowly, making sure all letters are secure on the bin. If not, run the iron over it again.  

Fill it with stuffies and that’s it! This organization project is so versatile too. You can change the color of the bin, vinyl, and even the wording. We are thinking of doing this to all of my daughter’s bins to make organization a breeze!

plush toy bin4

Have you taken the kids to see Disney’s new movie, Inside Out, yet? My daughter absolutely LOVED it and hasn’t stopped talking about it all week. So of course when we were at Walmart the other day, she noticed her favorite characters (read: all of them) as stuffies and even fruit snacks. 

plush toy bin5

We started her collection off with the three ‘girl’ characters from the movie, but her bin has room for the other two so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

plush toy bin6

Head to your local Walmart and grab some of the Inside Out toys. You can even stash them away for future birthday or Christmas gifts (sick that I’m already thinking abou that, right?). 

Plush toy bin7

So tell me friends- Who was your favorite character from Inside Out? Joy, Anger, Saddness, Disgust, or Fear? 

My Craft Room Makeover {part 1}

Hi friends!

The other day I shared some of our favorite bloggers’ creative spaces. I’ve been busily working on my creative space and I’m really excited to share what I’ve done so far! Want to take a peek into a corner of my craft room?

I was really itching to get something on this bare wall in my craft room.

I started with 2 of my favorite signs from my shop then added the fun fabric hoops to the mix (thanks Wholeport for the hoops!). I had the “R” on a shelf already and I feel like this is a much better home for it. Then I added the cute yellow frame and mini print my sweet friend Michele (The Scrap Shoppe) gave me at SNAP conference, and I painted the wooden frame (Poppy Seeds Projects) aqua and stuck the Rhonna Designs print I received in my swag from SNAP. We’ll get a closer look at them in a minute.

Let’s back up a little to see more, shall we?

Well hello there aqua craft cart. Fancy meeting you here…

Are you as in love with this cart as I am? I actually swiped this from my husband…want to see the before?

I took that bad boy outside and showed it a thing or two with my aqua spray paint. Now my craft cart rocks!

And another look at my pretty wall…

Here’s a close up of the yellow frame…

And the aqua frame…

I love this corner of my craft room.

It’s pretty, organized, and inspiring.

So what do you think of my craft room so far? 

I have so many more fun plans for it.

Do you have a craft room? I would LOVE to see it! Leave a link in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by today friends!!

Have a great rest of your week!

20 Blogger Creative Spaces

Happy Monday, y’all!

I hope you had a great weekend. We sure did! It was full of Mexican food, family time, Home Depot kids workshop, and working in the backyard.

I have been working on my creative space recently…organizing and decorating it. It’s always fun to be inspired and get ideas from other creative minds. So today, I’m sharing 20 Blogger Creative Spaces!

Have you ever wondered where some of your favorite bloggers work?

What their space might look like where they create the beautiful things they share on their blogs?

Be prepared to be inspired to start organizing and decorating your creative space…or simply to designate a space to be creative in *wink*

Be sure to click on the link to visit the original sources…lots more pretty details to be seen.

Little Miss Momma

Tatertots and Jello

Raising Up Rubies

Cleverly Inspired

Lolly Jane

Dreaming n Color

Cleverly Inspired

The Scrap Shoppe

The Happier Homemaker



Rae Gun Ramblings

Crazy Little Projects

Our Thrifty Ideas


A Next For All Seasons

A Little Tipsy

Mom Endeavors

DIY Inspired

The Country Chic Cottage

Some of us have entire rooms dedicated to our crafty space. Others of us make due with what space we have, whether it be in a closet or the corner of our living room. The key is to make your creative space work for you. Find ways to organized and decorate so that you are inspired to create in your space.

Thanks for coming by today!

Do you have a creative space? Share a link with us in the comments!

I’m off to organize more of MY creative space.

See you tomorrow for Tot School Tuesday.