Snow Globe Ornaments

Hello makers! We are down to 5 more days until Thanksgiving and 5 more weekends until Christmas! This year is flying by… I wish I could slow time down a bit or press the pause button. Since I can’t, I decided to make Christmas last as long as possible (aka: decorate early) and get as many Thanksgivings in as we can (we have 3 scheduled with family and friends). I just love this time of year and this season of motherhood. Christmas is still magical and I’m hoping that lasts a while longer. So we put up the tree and my daughter happily helped me decorate it. We even made these fun Snow Globe Ornaments (last year…oops!) and they are some of my favorite ornaments to hang up. I love crafting with my girl!

These ornaments were so easy and fun to make… do you want to make some too? First you’ll need to gather up your supplies. I bought all of mine at Michael’s.

  • plastic ornaments that open
  • mini trees
  • plastic baby deer
  • faux snow
  • hot glue and gun
  • super glue
  • twine/jute
  • scissors

To make these, just open your plastic ornaments and hot glue a tree or two and maybe a deer to the bottom of one half of the ornament.  I also like glue the tiny contents to each other as well… so I glued the trees together that were touching and I glued the deer to the trees as well.

Add some faux snow and close up the ornament with the other half. Put tiny dots of super glue around the opening of the ornament to secure it (this step is optional). Loop twine through the top of the ornament to easily hang it from the tree. I even added a jute bow the the top with some hot glue. 

See! Easy and they are SO cute. I love them on my flocked Christmas tree. But it’s hard to get a good photo of them without catching my reflection! 

What do you think friends? Would you hang some of these Snow Globe Ornaments on your tree?

Glitter Dipped Wooden Ornaments

Hello makers! Are you Christmas ready? I know I’m not nearly as ‘ready’ as I usually am, but I’m still crafting away making all the Christmas decorations. Today I am excited to share my Glitter Dipped Wooden Ornaments with you. They were really easy to make and turned out so beautiful.


So pretty, right?! You only need a couple of things to make them…


I found these cute wooden ornaments and the red glitter paint at Michael’s. I bought 5 of them but you can dip as many ornaments as your sweet little heart desires.


Let’s make these ornaments, shall we? First you want to dump your glitter paint into a small dish.


Then you are going to take turns dipping the ornaments into the glitter paint. Allow them to drip off into the bowl for a bit, and then hang them to dry. I hung mine on hangers and put paper underneath to catch the drips. 


After they dry for 12-ish hours, they are safe to handle and hang on your tree.


I really love the way they turned out. The red glitter really pops against the green tree. And I super love the wood and glitter combo. 


Do you make ornaments for your tree? I love handmade ornaments so much and I have a few more up my crafty sleeve to show you, so stay tuned!

Arizona Melted Snowman Ornament

Hi friends!! I have been slacking on sharing cute Christmas crafts this holiday season. I have been spending lots of time getting sign orders out and any extra time I have after that I have been spending with my family making memories. Thank goodness Siri, our home decor contributor, is here to share this adorable Arizona Melted Snowman Ornament craft with us today!
Hello again and Happy Holidays everyone! It’s Siri again, from Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings, here to share a little holiday home decor craft for the month!
When the holidays arrive, decorating our Christmas tree is usually one of my favorite activities! It’s so much fun to look at all the ornaments that have been made and sought out in years past.  They remind me of wonderful memories with my loved ones! One of my favorite ornaments is one that I made growing up and it has become one of my signature holiday gifts for friends as well.
It’s quite simple to make, even for children, and always brings a smile to everyone’s faces! I present “The Arizona Snowman” ornament! Get it? He’s melted! I know, I know. It’s fantastic. :)
To make your own you’ll need:
  • Ribbon
  • Clear microbeads
  • Small black beads
  • A sheet of orange felt
  • Clear ball ornaments
  • Scissors
Here’s how to do it:
1. Take the top silver part off of your clear ball ornaments and pour in half a vial (mine are from the bead section at Michael’s and they come in small vials as pictured below) of the clear microbeads.
2. Add two small black beads for your snowman’s eyes. 
3. Cut out a tiny triangle from the felt for your snowman’s nose and put it in. 
4. Put the silver top back on your ornament. 
5. Add some red ribbon to hang the ornament and be sure to make a secure knot so it can’t fall. 
6. TA DA! Your Arizona Snowman is done! He will be the perfect touch to bring smiles and laughter to your home this holiday season!
Hope you enjoyed my post and have a fun new craft to do this season with your family! Stop by my blog for other DIY holiday ideas and more! Thanks for reading, and thanks for having me Kara!


Snowy Winter Handmade Ornament

  I am all about having a *handmade* holiday… whether it’s making handmade gifts for others or purchasing from handmade shop owners. So today I want to share a fun Christmas project that is super easy, inexpensive and would make a great gift this holiday season. How pretty is this Snowy Winter Handmade Ornament?! I shared this over at my friend’s, See Vanessa Craft, last week for her Christmas series, but here it is again in case you missed it! 


Simple yet beautiful. This year my Christmas decor has white, silver and lots of rustic nature touches, so I decided to replace some of my ornaments with these guys. Want to make your own? They are EASY peasy!


  • Clear plastic or glass ornaments
  • Faux white snow
  • Mini pinecones 
  • Fine silver glitter
  • Yarn or ribbon 
  • Funnel (optional)

Are you ready for this…

Remove the top of your ornament and place the funnel in the top hole. Add faux snow and glitter. Remove the funnel and press your small pinecones into the hole. I added about 5. Put the top back on. Give it a gentle shake. Add ribbon or yarn to hand from the tree. DONE. And the kids can TOTALLY help on this one! 


It’s so pretty on our tree! Since we don’t get snow where we live, we get our winter on with faux snow. *wink*

And this would make a great gift for teachers, coworkers, friends, neighbors… I LOVE getting pretty new ornaments for my tree don’t you?


Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit! I hope you are having an AMAZING week this week with your family and friends, enjoying awesome holiday traditions.

Merry Christmas, friends! 


Yarn Pom Pom Handmade Ornament

As you have probably figured out, I love making our holiday decorations. Handmade touches throughout the Christmas decor just makes it more special and more personal, in my opinion. So today I am going to share the cute ornament I made the other day to add to our tree. And then I loved it so much that I made another one to give as a gift! Check out this Yarn Pom Pom Handmade Ornament…


Yarn pom poms remind me of cold, winter days. They are symbolic to cozy, winter sweaters and beanies! Plus, let’s face it… yarn pom poms are just CUTE, especially in an ornament. I made 3 tiny pom poms and pushed them into the clear ornament, then wrapped the top with more yarn and a bow. 


And you can add more than one color, of course. Cute little pom poms. Have you made yarn pom poms before? If not, check out this tutorial or this tutorial or even this one to help. They are ridiculously easy…and you may become obsessive when it comes to making them. No? Just me? …. I’m okay with it. *wink*

ornament Collage

Let me know if you make some! I think ornaments make GREAT gifts. Did you see my post 15 Ornaments Kids Can Craft? Check it out!

I’ll see you tomorrow for another Christmas project for my tree! This project has been on my list for 3 years so I am THRILLED to finally get around to it. Stay tuned!

 Merry Christmas!!

Teach Me Tuesday: 15 Ornaments Kids Can Craft

Hello and welcome to Teach Me Tuesday where I share all things *kid-friendly*. Anything from arts and crafts to educational games.

TeachME Tuesdays Button - Kara

We LOVE making handmade holiday decorations and gifts, how about you? My daughter and and craft a lot…but more so during Christmas. So today I thought I would round up of 15 Ornaments Kids Can Craft. I think you and your kiddos will have so much fun making any of these!

Kid Ornaments Collage

Are you ready to get your ornament making on with the kids now? Me too! They are all so stinking cute. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends! 

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Burlap Mittens Ornament

I have the sweetest and easiest handmade ornament to share with you today. I knew I did a good job when my almost-5-year-old said “Gasp! I love the mittens you made, mommy!” Such a cheerleader she is for her mom.
Sooooo cute, right?
Don’t worry! It’s no-sew! 
Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:
Polyester fiberfill (or a couple of cotton balls)
White craft paint
Hot glue gun and sticks
Mitten template (I drew mine on cardstock)
Vanishing pen (optional)
Trace 4 mittens onto your burlap and cut them out. (2 pieces per mitten)
Fill with cotton/fiberfill and glue around the edges of your mittens with your glue gun.
Cut 2 pieces of twine about  4-5 inches long each. Glue one end of twine to the top corner of one mitten and do the same thing with the other piece of twine and mitten.
Cut two, small, felt rectangles and glue to the tops of the mittens..being sure to fold the felt over.
Add polka dots with your white craft paint (and the back end of a paint brush).
Tie the ends of the twine into a bow.
Hang your mittens on your tree or give them as a gift!
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Tot School Tuesday: Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments

Hi friends!
Welcome to Tot School Tuesdays! I’m co-hosting the fabulous Vanessa of See Vanessa Craft. Be sure to pop on over and see what her fun tot activity it this week!
A few weeks ago I shared some of the fine motor skills exercises and activities my preschooler does at home…remember that? Well, today I’m going to share a fun Christmas craft for your tot or preschooler that will also help exercise those fine motor skills…

Aren’t they sweet?
My 4 year old and I made a list of her friends, counted them up, and got to work beading.
Festive beads 
(I got a big bag for a $1 at JoAnn’s)
Pipe cleaners
(You can find these at Dollar Tree)
Baker’s twine
(Found mine in Target’s dollar spot)
Ice cube tray (optional)
(2 for $1 at Dollar Tree)

Empty bag of beads into an ice cube tray.
Cut the pipe cleaners in half. 
Add a bead to the ends and wrap the end of the pipe cleaner around it.
Hand it off to your tot or preschooler to “thread” beads onto the pipe cleaner.
(If your child is older, encourage them to try out different patterns or to count how many red, white. green, etc. they used on a pipe cleaner.)
When your tot/preschooler gets to the end of the pipe cleaner, wrap the end around the last bead to secure.
Slightly bend the top of the beaded pipe cleaner into the shape of a candy cane.
Cut a small piece of baker’s twine and tie to the top of the candy cane…include a loop to hang it on the tree.

Didn’t they turn out so cute? 
My preschooler did about 6 the first day and 4 the next day…and she is requesting to make some for our tree now. I’m thinking these were a hit : )
Okay! Now it’s your turn to link up your Tot School ideas!

Mini Canvas Chalkboard Ornaments

Hi there friends and Happy Monday!
Can you believe it’s already the week of Thanksgiving already?! I am busy planning the menu and doing the shopping today, as we are having the feast at our house this year. 
I wanted to stop by today to share a handmade ornament tutorial with you. Not only does this make a great addition to your tree, but it also makes a great gift!
Mini canvas 
Chalkboard paint
sponge brush
hot glue gun & glue sticks
Optional: chalk pen
Following the directions on your chalkboard paint, using the sponge brush paint the canvas with one light coat of paint all in one direct. Let dry for one hour.
Paint a second coat of chalkboard paint onto the canvas but in the other direction. For example, if you painted vertical the first time, paint the canvas horizontal the second time. 
Let dry for at least an hour.
Lay a piece of chalk on it’s side and rub across the chalkboard canvas until it’s covered with chalk. 
Carefully wipe clean with a dry cloth or towel.
Hot glue a loop of ribbon or twine to the back so your chalkboard canvas can hang from the tree.
Add bows and secure with hot glue.
Write a message or draw a picture on your mini canvas chalkboard ornament.
Chalkboard paint tips:
Chalkboard paint comes in large-ish cans (Rustoleum) and spray paint cans (Rustoleum) and you can purchase those at Home Depot or Lowes. For this particular project, I suggest buying the craft paint version that you can find at your local craft store down the same aisle as the rest of the craft paint. Not only will you have more than enough paint to get you through a couple dozen mini canvases, but it will save you money. And for the very best results, follow the directions on the bottle.
It’s that easy friends!
Make one for each of your kids and let them draw a picture on the canvas to add to your tree.
Attach it to a plate of cookies you give to your neighbor.
Use them for place settings at your holiday party and allow the guests to take them home as gifts.
I’m sure you can come up with a few ideas of your own too {winks}.
Thanks for stopping by!
See you back here tomorrow for Tot School Tuesday with See Vanessa Craft!

Scrabble Ornaments {tutorial}

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 As I mentioned before, I love using Scrabble tiles to decorate with. They are just so easy to come by and there are so many things you can do with them. It must be the teacher in me that likes letters and words enough to decorate with them all of the time *wink*. 

Let’s get started!

Scrabble Ornaments 

-Scrabble letter tiles
-hot glue and gun
-an other small embellishments

{How to}
1. First decide what words you’d like to use for your ornaments. Think about holiday words or who you are giving the ornament to.

Some examples: Noel, Joy, Christmas, Believe, Love, Santa, Rudolf, Peace, Jesus, first names, last names, etc.

2. Using hot glue, glue your Scrabble tiles together and allow dry time.

3. Cut your ribbon and attach to the back of the Scrabble ornament with hot glue and allow dry time.

4. Add any embellishments you desire (I even thought about adding glitter paint to them).
*Optional: Glue ornament to a piece of felt to make more sturdy. Trim off the felt from the edges of the ornament.*

5. Hang the Scrabble Ornaments on your tree, place in a stocking, attach to a gift package, mail to a friend, give to a teacher, neighbor, coach, etc. 

Easy, cute, and so versatile!

What do you think?
Have you made any ornaments this year?

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by : )

This post was originally shared at I Heart Nap Time for the Crazy Christmas Crafters series. 

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