14 First Day of School Photo Ideas

Happy Friday! Time for the last Must Have Craft Tip post of the month to round up our back-to-school ideas and tips. The first day of school is always an exciting day so why not document the occasion in a fun way? Today I’m sharing 14 First Day of School Photo Ideas!


 I know I love documenting the first day of school… and the last! It’s so fun to see how much your kids have grown and changed over the school year… or years for that matter! Let’s check out some of my favorites that I think you’re going to love too.


 Family Class Photo from Pinterest

 First and Last Day of School Photo Prop from Fynes Designs


Don’t have time to make one of these props or have chalk sitting around to write on the driveway? I’ve gathered some cute printable signs that will work just as well and are just as fun!
 All of these ideas are so cute and are fun to do to keep those memories of the first day of school forever! Which one is your favorite? Do you have a first day of school photo idea that you do with your children?
Stay tuned next month for a whole new topic of Must Have Craft Tips and More posts! 


Have a great weekend! 

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Tot School Tuesday: My Dad Q&A

Hi there friends!

Welcome to another Tot School Tuesday where See Vanessa Craft and Mine for the Making come together to share kid-friendly ideas and activities for your tots, preschoolers, and kindergartners. There’s also a linky party at the end of the post so you can link up and share your kid-friendly ideas!


Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I would share a fun “My Dad” Question and Answer print with you! My husband will more than likely be out of town for work on Father’s Day, so this print will be so easy to fill out and put in an envelope to mail off. It’s always fun to receive things in the mail…especially from your kids.

My Dad Q&A

Download HERE

Just download, save, print, and help your kiddos fill it out for dad. Although this is not a “questionnaire” per say, you (the parent) will be asking questions and allowing your tot/preschooler to give the answers.

If you have a little one who is not yet writing, ask them the questions and scribe the answers for them. If you have a pre-writer, you can write your kiddo’s answers in highlighter and they can trace over the letters OR you can spell the words aloud for your child. This print would be super cute in an 8×10 frame tied up with some twine.

*Please remember all printables are for personal use only. And the greatest “payment” you can give a blogger for a freebie is to share, pin, or comment on the post! We really love that…probably more than you love the freebies :)

Thanks for stopping by today! I’ll have another fun Father’s Day gift idea next Tuesday that you won’t want to miss!

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Tot School Tuesday: Spring + Senses Print

Hi there!

Welcome to another Tot School Tuesday with See Vanessa Craft and Mine for the Making!

We dedicate every Tuesday to sharing kid-friendly activities, crafts, education, etc.

Join us!

Today I am sharing a fun (and FREE) print with you and your kiddo(s). Last week I shared a fun round up of outdoor learning activities and a couple weeks before that I shared a fun “I Spy Spring” outdoor game. If you haven’t noticed, we like to be outside during the spring time!

So keeping with my love for nature and being outside, I made a fun print that combines spring and 4 of our senses!

{Download HERE}

Just download it and print it out for your tot, preschooler, or early elementary kiddos.

This would be a fun activity to do in your backyard, on a walk (bring a clipboard!), at the park, on a hike, or even at the zoo! Be sure to go over the directions with your littles…and if they are writing, I encourage you to have your kiddo label their pictures as well. When your child is finished drawing/writing, ask them to tell you about their work…this promotes processing, comprehension, and communication skills.

*Ask questions to promote higher level thinking.

Remember, this print is FREE for personal use only.

If you LOVE this print and decide to use it, leave me a comment letting me know! 

That’s the best form of payment a blogger can ask for.

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Tot School Tuesday: I Spy Spring

Hello there!

Welcome to another Tot School Tuesday with See Vanessa Craft and Mine for the Making.

Spring is in the air, my friends! And we are taking full advantage of the beautiful before it gets too hot. Lots of playing and exploring outside. We often take walks or ride bikes around our neighborhood and play “I Spy.” I thought it might be fun to create an “I Spy Spring” print for her to use on our next walk.

{Download HERE}

Download and print the I Spy Spring print, clip it to a clipboard, and head on outside for a nice walk with your tot/preschooler. Don’t forget to bring a crayon or a pencil to circle the objects you find while on your walk.

Thanks for stopping by today friends!! Be sure to head on over to See Vanessa Craft for more Tot School ideas.

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Tot School Tuesday: Spring Pre-Writing Prints

Hi friends!
Welcome to Tot School Tuesday, where See Vanessa Craft and I share all things tot and preschool friendly.

Spring is in the air here in Arizona and my daughter and I are really enjoying this weather. I created a couple of  prints for her to practice pre-reading and pre-writing, and I thought I would share them with you and your kiddos…

Download Spring Color Words HERE

Download Spring Words HERE

Aren’t they fun?! My preschooler really enjoyed them yesterday.

She verbally spells the words, sounds them out, and writes them.

Are you ready for one of my most favorite teaching tips?

Here it is…

Slip prints and worksheets into plastic page protectors and have your tot/preschooler write with a dry erase marker. That way, you can reuse the prints for extra practice without wasting paper. Typically, we practice them 3-5 times before moving on…not in one day, but over several days.

I hope you enjoy the prints…let me know if you use them with your tot/preschooler!

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Tot School Tuesday: Playing with Shapes

Hello and welcome to another Tot School Tuesday where See Vanessa Craft and Mine for the Making team up to bring you activities, teaching tips, crafts, games that are all geared towards your tots and preschoolers.

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend! I know we sure did.

Today I have invited one of my Instagram friends over to share some of her AWESOME teaching ideas with us! Please welcome my sweet friends, Suzie…

Hi, my name is Suzie and I am a Home Educating Mum of three young children. I have just started blogging at Suzie’s Home Education Ideas where I share the play-based learning activities that we do at home. I am most honored to be guest posting here today and thank you Kara for inviting me to share my ideas on Tot School Tuesday.

I thought I would share with you all one of our favourite home-made resources that we called Shape Mats, and three activities we use with these shape mats to learn about and play with shapes. We made our shape mats from recycling an old anti-static mat. These anti-static mats have a lot of grip and are great to jump on so I cut out different shapes making them varied in size.

The first learning game we play is called “Jump on the shape Mummy says”. We start by spreading our shapes all over the floor and Mummy (that’s me!) calls out the name of a shape and you have find that shape and jump on it as fast as you can. We practice taking-turns at who calls out the shape names and who does the jumping. The great thing about this game is that all my children are involved and they are all learning about shape recognition, how to take turns as well as building gross motor skills as they play.

During this activity, we also work on our vocabulary development by using different action words (verbs, for my older child) to move onto the next shape. Sometimes we like to hop onto the shape, or slide, wiggle, dance, crawl, tip-toe, sneak or squirm. These action words can really get the giggles happening!

The second activity we like to do with our shape mats is to sort them. My children will take one of each shape (usually the biggest one), lay them in a line and sort the rest of the shapes by placing them in the right pile. In this activity, they are learning about early mathematical concept of matching as they visually discriminate which shapes match and which ones don’t then place them in the right pile. This activity builds on shape recognition as well as fine motor development as they move the shapes around. They are also learning about cooperation as they work together.

Our third learning activity focuses on the early mathematical concept of comparing and ordering according to size. By having different size shapes, we are able used the language ‘big, bigger and biggest’ (or small, medium, large) to compare the shapes and place them in order. This activity also helps my younger children understand perceptual constancy as they see that the shape is still a circle whether it is big or small.  

One thing I love about children is that they have an amazing imagination that can be seen through dramatic play. My daughter loves to take our shape mats and pretend that she is making pizza. Even though there is no focused learning concept here, my daughter is still learning about shapes while she plays. Never underestimate the value of play!


There are many more different play-based activities you can do with shape mats like these that promote learning through play. Other ideas could be making patterns with these shape mats or going on a shape hunt after all the mats have been hidden around the place. What other ideas could you use to promote play and learning with these shape mats?

I hope this post has inspired you to make your own shape mats and to encourage your children to learn through play.

Thank you Suzie! Isn’t she awesome?? Be sure to visit her blog and follow her on Instagram for more fun-based educational ideas.

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Tot School Tuesday: DIY Easter Bunny Dress-Up

Hi there and welcome to another Tot School Tuesday!
See Vanessa Craft and Mine for the Making team up on Tuesdays to share fun, crafty, and educational activities to do with your kiddos…tot to preschool size. 
With Easter around the corner, I thought it might be fun to make an Easter themed project with my preschool for today. With a few supplies I already had on hand, I whipped this craft up in no time at all!
-stiff white felt
-pink felt
-white plastic mask
-2 light pink pipe cleaners
-light pink pompom
-hot glue gun and glue sticks
Thanks to CraftProjectIdeas.com for supplying me with some of the materials needed for this project.
Cut bunny ears out of your white felt and the same shape, just smaller out of your pink felt.
Glue the pink felt to the middle/inside of the white felt.
Glue the ears to the headband.
Bend the pipe cleaners into a “V” shape.
Glue the points of the “Vs” to either side of the nose of the white mask.
Glue the pink pompom in the center of the pipe cleaners, on the nose of the mask.
Dress-up is such a fun and important part of tot/preschooler development. 
My preschooler and I even stepped it up a notch…
After I read her the story of Peter Rabbit, I had her retell/act out the story in her bunny costume. What a great reading/listening comprehension lesson!
Thanks for stopping by today, friends!
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Tot School Tuesday: Owl Stamped Shirt

Hello there friends!
Welcome to another Tot School Tuesday with myself and See Vanessa Craft!
We dedicate Tuesdays to fun and even educational activities that we can do with our tots and preschoolers.
Today I am going to share a sort of “upcycle” project that my preschooler and I worked on yesterday. My daughter has a couple of shirts that still fit her and are in good condition, but that have a couple of little stains on them. I hate to let good clothes go to waste, so we improvised and made it into a fun craft.
We just stamped right over those silly little stains!
fabric paint
fabric stamp
sponge brush
*Depending on the age of your child will determine the amount of help/assistance you will give them. 
Place cardboard inside the shirt to prevent paint bleeding through.
Paint the fabric stamp with the sponge brush and allow your little to stamp the shirt. I even allowed my preschooler to paint the stamp. 
Remember to press the stamp straight down on the shirt and lift straight up.
We used 3 colors of fabric paint, but you can use as many as you desire. 
Be sure to read the directions on your fabric paint. 
Pastels and owls. Perfection!
Thanks for hanging out with us for a bit. Be sure to head on over to See Vanessa Craft for more Tot School ideas.
Do you have fun and educational ideas to do with your kiddos?
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Tot School Tuesday: Silly Shamrock Headband

Hello there friends!
Welcome to another Tot School Tuesday with See Vanessa Craft and Mine for the Making. 
Every Tuesday we dedicate to sharing fun activities we can do with our kiddos at home. Most are educational but some are just plain FUN. Like today’s Tot School project. 
Fun, right?
5 green pipe cleaners
1 plastic headband
Cut 3 of the pipe cleaners in half so that you have 6 small pipe cleaners.
Bend all 6 pieces into a heart shape. Now you should have 6 little green hearts.
Put 3 of the hearts together, in the shape of a shamrock. 
Use one long pipe cleaner to wrap around the 3 small hearts (shamrock) to secure them together.
Repeat these steps for the other shamrock.
Wrap the ends of the shamrock to the plastic headband.
I then wrapped the “stems” around my finger to give it a “curly” look.
Then give it to your silly leprechaun to wear…
Thanks for stopping by today! Be sure to head on over to See Vanessa Craft for more Tot School Tuesday ideas!
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Thanks to Craftprojectideas.com for supplying me with the fun green pipe cleaners.

Tot School Tuesday: Suess-tastic Patterning

Hello friends and welcome to another Tot School Tuesday with See Vanessa Craft and Mine for the Making!
Since Dr. Seuss’ birthday was this past Saturday, my preschooler and I have been reading a LOT of his books. One of our newer favorites is The 500 Hats of  Bartholomew Cubbins. We don’t own this one, so it was fun to check out a Dr. Seuss book my daughter hadn’t read yet. 
I decided to use the theme of the hats in the story to make a learning activity for my preschooler focusing on patterning.
color card stock
glue stick
Silhouette or other craft cutter
a hat template to trace and cut by hand
The preschooler will complete 2-3 color patters and create their own patterns.
After I made the hats and we read the story together, I set up a couple of patterns for my preschooler to complete. For example, I laid out the hats: pink, blue, pink, blue and asked her to complete the pattern by handing her the rest of the paper hats. I started with only 2 colors and then built up to 3 when she was ready. 
After several times of her completing my patterns, I asked her to create her own. 
This was a great hand-on learning exercise to practice patterning (math concept) and it didn’t cost me anything (used materials I had on hand) or take up too much time to prepare. Plus, my preschooler loved it!
If you missed my other Dr. Seuss inspired projects, you can check them out here…
Now it’s time to head on over to See Vanessa Craft for more Tot School ideas and to link up your own Tot School ideas! We can’t wait to see what you and the kiddo(s) have been up to.