Adorable Easter Sewing Projects

Hi all! It’s Bev from Flamingo Toes here with this week’s Must Have Craft Tips!

Sewing is such a fun way to show off your style and make custom things for your decor and for gifts – and Easter is a great time to do that! I’ve gathered up some of my favorite, adorable Easter sewing projects for you – I know I’ve added a ton of these to my “to-make” list!

Roly-Poly Easter Bunnies

Roly Poly Fabric Easter Bunnies:

DIY Easter Basket Totes

Simple and Sweet Wonderland Pillow

Simple and Sweet Wonderland Spring Pilllow:

Quilted Easter Topper made from selvedges

Easter Selvage Table Topper by Let's Eat Grandpa

Canvas Bunny Tote

Wear The Canvas: DIY Bunny Tote Bag :: try using fabric markers if you don't want to do the embroidery:

Scrappy Bunny Wall Hanging

ticker tape reverse applique bunny by nanaCompany

Bunny Backpack

Easter Bunny Backpack Sewing Pattern by Sew Much Ado

Bunny Kitchen Towels

DIY Spring dishtowels

Drawstring Bunny Bag

Drawstring Bunny for Easter, or ALL year long! | Make It and Love It

Sweet Bunny Lovey

How to Sew a Bunny Lovey

Spring “Peeps” Embroidery Hoop Art

Spring Peeps Embroidery Hoop Art

Snuggle Bunny

Little Softie Bunnies

Try this super cute Bunny Pattern - FREE and easy bunny pattern to make. So cute!:

Fabric Easter Eggs

Fabric Easter egg tutorial by Retro Mama Peeps Plushies

marshmallow bunny plushie pattern and tutorial

Spring Bunny Pillow


Aren’t they all so cute?? Which will you make first?

Make sure you come back next week for lots more fun Easter inspiration!

Your hostesses,
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15 Sweet and Simple Heart Projects to Sew

Hello friends! Welcome to another week of fun Must Have Craft Tips!

We are just a few week’s away from Valentine’s Day so I thought it would be fun to show you some tips on adding hearts to all the things! Clothes, home decor, even gift ideas. The fun thing about sewing with hearts is that it works for year round projects too – everyone loves hearts! So let’s dive right in!

Hearts on Clothing

Felt Elbow Patches


Valentine Skirt

Sweetheart Apron

Sweetheart apron

Heart in Hand Gloves

Playground Patches

playground patches9

Heart Jean Patches

Quick Heart Inspired Gifts

Felt Handwarmers

Heart Sachets

Felt and Fabric Heart Sachet Valentines - love these! They would be such great gifts!

Sweetheart Zipper Pouch

Sweetheart Zip Pouch Sewing Tutorial.. a cute and simple Valentine's Day Sewing Project

Heart Wristlet

Sweet Heart Wristlet Pattern + Tutorial « Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog:

Heart Bookmarks

Quilty Hearts

Simple Heart Quilt

Be Good to your Heart Block

Big Love Quilt

Pixelated Heart Quilt

Front of Heart Quilt

Have you ever sewn up a heart project? Tell us about it in the comments!

Make sure you check back next week for more tips and inspiration!

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Tips: Sharpen Your Sewing Tools

It is the last week for sewing tips for July’s Must Have Craft Tips & More.
 If it is your first time here, my friends, Michele of The Scrap Shoppe, Bev of Flamingo Toes, Kara of Mine for the Making and I (Allison of A Glimpse Inside), pick a theme for each month and share a special tip to go with that theme every Friday.

And like I stated in the beginning, we are finishing up some great Sewing tips! In case you missed them, check out Tip 1, Tip 2, and Tip 3.

Today, I wanted to share with you a few super simple ways to sharpen those tools of yours!

Most scissors, rotary cutters, pins and needles get dull over time from use.
They can easily be sharpened with a few items you probably already have sitting around the house.

My number one go to is Foil. Yep! Aluminum foil that you have sitting in a drawer in your kitchen.
I know I always have this on hand so I go to it first.

All you have to do is take a large piece of foil and fold it numerous times.
Then get to cutting!
Test your scissors on a scrap piece of fabric as you go to see if you need to sharpen them a little more.

This is perfect for all types of scissors.

This is excellent for Pinking Shears because really, how else are you going to sharpen those crazy, toothy blades?

And is great for rotary cutters as well!

 And if foil doesn’t cut it for you, you can also use sand paper or steel wool to sharpen your cutting tools. So Sew Easy has examples of both of these methods on her blog.
I’ve never tried the sand paper but have done the steel wool. I’d highly recommend doing it over a trash can!Now do you need to sharpen those pins and needles too?!
Here are two types of pin cushions you can create to help with that problem.
This cute steel wool pin cushion is perfect!
Just run your pins and needles through the cushion a few times to sharpen them.
Just don’t store the n the cushion! The steel wool will rust your pins.

Another option is to created an  Emery Pincushion using emery powder. This one you can use to store your needles and pins.And here is one last tip. It isn’t for sharpening but just a cool tip to help get those pins in and out of fabric a little easier.


Don’t have any more stubborn pins by slipping them into a bar of soap for a little lubricant.

Here are a few pin cushion ideas you can make to create one of these sharpening pin cushions for yourself.

1. 15 Cute DIY Pincushions
2. Embroidered Mason Jar Pincushion
3. Chic Pincushion
4. Le Pouf Pincushion

See you next month with all new tips!



Tips for Sewing with Kids

Hello there and welcome to another week of Must Have Craft Tips- hosted by Michele of The Scrap Shoppe, Bev of Flamingo Toes, Allison of A Glimpse Inside, and me (Kara of Mine for the Making). Every week we share a fun and different tip or trick and this month it’s all about sewing! This week I am sharing Tips for Sewing with Kids… what a great summer activity to get your kids involved in!


Tip #1 Gather and use the correct sewing tools. Before setting your child down to learn to sew, be sure you have all the necessary sewing tools. It’s also a good idea to talk about the names of the tools and what they are used for. Here are 10 sewing tools/supplies you’ll need to get started.


Tip #2 Utilized hand sewing cards. There are so many of these free printables online and they are easy to make yourself too. This is a great hand-on activity that is also great for fine motor skills. You can even utilize this activity while on a road trip, airplane, or camping!


Tip #3 Learn the machine. If your child will be sewing using a sewing machine, it’s important to teach about the parts of the machine and how to safely use and operate it. This will eliminate future problems and create a much easier learning environment.


Tip #4 Sewing Camp! Create a sewing camp for your kid(s) or if you aren’t well versed in sewing, seek out and find a sewing camp or class that your kid(s) can take. They will be able to participate and get a hands-on learning experience with other kids who are learning the same skills.


Tip #5 Practice!! Practice makes progress. There are tons of beginner project ideas for sewing by hand and sewing with a machine. Utilize Pinterest and blogs for great ideas and free patterns.

sewingwithkids4 I hope you find these tips for sewing with kids useful! Be sure to click on the links within the post to get further information, ideas, and freebies related to sewing with kids. Do you have any tips not mentioned?


Let us know if there’s any topics of interest you might have, and we’d love to gather up tips and tricks for you! Have a great weekend friends!



Seven Great Sewing Time Savers

Hello and welcome to another week of Must Have Craft Tips – hosted by Michele from The Scrap Shoppe, Allison from A Glimpse Inside, Kara from Mine for the Making and me (Bev from Flamingo Toes)!

Every week we bring a different fun tip or trick and this month we are all about Sewing tips! This week I’m sharing Seven Great Sewing Time Savers – these are great ways to speed up your sewing projects and make everything easier. Something I can definitely use more of!

7 Great Sewing Timesavers

So let’s dive right in!

Time Saver #1: Use craft supplies in fun new ways! When I’m sewing multiple rows on something, or even just something with a wide width, rather than having to stop often and measure my seam allowance, I have a fun way to keep track! I add a strip of washi tape right onto my machine to mark where to line up the edge of my fabric. It can be moved easily and it’s cute too! You can check out the whole Burlap and Lace Table Runner here to see what the finished project looks like!

Sewing Lace in Straight Lines

Time Saver #2: One of the things I struggle with is organization! But if you keep your space tidy, it speeds up the entire process because you’re not spending 20 minutes looking for that kelly green bobbin you filled 2 months ago. Here’s a great bobbin storage idea for always finding the one you need quickly!


Time Saver #3: Along those same lines is Tip #3 – Keep your Most Used Sewing Tools Handy. It’s so easy for a sewing table to get buried under multiple projects, supplies and more. If you have a spot like this Sewing Machine Organizer, you won’t be hunting for your thread scissors or marking pens!

(9) Name: 'Sewing : Undercover Maker Mat

You can make some similar for your Ironing Board as well!

Pretty Ironing Board Organizer

Time Saver #4: Invest in a rotary cutter and mat. So much of sewing is cutting out straight lines, squares, rectangles and more. Cutting these out will be so much easier and more accurate with a cutter and mat! You can even use a rotary cutter for cutting out apparel patterns. Once you get the hang of it you will find your cuts are more accurate than with scissors!

Custom Mat Tutorial (2)

Time Saver #5: Have Binder Clips on hand! There are several fabrics that you don’t want to use pins on – vinyl, leather and even heavyweight fabrics. These are perfect for using binder clips. They don’t pierce the fabric but they hold everything in place. And they give you an excuse to buy cute office supplies too! (Tutorial for Leather Fold Over Clutch)

clamps for holding lining and leather together

Time Saver #6: Keep your supplies for a project together. If you gather up all the thread, zippers, notions and fabric before you get started, it will make it so much easier to finish the project. Especially if the project is put in the To Be Finished pile. Fabric Baskets are so quick to sew up and are great for keeping the supplies together and organized!

Colorful Fabric Basket

Time Saver #7 : Use Resources for Learning More! It sounds silly to say it – but there are soooo many amazing seamstresses out there and they have so many great ideas for improving your sewing. Dive into to sewing groups online, pick up new sewing books at the library, and spend time on Pinterest checking out ideas. (Yep. I just gave you permission to spend time on Pinterest.) There are tons of genius tips and hacks out there and Pinterest is a great place to find them and keep track of them! I’ve started a Sewing Tips and Tricks board if you want to see some of the ideas I’ve collected there.

Sew It Up-01

So we’d love to know – what are your favorite Sewing Timesavers?? Leave all your tips in the comments!



Sewing: Trim

Another Friday means another new Craft Tip. A new month means a new theme! Today we’re talking about a tip for sewing trim.

Must Have Craft Tips & More! In case you’re new to our series, each month my friends Bev, Kara, Allison, and myself will be bringing you a new craft tip, with a different theme each month. We just finished up organization tips in June, and we are moving on to sewing tips for July!

I am certainly no expert seamstress. I’m self-taught and have only been doing it for a few years now. I don’t know all the “jargon” and certainly look up my fair share of “how to’s” on Google. I also like to try things my way which may seem outside the box to your average sewer. But, if it works it works, am I right?

Must Have Craft Tips & More: Sewing Tip - Glue tiny trim on fabric!
This little bottle is my sewing secret. I know what you’re thinking… glue??? With SEWING??? YES!

I was recently trying to stitch some tiny little pom pom trim to a piece of fabric and things were just NOT going my way. Like I said earlier, I’m no sewing expert and this trim was on my last nerve. I really wanted to use it but not if it was going to frustrate me so.

I started searching my craft room for ideas to solve my problem and came across this bottle of Zip Dry. Like it says on the bottle, it is used mainly for paper crafts because, though it is a wet adhesive, it doesn’t wrinkle the paper when you use it. It also dries very quickly.

Must Have Craft Tips & More: Sewing Tip - Glue tiny trim on fabric!
The precision tip on the Zip Dry allows you to place a thin line of the adhesive exactly where you want it. I decided to give it a try!

Now, two things: 1) I needed to fabric to remain flexible, and 2) I needed to be able to sew over the trim without messing up my sewing machine needle.

DIY Patriotic Mason Jar Cozies - perfect for summer barbecues! I wanted to add a row of blue, white, and red trim to this piece of denim. I glued on each row and gave it just a few minutes to dry.

Unless you put the fabric up to your nose and noticed the lack of stitches you would never know the trim was glued on! Using the adhesive gave me a lot more control over how the trim laid on the fabric as opposed to trying to stitch it in place.

Now, did it meet my two criteria?

DIY Patriotic Mason Jar Cozies - perfect for summer barbecues! Yes! I was able to easily bend the fabric (you honestly could not tell the trim was glued it was so flexible) and I was able to stitch over the trim as needed.

I did a Facebook Live video with my little trick when I first discovered it. You can see how pliable the fabric remained after gluing the trim down.

Must Have Craft Tips & More: Sewing Tip - Glue tiny trim on fabric! You don’t have to save this trick for just tiny pom pom trim. Use it on ric rac, thin ribbon, decorative ribbon, rope, or whatever you might be using that you find hard to attach to fabric by sewing.

I hope you found this useful! We’ll be sharing more sewing tips every Friday this month!

Must Have Craft Tips & More!

Got a craft problem? We’re always looking for new topics to provide tips on! Leave us a comment letting us know what you want craft tips about, and we’ll add it to our calendar.



Playground Patches

Our awesome sewing and fabric contributor, Shannon, is back this month sharing a GENIUS idea for us mommas who have rough playing kiddos. Check out her easy tutorial for Playground Patches!
Hi! Shannon here from HustleMama Handmade! It’s finally cooling off here in AZ. As a mom to three girls, we love these affordable cute patterned leggings from Target. My only issue? One of my girls is SO rough on her knees. We joke that her leggings are disposable! I prevent those pesky knee-holes by sewing patches on the knees before she even wears them!
Supplies needed: Leggings, Scissors, Fabric to embellish, fusible web – I prefer Heat’N’Bond (see my previous posts for more info on fusible interfacing)
Begin by cutting a piece of fabric and interfacing large enough to fit 2 knee patches on. Iron interfacing onto wrong size of fabric following manufacturers instructions.
Decide what shape and size your patches will be. I chose hearts, just because I think they are adorable! I used a pencil here to lightly trace around where I wanted patch to be.
Then cut out your patches. I cut just inside my pencil lines so they wouldn’t show.
Place on your leggings after measuring to see where your child’s knees are. Iron into place.
Stitch in place. I use my machine, but that can be a little tricky to get the stitching into such a narrow opening. I find that if I go slowly and constantly pull fabric out of the way with my right hand, I can do it pretty well. You can also hand-stitch into place.
That’s it! You’re done! Not only will your leggings last longer, they’ll be little cuter, too!

Fall Fabric Bunting

Hey there! Shanon here from HustleMama Handmade. It’s hard to believe we are half-way through September. Especially here in the desert where it’s still a hundred degrees daily! Nevertheless, I decided to crank down my A/C and close my curtains to pretend we have a fall! I’ve been crafting fall projects with my kids, and needed something for our mantel. This Fall Fabric Bunting was just perfect! 
First, gather your supplies: scrap fabric, trims, burlap pieces and heat’n’bond (optional). Not shows: needle, thread, buttons. I got this handy 4 pack of burlap flags at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off in the scrapbook section, but you could easily cut your own. Same for the trims- they regularly have 50% off sales on the ribbon and trims! 
I printed the word FALL in Word so I could trace the letters for my banner. Go ahead and cut out the letters, and then iron on scarp pieces of the heat’n’bond (or any fusible web) to your scrap fabric pieces. This step is optional, but I like to adhere the letters to the flags before stitching so they don’t wiggle around too much. 
Trace the letters onto the backing – backwards! This is important so your letters end up the right ways when you cut them out. 
Cut out letters are you traced them, peel off backing and iron onto flags. 
Stitch letters onto flags. You can machine stitch or use a needle and thread0 which is what I did, because I wanted the stitches to be very visible. You don’t even need to stitch them if you used the heat’n’bond! 
Now for the fun part! I used three different trims because I like the whimsical layered look. Find the center of the trims and stitch together onto the middle of the A and the L. I grabbed a few cute buttons from my stash to add to the look! Continue this with the other joints of the letters and the edges of the F and the L. 
Hang from your mantel, a doorway, or from a large mirror and enjoy! 
Don’t forget to PIN this for later!! 
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Cloth Napkins 3 Ways

Our fabulous Sewing Contributor, Shannon, is back to share Cloth Napkins 3 Ways! There’s even a no-sew version! 
Hi guys! It’s Shannon here from HustleMama Handmade. I’m in the full swing of back to school business with snack and sandwich bags. I often get requests for cloth napkins for lunch boxes too! I’m sharing a few easy ways you can make them, so you can whip some up yourself! Pair with some homemade muffins, and they make a great housewarming or hostess gift, too! 
I like to use the super cute printed flannel you can find at the fabric store. Flannel is a great choice because it is super aborbant, comes in great prints, and is really affordable! When Joann’s had their flannel on sale for $2.77/yard, I bought several yards of these cute prints! You can get a dozen napkins out of one yard of fabric! 
Decide how big you want your napkins/unpaper towels to be. Mine are 10″x10″. I use my rotary cutter but if you don’t have one, a regular ruler and scissors would work just fine! 
Cute pieces to desired size.
Now these are already cute, but we need to finish the edge of the fabric so they don’t fray. There are several ways to do this – including a no-sew method! On these grey chevron ones, I used my serger to do a narrow hem along the edge. This is a great project for getting to know your serger! 
Another little known way of finishing fabric that emulates the narrow rolled edge of a serger is zigzag stitching the edge with your regular machine. It effectively binds off the raw edge. 
And if you don’t have access to a sewing machine (or just don’t want to drag it out!) you can just use pinking shears. These cut the edge of the fabric in a zigzag, leaving only diagonal (or bias cuts) so the fabric won’t fray. 
You can see all of the different methods here. 
Don’t they look cute? Now go pack a lunch box, or make a set for your neighbor, or teacher, or friend! 
How adorable are those cloth napkins! They would go so great with her fabric Snack and Sandwich Reusable Bags too! I really love anything eco-friendly…especially if it involves pretty fabrics ;) Be sure to visit Shannon’s SHOP and receive 10% off your order. Find the code HERE. She also showing off her hustle on Instagram and Facebook

Pineapple Applique Tank

I am THRILLED to introduce you to another MFTM contributor today. This Arizona handmade shop owner and momma to 3 adorable girls is so super talented and I couldn’t be more excited about her joining our team of creative minds. I found Shannon through Instagram and become instantly obsessed with her handmade goods…and then I discovered that she is one cool chick who loves her family, friends, cooking yummy food, and sitting behind her sewing machine. What’s not to love, right?! Shannon will be dropping by once a month as our Sewing contributor and you won’t want to miss her posts!



Hi! I’m Shannon, chief mama at HustleMama Handmade, my little line of handmade goods. Are you as obsessed with pineapples as I am? I made one of these cute applique tanks for my girls to wear with a breezy summer skirt!
It’s a cinch to make! All you need are: tank top, fabric scraps, steam a seam or heat’n’bond fusible web (easily found at your local hobby store), and of course scissors! 
Begin by cutting your fabric scraps into rough shapes an inch or 2 bigger than you would like your applique to be. Give them a good ironing, You will also cut the fusible web into the same rough shapes. 
If you are using the steam a seam brand, it is self stick on both sides, with protective paper covering it. See how they kind of separate on either side. 
Start by peeling the side that comes off easiest and adhering to your fabric scraps. 
Sketch out your shape. Remember whatever you draw will be reversed once you cut it out. Get creative! I use this method for my birthday shirts (numbers!), initials, other fruits, etc! 
Cut out the shape. 
Place onto your shirt to be sure it fits, and you like the layout. 
Peel the other side of the paper off. See how you are left with that web on the back of your shape? 
Apply to shirt and iron according to package directions to stick onto shirt. 
Time to stitch down! You can use your machine with a decorative stitch, zigzag, or you can just use a fun embroidery stitch and sew the old fashioned way with a needle and thread! 
Trim your threads and gift to your favorite girl! (Or yourself!!!) 
Thank you Shannon! What an adorable tank! And pineapple happens to be my favorite fruit ever. 
Be sure to check out Shannon etsy shop too!