Buffalo Plaid Wooden Sign

Hello there makers! We are quickly approaching Christmas…are you ready?! Today I thought I’d share another Christmas decor craft with y’all, and since I’m on that buffalo plaid kick… it’s bound to have some in there! If you’ve followed me for a bit, then you know I run a handmade wooden sign shop and have for almost 7 years. One of my favorite things to make is wooden signs! Check out my Buffalo Plaid Wooden Sign!

I really love how it turned out! I placed it right in the entry way so that our visitors see it right when they walk in. Want to make your own? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • cut and sanded piece of (ply) wood (mine was 11×13)
  • paint/brush
  • stain/brush
  • cut and sanded furring strip (enough to frame your sign)
  • buffalo plaid welcome (from Michael’s)
  • buffalo plaid deer (from Target)
  • E3600 heavy duty glue
  • nail gun/nails 

First you want to get your sign ready. Cut and sand all wood needed for the project. *If you don’t have power tools on hand, you can ask your local Home Depot or Lowe’s to cut the wood for your for a small cost. 

Next, paint your sign and stain your frame. Allow dry time and lightly sand with a sanding block when dry. Coat the frame in sealer (this can be wax or a clear coat of spray paint). 

Then, using your nail gun, attach the furring strips to the outside of your sign to frame it all in.

The tough parts are done! Use your heavy duty glue to adhere the Welcome and deer to the wood.

Almost done…

Tada! You can attach a hook to the back if you want to hang it up on a wall. Otherwise, it sits nicely on flat surfaces like tables, shelves, mantles, etc. 

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Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great rest of your weekend. 

Rustic Thanksgiving Sign

Hi there! We’re getting closer and closer to Thanksgiving… are you ready? I’m certainly not, but I do have my decor up! I needed a new sign for a blank spot on my wall, so I created this Rustic Thanksgiving Sign.

Rustic Thanksgiving Sign1

I love the way it turned out and I really LOVE this quote. 

Rustic Thanksgiving Sign2

I cut and sanded a 14×14 piece of reclaimed wood and stained it with a natural homemade stain. Then I created a design using my Silhouette and cut it out on a piece of vinyl. After applying the stencil to my sign, I painted the words with white and I added Mod Podge and gold glitter to the arrow and leaf. I love the added texture and you just can’t go wrong with glitter, am I right?

Rustic Thanksgiving Sign3

This sign can also be found in my shop if you don’t feel like making your own! 

And in case you didn’t see my Fence Slat Pumpkin, be sure to click over and check that out too. 

Fence Slat Pumpkin1

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Peter Pan Inspired Directional Sign

Hello there friends!

A few weeks ago my sister-in-law asked me to make a Peter Pan Inspired Directional Sign for my nephew’s first birthday party. My SIL is a superb party thrower and her husband gets in on the fun also. If you know me then you know a few things… 1) I’ll do anything for my nieces and nephews, 2) I love a good themey party and 3) I LOVE Disney. How could I possibly say no??

peter pan directional sign2

Since Peter Pan is one of our favorite Disney movies, my husband and I had fun brainstorming and designing this directional sign. We included London, Neverland, Mermaid Lagoon, Indian Camp, Lost Boyz Hide Out, Pixie Hollow, and Skull Rock. Each wooden piece had it’s own unique character to it… from the cut to the paint. 

peter pan directional sign6


Many of the signs we’re done free hand by my husband and I (Pixie Hollow, Lost Boyz Hide Out, Indian Camp, and Mermaid Lagoon) and I used my Silhouette machine to create stencils for the others. Once they were all finished, we screwed them into a stake to put into the ground at the birthday party. 

peter pan directional sign5

The fun part about this sign is that it can be used as bedroom decor after the party is over! And just for fun, check out my cute nieces and birthday boy nephew… 

peter pan directional sign7

Aren’t they the cutest humans? We’ve got Tiger Lily, Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tink. Ha! Love them. Check out more of the party details (coming soon) on To Entertain

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Distressed Glitter Heart Sign

Hello there and happy Friday! 

This year I shopped around my house and used what I already have on hand to decorate for Valentine’s Day, but I really wanted a new wooden sign to display on my entry way table. So I whipped up this cute Distressed Glitter Heart Sign. It was an easy DIY decor project and I think you’ll really like it. I love the look of the distressed wood and the bling of the glitter together. 

  glitter heart sign5

Are you ready to make your own? Here’s what you will need:

  • 10×10 sanded wood
  • white primer 
  • aqua spay paint
  • clear satin spray paint
  • mod podge
  • glitter
  • red craft paint
  • sponge brush
  • sand paper
  • heart/LOVE vinyl stencils

  glitter heart sign4

How To:

I cut and sanded my piece of wood myself, but you can easily purchase a piece of sanded wood from the craft store. Prime the wood with white twice, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. Then spray the sign with aqua and allow it to dry. White the paint was drying, I designed and cut out my vinyl stencil using my Silhouette. If you don’t own a vinyl cutting tool, you can purchase adhesive stencils from your local craft store. Once the aqua paint is dry, distress the wood with the sand paper. Then apply the vinyl stencil onto the wood and smooth out/press down firmly. Use a sponge brush to paint the hearts with Mod Podge and then get your glitter on… sprinkle glitter all over the hearts. Use a clean sponge brush to paint the word LOVE with red. Carefully peel off the vinyl stencil and discard. Once it’s dry, spray the entire sign with the clear satin spray paint to seal everything. DONE!

glitter heart sign2

 It’s so pretty. It goes great with my other Valentine decor. You can change the color choices to whatever matches your decor best. And just for fun, you can check out my other handmade signs HERE

 Thanks so much for coming by today! During the My Favorite Things Giveaway, I asked what you wanted to see more of at Mine for the Making and many of you said crafts and DIY projects. Thanks for inspiring me to create this crafty little DIY project! More to come for sure :)

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Fence Slat Thanksgiving Signs


We were busy in the kitchen today, cooking and baking up a storm. How about you?! I wanted to stop by to share my last Thanksgiving project of the year. I made these Fence Slat Thanksgiving Signs for a couple of craft fairs and as gifts for the hostesses of some parties we are attending over the extended weekend. I really love how the turned out…


We cut the fence slats at 15 inches and I used my Silhouette to create a vinyl stencil. I applied the vinyl and then painted the slats white. After they dried, I added holes and twine to some of them so they could hang from the wall. Easy peasy.


I love the rustic, shabby chic look the fence slats bring.

The four words I used- Grateful, Bounty, Blessed, and Thankful were inspired by the hand stamped wooden utensils that Amy at The Idea Room made. I’d like to invite her over for dinner just so I can possibly receive those cute utensils. Seriously :) But these 4 words really remind me of what Thanksgiving is what it’s all about. 


I am thankful for thy blessings and grateful for this bounty. 

I am oh-so-thankful for each and every one of you who stops by to read Mine for the Making. I truly hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving with your family and friends! 

Easy DIY {Choose the Right} Sign

Hi there!

It’s the weekend AND tomorrow is Mother’s Day! Any big plans?

Today I am sharing a DIY wall decor project that took me all of 10 minutes and cost me under $5 to make.

I made this sign for my daughter’s bedroom and I wanted it to be something that was a good daily reminder for her. One of the themes or sayings in our church is “Choose the Right,” often abbreviated with CTR. When I found a ready-to-paint sign at Michael’s that resembled the CTR emblem, I knew it was the perfect fit.

I spray painted the sign with Krylon Ballet Slipper and while it dried I used my Silhouette SD to design and cut CTR out of the awesome grey/white vinyl I received in my SNAP swag (thanks Expressions Vinyl!).

I applied the vinyl to the painted sign, slapped a 3M strip on the back and hung it on my daughter’s wall.

Don’t you just LOVE simple crafts that turn out great?

I think it goes perfectly on this wall too.

This sign can be easily modified for your child’s bedroom as well. Change the color of the spray paint, color or pattern on the vinyl, letters/words…really you can do anything! Michael’s had several different shaped pieces of wood to choose from too. The options are endless.

So tell me what you think? Do you think this is a craft you’ll try out?

If you’d like to see more of my daughter’s room, check HERE and HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Enjoy your weekend and if you are a momma,


If you need any last minute Mother’s Day ideas, check out my Mother’s Day archives or my Mother’s Day Pinterest board.

Mothers make the world go ’round…have a good one friends!

Happy Handmade Holidays: Wooden Chalkboard Menu

Day four of our Happy Handmade Holidays series! 
Today I have a great handmade gift that’s perfect for almost anyone. It’s a great organizational tool and a super cute piece of kitchen decor.
Wooden Chalkboard Menu
Piece of wood (sanded)
Chalkboard spray paint
White craft paint
Paint brush
Sponge brush
Vinyl stencil/transfer paper (created using my Silhouette)
Paint your piece of wood with primer and allow time to dry.
Spray your primed wood with chalkboard paint and allow time to dry. Do 2-3 coats, making sure each coat is dry before applying another.
Apply your vinyl stencil to the chalkboard wood and remove the transfer paper. I used the word “Menu” at the top of the sign and then the first letter of each day of the week going down along the left side.
Lightly sponge the white paint on to your stencil and allow dry time.
Carefully peal your vinyl stencils off the chalkboard.
Take a piece of chalk, lay it on it’s side and rub the entire chalkboard with it. Wipe clean with a dry rag.
Now the menu is ready for meals to be written on it!
Hang it on a wall or set it on the counter. I love this shabby chic way of organizing dinners for the week!
{If you are unable to DIY a Wooden Chalkboard Menu, I also sell them for $25 + shipping. Just send me an email to Mineforthemaking(at)gmail.}
Don’t forget to enter the Happy Handmade Holidays GIVEAWAY, link up your handmade holiday ideas to our LINKY PARTY, and visit Delicate Construction to see what Michelle is sharing today!
See you tomorrow, friends!

Easter Display {frugal decor tips}

Hello, Hello!
The day before Easter and I am finally ready to share this year’s Easter display. Apparently I’m not one of those craft bloggers that can get their craft together enough to have this ready weeks before. Maybe next year : )
I’m happy to say that this is another frugal decor project. I used what I had from years before, “shopped” around my house, and bought a couple of new items (all under $10). Most of the pieces that I used from last year were from the dollar store, made, or thrifted.
 Ready to see my Easter display? I’m really happy with it and I’d love to hear what you think.
Here’s a few things I love about this display…the simplicity, the element of handmade, the different textures, the touches of nature, the Spring colors, and the fact that I didn’t spend gobs of money to achieve this look.
Let’s take a closer look and I’ll even include a few frugal decor tips.
Frugal decor tip #1: Use recycled items!
These 3 jars are all recycled..I think there’s even a pasta sauce jar in the mix. Wrap some twine or ribbon around the mouth of the jar and fill it with holiday/themed items.
I am IN LOVE with the way my Easter sign turned out. I was reading my scriptures and came across John 10:27-28 and instantly knew I was going to use it as part of my Easter display. It touched my heart in a special way the moment I read it. I designed a vinyl stencil on my Silhouette and painted the the sign with wood that I already had. Yes that’s right. FREE. Which brings me to…
Frugal decor tip #2: Upcycle! 
Take something you already have and change it into something new and beautiful. Something as simple as a slat of wood and paint can become a beautiful piece of artwork.
Frugal decor tip #3: Shop your house!
Everything you see in this picture, I found by shopping my house. The scrolly chalkboard frame is used often in my displays and the fact that it’s a mini chalkboard makes it very versatile. The Shakespeare books are off of my bookshelf and the large clothes pin if from my craft room. I borrowed the adorable birdhouse from my daughter’s room and the bird and nest are from last year’s decorations (dollar store). The antique keys are an old garage sale find (and I just them). The turquoise doily was a new purchase…$1.50 at Michael’s. 

Again, I shopped my house for the decor elements above. The scrolly chalkboard frame, birds, and nest are all items that I already had on hand either in “decor storage” or somewhere else around the house.
What do you think?
Do you LOVE my Easter display as much as I do?
Quick recap on the frugal decor tips…
1. Use recycled items
2. Upcycle
3. Shop your house
I hope you have a blessed Easter weekend with your family and friends.
I am so grateful for my life and the multitudes of blessings that are in it (that includes YOU!).
I am grateful for my Lord, Jesus Christ, and his atoning sacrifice.
Because of Him, I have the ability to be, think, feel, do whatever I want with this life I have. I choose to spend my days happily making those around me happy, sharing what I love, and really taking in each precious moment that I have. 
Thanks for reading Mine for the Making, friends.
I’m off to get ready for a super special 4 year old birthday party for my mini!
See you next week!

DIY White Christmas Scrabble Plaque {tutorial}

Hi there! Today I am sharing a fun do-it-yourself Christmas sign. I absolutely LOVE decorating with Scrabble tiles. It’s frugal, easy to find, and so versatile for crafts. I found my Scrabble inspiration here

Let’s get started on the project, shall we?

White Christmas Scrabble Plaque

-small white wooden plaque (I bought mine at the dollar store and spray painted it white)
-snowflake stickers or cut-outs (Got my stickers at JoAnn for $1)
-small rhinestones
-ribbon (I used burlap ribbon I got at a garage sale for 50 cents)
-Scrabble letter tiles that spell out “White Christmas”
-Hot glue and gun

{How to}
1. Glue your snowflake stickers or cut-outs to your white plaque sporadically, leaving room for your Scrabble letter message.
2. Glue on “White Christmas”.
3. Glue on the rhinestones for a little more snowy bling.
4. Glue your ribbon to the back of the plaque.

5. Hang for all to enjoy or give as a gift!
And there you have it! You can do any message you want and for any holiday!
You can even do family names and give it as a gift. The options are endless. 
Not to mention this project only cost me $3 since the supplies I didn’t have on hand came from the dollar store. 
Have you been Christmas crafting yet or do you like to wait until after Thanksgiving?
I am too anxious to be able to wait…Ive been Christmas crafting for a couple of weeks now!
I hope you are enjoying your week so far! 

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{Witch Way} Halloween Sign

I had an awkward blank spot on my entry way table after all my Halloween decor was up.
I thought about all of the cute Halloween things I’ve seen at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and JoAnn that I could buy to fill in this annoying blank spot. The more I thought about it, the more the spot bothered me (does that ever happen to you?). So I gave in and decided to MAKE something rather than purchase something new. I mean…my motto is “Saw it. Wanted it. Made it.” Not “Saw it. Wanted it. Bought it.” 
Enter in…{Witch Way} Halloween sign.
How did I make it?
1. Spray paint a piece of wood or a plaque white (I had a plaque I purchased from the dollar store a long time ago).
2. Design a stencil on your craft cutter and cut out design on vinyl.
3. Transfer the stencil onto the plaque and spray paint black. 
4. After paint is dry, peal off stencil.
5. Paint over words and witch with glitter paint.
6. Hot glue a piece of lace along the side.
7. Hot glue a piece of ribbon to the top for hanging purposes.
8. Make a paper flower out of mini cupcake liners (purchased from the dollar store) and hot glue to the lace.
9. Hang your sign and admire how cute it is.
Best part about this sign is that I had ALL supplies on hand so, essentially, it was FREE. Gotta love that.
What do you think of the Witch Way sign?
Thanks for stopping by today!
Make sure you come by tomorrow so I can show you the rest of our Halloween decor!

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