Teach Me Tuesday: 15 of the Coolest Pool Noodle Ideas

Hello there and welcome to Teach Me Tuesday- where we share all things teachable and kid-friendly.

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Pool noodles are a popular and inexpensive summer toy that can be turned into so many other objects and activities. So today I rounded up 15 of the Coolest Pool Noodle Ideas. Just click on the links below to take you to the full blog posts.

pool noodle ideas

Aren’t they awesome? You can get pool noodles for as little as a dollar, so it’s inexpensive entertainment! 

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Teach Me Tuesday: FROZEN Sensory Tub

Welcome to Teach Me Tuesday! A (mostly) weekly series where we share all things kid-friendly that you can do with your kids or teach them how to do. It can be educational, artistic, scientific, hands-on…anything goes as long as it’s kid approved!

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Hello sweet Mine for the Making friends! It is Michelle again and I am back with another fun kids activity for you! Has FROZEN become a staple in your house like it has mine? If it is has, I have the perfect sensory tub activity for you! My daughter loved this and played with it for days, I would classify that as a successful project! Check out this FROZEN Sensory Tub:

frozen sensory tub

Doesn’t it look fun?! I have to say, I had as much fun setting it up for Avery as she did playing with it. It was super simple to put together and is something that I classify as ‘toddler safe’. By this I mean, besides the glitter, it is all edible ingredients. When it comes to glitter, if children eat a bit of it, it wouldn’t be a huge deal. I used flavorless gelatin for this sensory tub and while of course you can use flavored gelatin, I don’t like for kids to get used to eating sensory experiences. I feel like that can be a hard habit to break so, especially with the little ones, I make sure they wouldn’t get hurt if it goes in their mouths, but I don’t want it to be an appetizing flavor. Ok, I will step off my soap box now and show you my ingredients- gelatin, food coloring and glitter (you will also need water).

frozen sensory tub2

I made the gelatin according to the box directions (I just used water instead of juice) in one big bowl, then I separated that into 3 tubs and added food coloring and glitter.

frozen sensory tub3

I mixed that up and while it looks great for the picture like this, I thought it was a little shallow in the container. I think these three containers would work great if I had doubled the recipe (I would have needed two of those small boxes, though, I need to just invest in the big one because Avery loved it!).

Isn’t it pretty?

frozen sensory tub4

Yeah, this is much more appropriate in my bread pans, just not nearly as cute. Oh well. Function wins!

frozen sensory tub5

I put these in my fridge over night and pulled them out in the morning. I noticed that the glitter mostly sunk to the bottom, next time I will add some more on the top. But, I found that my plastic spatula worked well to keep the glitter stuck to the gelatin squares. I just cut them with a butter knife into semi square ish shapes.

frozen sensory tub6

Once they were cut up, I arranged them on a tray, added Avery’s little plastic Elsa and let her have a blast! She built castles, made a floor for her to dance on, made her clothes and eventually just squished up all the blocks. I still don’t think she is done yet, even squished up, it still looks awesome and inviting!

Plus it is cool to have a cold sensory activity when it is very hot outside, perfect!

frozen sensory tub7

I hope you all have as much fun as we did with this activity!!

frozen sensory tub8

If you love Frozen, check out my FREE Printable Alphabet Cards

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And my FREE Frozen Birthday Printables!

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Teach Me Tuesday: Patriotic Popper Painting

I am so excited to announce and share that Mine for the Making will now have monthly content contributors! I have hand picked some of my favorite ladies who inspire me in so many ways. They will be stopping by once a month to share a piece of their talent and creativity and expertise with you. Today I’d like to introduce you to my bloggy bestie, Michelle of Delicate Construction. She is our Kids Crafts contributor and she is seriously FULL of awesome ideas for the kiddos. Today she is sharing a Patriotic Popper Painting activity for Teach Me Tuesday!

  delicate construction

Hi everyone!! This is Michelle from Delicate Construction and I am so excited to be a contributor at one

of my favorite blogs! Me and Kara go waaaaayyyyy back, like we have been reading each other’s blogs

for years and years so this is just so awesome that we can come together in this new way! I am going to

come on over here and share fun ideas for projects you can do with the littles and this month I thought

we would have fun with a spin on the standard patriotic craft for the fourth of July!

patriotic popper painting1

Doesn’t this Patriotic Popper Painting look fun?! I live in San Diego and fireworks are illegal, granite I could just drive like an hour

and a half or so away if I really wanted to buy some, but I am not for breaking the law as a general rule

so the closest thing we get to that here are these fun little party poppers. You can get them most places

and especially party supply stores. I also grabbed a couple of our tempera paints from our classroom,

since this is fun for 4th. 

patriotic popper painting2

Then I got to setting up the art area in the driveway, I laid out a good amount of butcher style paper and

then a 12×12 square of white paper on top.

patriotic popper painting3

Once the area was ready, I prepped the poppers, no here is the important part- you have do to this one

at a time. I just put a little bit of paint on the end that the streamers shoot out of and then point it at the

paper and pull the string.

patriotic popper painting4

You will get the feel for how it works as you do the first couple of them, I aimed at the edge of the paper

closest to me because the paint was going further across the paper that way>

patriotic popper painting5

Also use CAUTION because these are poppers that should be shot AWAY from people and faces and

animals and so on. If you have older children who you would let do this on their own anyways, them

they are probably fine to do this project on their own as well. But, obviously, I would not let my four

year old do this on her own so I held the popper in position and then let her pull the string. She had a


patriotic popper painting6

I think that this would be such a fun project to do any time but especially fun for 4th

just think about how fun it would be for a group of kids at a BBQ, you could even run large butcher

paper across a fence and have a different perspective. If multiple kids are doing it, I would definitely

recommend eye protection and lots of adult supervision!

patriotic popper painting7


Thank you so much Kara for letting me invade your blog for the day and I hope that you all have fun with

this project! My daughter loved it and can’t wait to do it again!

Teach Me Tuesday: 12 Inspiring Homeschool Rooms

Hello and welcome to Teach Me Tuesday, our {mostly} weekly series about all things that relates to teaching your kiddos. I’m a teacher at heart and this is a way for me to share that with others. 

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Today I am sharing 12 Inspiring Homeschool Rooms! I love browsing Pinterest and my favorite homeschool blogs and Instagram accounts to get new ideas for our own homeschool room. Everything from decor, organization, colors, seating, layout… it’s fun to dream of these rooms and even apply some of the ideas. Check out these amazing, Inspiring Homeschool Rooms! Click the links to get a closer look…

Inspiring Homeschool Rooms

  1. Organized Chaos’ Homeschool Room
  2. Happiness Is Homemade Homeschool Room Tour
  3. Homeschool Creations New Homeschool Room
  4. Good Morning Girls Ikea Inspired Homeschool Room
  5. 1 Plus 1 Plus 1 Equals 1 Homeschool Room
  6. My Joy Filled Life’s Homeschool Room Reveal
  7. Mt. Hope Chronicles’ Live and Learn Studio
  8. Jamie Coupaud’s School Play Room
  9. Everyday Snapshots’ Homeschool Room Redo
  10. Rossimore House’s Homeschool Room
  11. Natural Beach Living’s Homeschool Room
  12. Living Out His Love’s Our Hoemschool room

Aren’t they fun?! I love the use of maps and globes. I also love the storage from Ikea. What are you loving about these rooms?

Thanks for stopping by today friends!

Teach Me Tuesday: 10 Patriotic Kids’ Crafts

Hello and welcome to Teach Me Tuesday…a place where we share all things kid-friendly as well as teachable moments.

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With Memorial Day and the Fourth of July around the corner, I thought I would round up our top 10 Patriotic Kids’ Crafts from around the web. Just click on the links to find the full tutorials.

10 Patriotic Kids' Crafts

Which craft are you excited to show the kids how to do? I want to make those Confetti Launchers for sure! So fun!!

Thanks for stopping by today friends! 

Teach Me Tuesday: 25 Ways to Do Easter Eggs with Kids

 Hello there and welcome to Teach Me Tuesday… a weekly series where I share all things that are kid-friendly and that you can teach your children to do! 

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We absolutely LOVE spring and all it has to offer. From the weather to the holidays, we love it all! I want to do an entire Easter Egg unit (week) with my daughter for homeschool so I thought I would round up 25 Ways to Do Easter Eggs with Kids! They all look so fun and there is something for all ages. Science is even incorporated in a lot of them! Check out the full tutorials by clicking the links below. 

  25 ways to do Easter Eggs

I think we are going to do the Natural Dyed Eggs and the Nail Polish Easter Eggs first. What about you?


Teach Me Tuesday: Top 10 Spring Projects for Kids

Hello and welcome to Teach Me Tuesday… a weekly series where I share all things kid-friendly that you can essentially *teach* them. Crafts, games, printables, educational activities, and more!

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Spring is in the air, my friends! And we couldn’t be more thrilled! I am busily planning a spring unit for my kindergartener, so I thought I would share our Top 10 Spring Projects for Kids list. We are hoping to do everything listed below this spring…won’t you join us??

Spring Projects for Kids

Don’t they all look so incredibly fun?! My girl and I can hardly wait to get started. 

Are there any spring crafts or activities that you are looking forward to?

Teach Me Tuesday: 12 Shamrock Kids’ Crafts

Hello there and welcome to Teach Me Tuesday! Most every Tuesday I share things that you can teach your kids whether it’s crafts, games, educational activities, book suggestions, etc. 

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Since St. Patrick’s Day is less than a week away, I thought I would share some fun crafts that you might like to do with your kids. Check out these 12 Shamrock Kids’ Crafts! We love shamrocks and what they are symbolic of… good luck, good fortune, and good health. Clicking on the links below will take you to the original source which has the instructions and more photos to better help you. Enjoy! 

12 Shamrock Kids Crafts

Are you pinning things for St. Patrick’s Day?! Me too! Check out my Luck o’ the Irish board! 

Thanks for stopping by today! Have fun crafting with the kiddos!

Teach Me Tuesday: Yarn Pom Pom Truffula Trees

So happy you are stopping by today for Teach Me Tuesday, a day where we share all things kid-friendly! Activities, crafts, games, etc. that you can teach your child. 

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March is just around the corner and we love this month for so many reasons. One reason is because it’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday month and he is one of our favorite authors. We especially love reading The Lorax during the month of March because it’s all about Earthy-love…which is perfect for Earth Day, also in the month of March. Last year my daughter and I made these fun Truffula Tree Treats so I thought this year it would be fun to make a craft! Check out our Yarn Pom Pom Truffula Trees! 



Aren’t they cute?! 

Here’s what you’ll need for this activity:


Read the book with your kiddos and then make your own Truffula Trees. We used rainbow yarn but you can use any color. Follow the directions on your pom pom maker or make them by hand like I do. After you finish your pom poms, hot glue them (help the littles with the hot glue!) to the paper straws! Easy peasy! 

The wrapping of the yarn and scissor work is great fine motor skills!



Now we are off to plant some real seeds of our own! My daughter is thrilled to take care of and tend to her own little herb garden.

Don’t forget to “SAVE THE TREES!” just like the Lorax tells us :) 

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Teach Me Tuesday: Pin the Arrow on the Heart Game

Hello there to all my night owl friends! Thanks for stopping by for our kid-friendly weekly series, Teach Me Tuesday!

I thought I was done with the Valentine’s Day posts, but I have just one more to sneak in if that’s okay!.I have a fun printable that you and the kiddos are sure to love. Check out this PIn the Arrow on the Heart Game!

pin the arrow8

So cute right? We had so much fun playing our game at our Valentine’s Day party with our sweet homeschool friends! Do you want to play? 

All you need is:

  • Printable Pin the Arrow on the Heart Game
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Bandana (blind fold)

Put the bandana on the kiddo…

pin the arrow2

Give them a spin or two…

pin the arrow4

And let them pin!

pin the arrow13

Such cute kids. Download the printable game HERE and HERE for your kiddos! Please remember that all free printables are available to MFTM readers for personal use only. 

Our party was full of fun, giggles, games, music, yummy food, and lots of LOVE!

pin the arrow10

pin the arrow11

Us mommas pooled together to give our kiddos a super sweet, love filled day. So grateful for these sweet kids and their creative, inspiring, caring mommas!

pin the arrow9

Their friendship blesses me! 

Thanks to Mel for all of the awesome photos of our fun party day! Her blog is a MUST to check out… head on over to Mbrace Life!