Teach Me Tuesday: I’m Thankful Table Runner

Happy Veteran’s Day friends and welcome to Teach Me Tuesday! A (mostly) weekly series where we share all things kid-friendly that you can do with your kids or teach them how to do. It can be educational, artistic, scientific, hands-on…anything goes as long as it’s kid approved! Today, our kid crafts contributor, Michelle, is sharing a sweet and meaningful Thanksgiving craft to do with the kiddos! I am LOVING her I’m Thankful Table Runner idea! It’s perfect for Thanksgiving! 

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Hello Mine for the Making lovelies! It is Michelle from Delicate Construction back with another kid craft for you all! We are officially in my favorite time of year- I love November and December and all the holidays, festivities and get togethers during this time. With Thanksgiving coming up first, I thought it would be fun to create a table runner with one of the things I am most grateful for- my daughter.

thankful table runner1

This is a super simple project and I like to make table runners each year, but now that Avery is writing, I have to have her get involved. I love her writing and have to save this now for years to come. First things first, you need a table runner. Normally I make these and just sew them with whatever fabric, canvas or drop cloth I have on hand but this year I bought one. It says $10 but it was on sale so I think I got it for $7 and it was totally worth the time it saved me.

thankful table runner2

Next, I grabbed some paper so that I could write the words and Avery could copy them and some fall colored permanent markers.

thankful table runner3

Once I had those three things, we were ready to get writing! We started with family of course and as soon as we wrote that, I knew I had to also document the way she draws people. It is so sweet and I know I will be breaking this out each year!

thankful table runner4

It was so fun watching her write everything but it was also great practice as well! She is learning so much so fast!

thankful table runner5

After she was done writing (it would have been a lot for her to do all on her own) I filled in with some additional things that she helped brainstorm and we finished it out! I hope you have fun with this one and create a keepsake for your family!

thankful table runner6

If you are looking for some more holiday inspiration, check out my Delicately Constructed Holiday series running jointly on my blog and You Tube Channel. You can check out the first episode HERE!



We are Thankful Frame

November is the month of giving thanks.
Although we should be thankful for our blessings year round, I think November is a month that people tend to share and reflect on the things they are thankful for.  I am sure you have seen many of your Facebook, Instagram, and bloggy friends sharing something they are thankful for everyday of the month of November. 
I wanted to find a way to share and display the things we are thankful for in our home, so I came up with this….We are Thankful frame.
8×10 picture frame
scrapbook paper
vinyl words “We are Thankful”
transfer tape
smoother (or credit card)
dry erase marker
Cut your scrapbook paper to fit your frame and slip it inside.
Place your vinyl words on transfer tape, peal off the back paper and lay the vinyl on the picture frame glass carefully.
Smooth over the transfer tape with your credit card.
Carefully peal away the transfer tape so that only the vinyl words are left.
Use a dry erase marker to add the things you and your family are thankful for!
We made this in the last craft class I taught and the girls loved it!
(I teach a monthly class in my home…it’s so fun!)
Thanks so much for stopping by!
I am thankful for my blog…where I can share and document my creative endeavors with you!
I am thankful for a family who is supportive of my creative side.
And I am thankful for my readers! Thank you for your sweet comments and emails…keep them coming! Bloggers LOVE sweet comments and feedback : )
Have a great weekend!
**If you are unable to cut your own vinyl and you’d like to make this project, send me an email and I can send you the vinyl words for a small cost.**
MinefortheMaking at gmail

Happy 2nd Birthday MFTM! {blogoversary}

That’s right!
Today is Mine for the Making’s 2nd birthday.
Or blogoversary. 
Two years ago I finally decided to click the publish button and I am SO glad I did.
Why am I so glad, you ask?
I have learned so much more about myself just from blogging. I have become a more creative woman. I have become a more hands-on, do-it-yourself wife. I have become a better cook and home-maker. I have found, shared, and been inspired to create teachable moments with my daughter. I have shared my creativity with others and they have shared their talents with me. I have made so many special friendships. Yes, REAL friendships with REAL women. Behind a great blog is a great woman, just remember that ;)

I would have NEVER guessed that people would actually click the follow button on my lil’ blog-a-roo 2 years ago. 
I started this as a way to share what I love. A little place to keep record of the things I make and do. A place to record special family moments. A place I feel safe to share my passion to create and make things myself. 

I want to thank you, lovely readers, for your sweet comments, emails, and pins. You inspire me to keep creating. You inspire me to keep clicking on the publish button. 
So, to thank you, I have invited some of my very favorite shops to participate in a week of giveaways just for YOU next week. Aren’t they sweet?!
January 16-20, 2012
So be ready to party next week, my friends! 
Here’s to another year of moments that turn into fond memories, and inspiration that turns into something creative. 
I love this blog. I love my readers. I love my sponsors.
Thank you for reading my lil’ blog-a-roo. 
This place wouldn’t be the same without you, and I wouldn’t be the same without this blog. 

I am FULL… of Thanks

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for this family.
Thank you for this home.
Thank you for our health. 
Thank you for the ability to be creative.
Thank you for this blessed life I live.

Thank you for the little things…
Like hearing my daughter laugh with her daddy.
Being able to stay home to take care of my family.
Watching my little girl learn something new for the first time.
Holding hands with my husband after a long day.
Belly laughs with girlfriends.
Slow dancing in the kitchen while making dinner with my husband.

And thank you for the frivolous things…
Diet Coke, cheesecake, music, flat irons, cute shoes, glue guns, my Silhouette, and sewing machine. 

I am mostly thankful for this…
Happy Thanksgiving, friends.
Be thankful, for we are all blessed.

Thankful for Friends {printable}

Although we should be thankful for our many blessing year ’round, I think it’s safe to say that November is a time that we are reminded with how thankful we should really be.
A time for holidays and traditions.
A time for food and fun.
A time for family and friends.
I have been extremely blessed with friends…both in real life and in the blogging community.
Each friendship I have, I treasure and hold close to my heart.
For many of my friends, I feel that they are my family…my “friemly” if you will.
I think it’s important to tell those we love how special they are to us and how thankful we are to have them a part of our lives.
 So today I am going to show you the printable I created to share with YOU…my friends. 
{Download here}
C.S. Lewis has some of the greatest quotes, doesn’t he?
I love the colors of the chevron background…perfect colors for fall and Thanksgiving.
This printable is formatted as a 8×10 jpg. but can be made into smaller sizes. All you have to do is download the printable, save it to your computer, print it, pop it into a frame and give it to your friend(s). Easy and inexpensive gift to show your thanks for that special friendship.
Please remember, all images created by MFTM are for personal use only. Do not attempt to change this printable in any way, and if you want to share it, please link back to Mine for the Making. 
If you decide to use this, it’d totally make my day if you told me about it!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, friends.
Thanks for your sweet comments and emails.
Thanks for motivating me to write and create.
I am thankful for YOU.

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Guest Blogger: The Scrap Shoppe

Some of my WONDERFULGIVINGKINDHEARTED bloggy friends will be guest posting here at Mine for the Making while I recuperate from surgery. I’d love for you to stop by their amazing blogs and leave them some bloggy {}. 

Hello, Mine for the Making readers! 
I’m very excited to be visiting Kara today! 
I’m Michele, and I create over at The Scrap Shoppe
Today I want to share a fun interactive Thanksgiving printable with you. 
My oldest is 3 this year, its the first year I think he can truly start to understand the meaning behind the Thanksgiving holiday. Its not just a big meal with family! :) 
I created this Thankful For printable for us to list the things we are thankful for either on a daily basis or especially around the holidays. 

I added some warm attributes to the printable with 
doily bunting, a cute turkey, and lace borders.

Did you know you can use glass as a dry erase surface?
After framing the printable in a fun ornate frame, my 3 year old and I sat down and started our list of the things we are thankful for. We have plenty of time to fill in all 10 spots by Thanksgiving. And if we change our minds about what we are thankful for we can simply erase it and replace it with something else!  
(Baby brother drooling on big brother’s toys could get him demoted.) ;)
This Thankful For printable will print as an 8×10 image on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. 
It can be downloaded here
or by clicking the above image.

This printable acts a wee bit of Thanksgiving decor
 as well as something fun the family can fill out together.
Thank you so much for having me over today, Kara!
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving ahead!
Come visit me at my place when you have time. :)
I this Michele! I made something similar for my daughter to fill out this year. I love the banner and doily images…so cute! Thanks so much for sharing it with us today!
Michele has become a dear bloggy friend to me. She is so sweet, kind, creative, and supportive. Lucky  to have met her. I’m thankful for my bloggy friends : )
Head on over to The Scrap Shoppe for many more creative ideas and projects.

Don’t forget to enter the Pickle Doodle Designs GIVEAWAY!!
{closes Nov. 6th, 2011}