Must Have Silhouette Cameo Tools

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Hello there makers! This month we have been sharing our very favorite craft tools every Friday. If you know me, then you know my very favorite craft tool ever is my Silhouette Cameo. I thought I would share some of my very favorite Must Have Silhouette Cameo Tools with you!

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The Silhouette Cameo 3 is my favorite ever craft tool because it’s so versatile and I can create so many things using it. From stencils to paint signs or decor for walls, to paper crafts, to party decorations, to apparel and so much more. 

Because this machine is so versatile, there are lots of accessories that you can choose to purchase with it and for it. I think it’s always important to have an extra blade on hand. Though mine always last a really long time, I think it’s important to have a back up. Picture yourself, late night crafting session, and your blade is dull. No craft stores open… what do you do before panic sets in and you have to call it quits for the night?! Pull out your spare, girl! Crafterhours saved!

Though your machine comes with a mat, you will need replacements. You can choose to get a standard 12×12 or a 12×24 which is on my wish list. 

To have even more design abilities, I suggest getting the Silhouette Design Edition. It’s an upgrade to the program that the machine comes standard with. I highly recommend this, and it’s definitely worth the extra cost. 

You’ll also want the Silhouette tool pack to help with weeding vinyl and paper crafting. The tools make life so much easier!

When storing your Silhouette, it’s important to keep it covered to keep the dust off of it. There are several colors of these covers you can choose from to buy or you can  make your own. 

If you travel places with your Silhouette, say to a friend’s house to craft or maybe you use it in your classroom, I suggest purchasing a tote! They come in handy by making transport easy and a bit safer for your machine. 

I love making things with vinyl! This starter kit is great so you can get the feel for working with vinyl before you buy a bigger order of it. 

Once you get the hang of your Silhouette and you’re ready to make even more fun things like shirts, you’ll love this heat transfer vinyl multipack! You will also want to make things like cups, coffee mugs, and wall art, so you’ll want regular vinyl as well. 


And if you get really into making shirts, you’ll want a heat press. This makes the vinyl adhere so much better than irons and the longevity of the shirt is so much better. 

To transfer your vinyl designs over easily, you’ll need a roll of transfer tape. You save money when you buy a bigger roll, and you’ll go through it so it’s necessary. 

I am all about organizing my supplies, especially my vinyl otherwise it ends up all over the place. I like storing it rolled up in magazine holder.

To help cut your vinyl, transfer paper, and other paper, I love my Fiskar Scissors. They are super sharp and work so well.

For more fun, you should try out the sketch pens! Use them to create cards, invitations, tags, addressing envelopes, making wall art, and so much more. 

There are so many more things you can get for your Silhouette, but these are my must haves. I hope you find them helpful and that they make your crafting even more fun!

Join us next week for Alison’s must have craft supplies! 

Your hostesses,
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Personalized Dog Dishes

Hello there makers! Are you a dog mom? If so, I have the perfect project for you… or for your pup, rather.  Check out these Personalized Dog Dishes. I picked up a couple of plain, aluminum dog dishes from the store and decided it was extremely necessary to personalize them for our pup.

Super cute, right?! I created the decal in the Silhouette design studio, cut it out on Expressions Vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo, weeded the designs and applied them onto the aluminum dog dishes using transfer tape/paper.

Be sure to really smooth over the vinyl to get out all bubbles before removing the transfer tape. 

They were that easy! I even saved the Silhouette designs for you so that you can personalize your dog’s dishes too. Pin this post and email me that you did… I will email you the design so you can make your own!

I love how they turned out and that it only took me about 15 minutes to complete. My Bruzer boy loves his new dishes too! 

Wonder what I should make next for this pup of mine… Do you have any favorite DIY dog projects?

Easy Cookies for Santa Plate

Hi friends! I wanted to drop by to share an easy and quick Christmas project that I made last year. *GASP* I know, better late than never! On the 5th day before Christmas my true love gave to me… this Easy Cookies for Santa Plate!

cookies for santa plate1


I love the black against the gold…and of course I added a deer head to the design. #deerobsession 

Do you want to make on really quick? Let’s do it!

To make your own you will need:

-large plastic charger (Walmart and Dollar Tree have these)


-transfer paper

Silhouette or similar cutting machine

cookies for santa plate2


1. I wiped down the charger so that it was clean and dry.

2. I measured the space where I wanted my vinyl on the charger and adjusted the measurements appropriately in my cutting machine program.

3. Then I designed the image on the Silhouette program and cut it out on black vinyl.

4. I weeded the vinyl and applied the transfer paper on top, then transfered the vinyl to the charger carefully. 

5. Load the plate up with cookies on Christmas Eve and leave them for the big man in the red coat. Don’t forget the milk!

cookies for santa plate3

Enjoy your weekend friends… be sure to take it all in, for this is the only Christmas of 2014! 

Bunny Blocks {tutorial}

Hi there!
Today I had Mine for the Making Craft Class at my home and I had so much fun spring crafting with the ladies. I thought it would be fun if I shared one of the spring crafts we made. You may have noticed this craft if you saw My Spring Entry Way.

I just love them, don’t you?!
1- 4in tall “2×4” piece of wood
1- 5in tall “2×4” piece of wood
1- 6in tall “2×4” piece of wood
3 pastel colored craft paints
white craft paint
3 small white pompoms
sponge brushes
sanding block
hot glue gun and sticks
bunny vinyl stickers
1. Paint the faces of your blocks with the pastel colored craft paint. It’s not necessary to paint the entire block. Allow dry time.
2. Place bunny vinyl stickers on the faces you just painted. I designed/cut my bunnies using my Silhouette but you could easily trace a stencil/cookie cutter and cut them out by hand. Be sure to press the edges of the bunny vinyl down really well.
3. Paint the entirety of the blocks white…even over the bunnies. Allow dry time.
4. Carefully peal the bunnies off of the blocks and discard. 
5. Sand the edges of your blocks with the sanding block so that the pastel colors “peek” through. 
6. Hot glue the white pompoms to the bunnies’ bums…in place of their tails.
Tip: If you don’t have the ability to cut your own wood, Home Depot will do it for you! 

Simple. Cute. Inexpensive. Love.
These are by far my daughter’s favorite decorations up right now. She’s partial to bunnies : )
So what do you think?
Is this something you would make and display?
THANKS for stopping by today!
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We are Thankful Frame

November is the month of giving thanks.
Although we should be thankful for our blessings year round, I think November is a month that people tend to share and reflect on the things they are thankful for.  I am sure you have seen many of your Facebook, Instagram, and bloggy friends sharing something they are thankful for everyday of the month of November. 
I wanted to find a way to share and display the things we are thankful for in our home, so I came up with this….We are Thankful frame.
8×10 picture frame
scrapbook paper
vinyl words “We are Thankful”
transfer tape
smoother (or credit card)
dry erase marker
Cut your scrapbook paper to fit your frame and slip it inside.
Place your vinyl words on transfer tape, peal off the back paper and lay the vinyl on the picture frame glass carefully.
Smooth over the transfer tape with your credit card.
Carefully peal away the transfer tape so that only the vinyl words are left.
Use a dry erase marker to add the things you and your family are thankful for!
We made this in the last craft class I taught and the girls loved it!
(I teach a monthly class in my home…it’s so fun!)
Thanks so much for stopping by!
I am thankful for my blog…where I can share and document my creative endeavors with you!
I am thankful for a family who is supportive of my creative side.
And I am thankful for my readers! Thank you for your sweet comments and emails…keep them coming! Bloggers LOVE sweet comments and feedback : )
Have a great weekend!
**If you are unable to cut your own vinyl and you’d like to make this project, send me an email and I can send you the vinyl words for a small cost.**
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Halloween Week: Pumpkin Plate

Another Halloween Week post! Are you getting sick of Michelle and I yet?
No? Well good because I have another fun Halloween craft for you today…

Isn’t he cute?
Here’s what you’ll need to make your own…
Orange plate (dollar store)
Black vinyl or sticker jack-o-lantern
Transfer paper (optional…only needed for vinyl)
Brown felt
Green felt
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Hot glue gun and sticks
Clean and dry your plate.
I used my Silhouette to design and cut my jack-o-lantern face, but you can also trace it and cut it out or you can use a jack-o-lantern sticker.
Add transfer paper if you are using vinyl and place it on your plate carefully, smoothing it out and pressing it down. Remove the transfer paper slowly.
If you are using a sticker, simply apply the sticker where you want it.
Using your sponge brush, paint a light coat of Mod Podge to protect and seal the vinyl to the plate.
Using your scissors, cut out a stem and leaf from the felt.
Add the stem and leaf to the top of your plate, adhering with hot glue.
Display on a plate stand or mount to your wall!
**Important: I would not put this in the dishwasher, microwave, or eat off of it. Lightly wipe it down to clean/dust it.**

Pretty simple, right?
Simple can still be CUTE, my friends!
Okay, it’s time to head on over to Delicate Construction to see what haunting and spooking Michelle has going on! If you are here visiting from Delicate Construction, WELCOME! So happy you stopped by. 
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Christmas Coasters {tutorial}

The other day I shared how to make personalized Photo Coasters for your family and friends this year. Today I am excited to share another way to make coasters as a gift, but this time we are going to use different materials. I am happy to say that this gift is simple and inexpensive as well.

Christmas Coasters

-4in x 4in white tiles (I bought 8 from Home Depot for $0.13 a piece. I plan to make 2 sets of them.)
-Vinyl (I had black vinyl on hand)
-Transfer paper (optional)
-Vinyl cutter (I used my Silhouette)
-Mod Podge
-Sponge brush
-Heavy duty glue (I used E6000)
-Felt pads (12 in a pack at the dollar store)

{How To}
1. Using the Silhouette design studio, I designed what I wanted each of my coasters to look like.

{I apologize for this photo…my camera does not like taking pictures of my computer screen.}

2. I wiped down the tiles and added felt pads to the bottom four corners of each tile, adhering with E6000.

3. After your designs are cut in the vinyl, transfer the vinyl to the tiles and smooth.

4. Using your sponge brush, put several coats of Mod Podge over the top of your tiles, making sure each coat dries before applying another.

5. Tie a ribbon around your coaster stack and call it a gift!

Don’t you love them? Little pieces of artwork for your guest’s drink to sit on.
I made this set of coasters for my (little) brother-in-law and his wife for Christmas. I think they will like them. Hopefully they’re not reading this right now : )

I’m off to make more gifts and wrap more presents. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

This post was originally shared at The Scrap Shoppe for the Homemade Christmas series. 

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{R} Monogram Plate

I really do LOVE all things monogrammed. 
I have always wanted a pretty monogrammed plate. Especially after seeing all of the lovely monogrammed plates out there in blogland (more on those in a bit). 
I found a simple, white square plate at Dollar Tree and had a piece of black vinyl left over from another project, so it was only natural that I DIY it.
I pulled out my BFF and got to work designing my monogram image.
This is what I finally decided on…
After the Silhouette cut my vinyl, I pulled off the excess vinyl and then laid the transfer paper on top. I carefully pulled off the back of the vinyl and laid the image/transfer paper in the center of my plate. I rubbed the vinyl on the plate, pealed the transfer paper off, and viola! 
What do you think?
I needed something new and inexpensive to put on this table since all my Easter decor is put away. I found the family plate stand at Dollar Tree too. I know! That store has a special place in my ♥. 
Pretty monogrammed plate with stand for $2. 
Not bad if I do say so myself!
Here are a few other plates from blogland that I just adore. 
Check the links for the tutorials.
So pretty, aren’t they?!
Ladies, you can grab a featured button if you’d like : )
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Labeling with Vinyl

As I have mentioned before, I am {in love} with my Silhouette! I’m also an organizing, labeling fanatic. What happens when you combine those 3 things? This…

I bought the jar and the metal scoop from Walmart and slapped on some vinyl. SO much cuter than the ugly laundry soap box and the pathetic plastic scoop that never seems to last long. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?
I couldn’t stop there. This was such a fast and easy project. So I did this also…
The glass jar I purchased from Ikea a couple of years ago looked so bare. So I dressed it up with more vinyl labeling. (Notice the beautiful slate floors?)
I decided to label it with “Treats” instead of cookies since I use the jar for different kinds of things. Right now there are mini cinnamon apple muffins in the Treat Jar…or as Luci would call them, “cupcakes.” :)
This was definitely not an original idea of mine. I have seen jar labeling all over blogland and just LOVE the idea. 
What do you think? What have you labeled with vinyl?
I am linking up my vinyl jars at the fun linky parties I have listed in the “Linky Parties” tab at the top of my page. Follow me on over to those lovely blogs!

Butterfly Garden Wall Art

Lately we have been working on L’s bedroom. The Mr. built her a toddler bed (future post), we refinished my old childhood dresser & dressed it up with pink glass knobs (future post), laid a beautiful wood floor…now I am focusing on the decor. The theme of Luci’s room is a butterfly garden with lots of muted pink, brown, green, and white. I have been gradually collecting accessories for her room and am just now putting it all together. Lots of fun!

 A few months back, I found a great deal on a pack of 3 large canvases at JoAnn’s. I used 2 of them to create wall art for L’s wall behind her bed. 

I left the canvases plain and I used my Silhouette and pale pink vinyl to create the images on the canvases.

I chose a couple different images from the Silhouette website and took bits and pieces from each to create my own artwork. 

let your imagination grow…
I do believe in Fairies
Aren’t these 3D white butterflies the coolest? I found them at Target. They were very simple to mount (did it by myself!) and the 3D effect gives it a little something extra, don’t you think?
**One thing I learned from this project is that I probably should have painted the canvas first. The vinyl gave me problems sticking. I used Mod Podge as a top coat to adhere the vinyl to the canvas. It solved the problem, but I would do it differently next time.

Idea inspired by Little Miss Momma

Exciting News…
Just a little FYI…there is going to be some exciting changes over here at Mine for the Making this week. I don’t want to give too much away, but be sure to keep your eyes pealed for the changes. Remember, I love feedback so leave me a comment or shoot me an email at MinefortheMaking(dot)gmail(dot)com.  
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