5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy in Long Disneyland Lines

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If you follow along with Mine for the Making on social media (icons at the top of this page), then you know we sold our home a couple of months ago, down sized a ton, bought an RV and are currently living and traveling in it while we buy land and build our next home. We are loving the RV lifestyle so far and have enjoyed lots of trips together as a family. This Christmas we decided to take a trip to California for a family adventure in the RV and while we were there, we visited one of our most favorite places… Disneyland.


Typically we like to go to Disneyland during off peak times to avoid the large crowds and long lines, but this year we decided to bite the bullet and experience the Disney magic at Christmastime. Though the lines were long, we made the most out of it! I wanted to share 5 ways to keep kids busy in long Disneyland lines, because I am certain many of you have found yourselves in that situation.


1.Family App Games

There are lots apps you can play with while in line at Disneyland, but we like to play the games that get our entire family (or at least all of the kids) involved. Here are a few that we really enjoy… feel free to leave a comment with your favorite family app games too!

  • Heads Up
  • Scrabble
  • Ellen’s Know or Go
  • Ultimate Movie Trivia: Disney Edition
  • Charades! Kids


2. Bring Snacks

Believe it or not, snacks can take up a good portion of the wait time in lines. We bring our own snacks in a backpack, but we also like to indulge on Disneyland treats too. My daughter always goes for a churro and I always go for a Dol Whip! What’s your favorite Disneyland treat to take in line while you wait for a ride?


3. Disneyland Mapping

While you are waiting in line, it’s a great idea to check your Disneyland map and decide on the next couple of rides you and the kids want to go on. This is a great way to get to know the park, organize your time, pick out which characters you want to visit, and teach your kids about reading maps. We utilize this time to find the nearest bathrooms, treats we want to try, and a place to meet at if anyone gets lost.



4. Counting Mickeys

This is one of our favorite games to play in line at Disneyland, and surprisingly it never gets old. We play “Counting Mickeys” and it’s so fun! You and the kids try to ‘spy’ as many Mickeys as you can while waiting in line. They can be on the decor, on peoples’ clothing, Mickey shaped food… as long as it’s a Mickey, it counts! It’s funny because the longer the line the more time you have to find Mickeys and this seems to be what the kids focus on rather than the ‘boring’ time spent in line. Try it! Let us know if your kids like it too.


5. Old School Games

When all else fails, you can resort to some of the ‘old school games’ that we used to play as kids… you know, before electronic devices and smart phones! Some require a small pad of paper and pencil, but that can easily be stored in your backpack with the snacks. Here are some of my favorites… feel free to leave comment with any that your family likes to play!

  • I Spy
  • Paper, Rock, Scissors
  • Thumb wars
  • tic-tac-toe
  • Hangman
  • Celebrity/Character Alphabet game
  • Rhyming words game


There you have it! 5 ways to keep those kids occupied in the long lines at Disneyland. The busier they are, the less likey you are to be answering the “are we there yet?” and “how much longer?!!” questions. Don’t forget to utilized the Disneyland apps for wait times and be sure to stock up on those Fast Passes for your favorite rides!

How do you keep the kids busy in the long Disneyland lines?


My family was given tickets into the park to share our experience. All opinions are 100% my own.

Family Vacation to DISNEYLAND!

We had such a fun time on our family vacation this summer. We decided to take Luci to Disneyland. Matt and I hadnt been in years…and it is my most FAVORITE place to visit. I was soooo excited to share the Disney magic with Luci. And believe it or not, Luci (2 years old) was able to go on 90% of the rides!! We even had a park hopper pass and spent a day at California Adventures! So fun!


 “Hi Choo Choo!!”
Pretty sure we rode the “orsies” (aka: horsies) a billion times.
It’s a small world after all…
Our sweet family <3
  Our goofy girl with Goofy (notice her feet crossed…such a lady).
Luci LOVED the parade. She was in awe with all of the music, dancing, and characters.
 My tiny dancer in the parade. Very interactive. LOVE Disneyland!
Tarzan’s Tree House
We could not get over the landscaping here. Everything was so well kept, green, and colorful. So so very pretty.
Playing in Minnie’s House
Tea for 2 please
Luci learned a big lesson in patience and Im pretty sure she understands what “wait” means after standing in lines :) The reward at the end of the lines was worth it…
Seriously?! Cutest picture ever, right?! I would pay BIG bucks for this…wait….I did pay big bucks for this LOL!
3D Michael Jackson…we roll old school
“Hi puppy!!” 
What’s in your mouth, White Rabbit? 
That’s all for now! I know I have a boat load more…when I find them I will post more later :)
What kinds of family vacations have you gone on/are planning on going on this summer?