A Hocus Pocus Halloween

Hello there makers! We love all things Halloween so we thought we’d do a fun round up today! And since our very favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus, we gathered up all of the awesome Hocus Pocus inspired projects, decor, and recipes to share with you! Let’s make this a Hocus Pocus Halloween, shall we?

The Sanderson Sisters are the best! They are the perfect combination of spooky, sassy, and hilarious! I really look forward to watching Hocus Pocus a bazillion times in October… and then quoting the movie for the month also (my family loves me!). I’d have to say my favorite witch is Winny, although I do love all three! 

DIY Hocus Pocus T-shirt

Hocus Pocus Halloween Party

DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book

Hocus Pocus Throw Pillows

Hocus Pocus Wreath

Hocus Pocus Prints

Hocus Pocus Smores Pops

Hocus Pocus inspired yard sign

Witch’s Brew 

Hocus Pocus Party Prints

Sanderson Sisters Shirts

Hocus Pocus Date Night

Hocus Pocus Day Planner Stickers

Hocus Pocus Coloring Page

Hocus Pocus Cup

Witch Hat Cookies

Hocus Pocus Vinyl Wall Cling

Hocus Pocus Family Costumes

Such creative ideas perfect for Halloween! Do you have a favorite Halloween movie that inspires your holiday decorating, parties, and food choices? I’d love to hear about it!