Scrappy Whimsical Dreamcatcher

I thought I’d take the opportunity to clean out my ribbons/lace/trimmings bin to create something pretty for my daughter’s bedroom. How fun is this Scrappy Whimsical Dreamcatcher?

scrappy whimsical dreamcatcher5

For this project you will need:

  • embroidery hoop
  • doily
  • scraps of ribbon, trimmings, lace, etc.
  • hot glue gun + glue sticks
  • scissors

Gather up your supplies and all of the scraps that go well together. In my case, I picked pinks and whites… great for Valentine’s Day or my daughter’s bedroom. 

Scrappy whimsical dreamcatcher1

Remove the inner hoop of the embroidery round and cover it with the doily. Secure it around the edges of the inner hoop with hot glue and trim all the excess with your scissors.

scrappy whimsical dreamcatcher2

Add the outer hoop back on and secure. Then start tying on and gluing your scraps to the bottom of the hoop. Just slip the ends through the doily openings. 

scrappy whimsical dreamcatcher4

Once you are happy with the scraps added, use your scissors to trim up the bottoms to the desired length. Then hang it on a wall!

scrappy whimsical dreamcatcher6

Thanks so much for hanging out with me for a bit! 

Folding Chair Makeover

Last year I shared my Craft Room Reveal as well as my Two-Tone Chair Makeover for my desk and I am still just as in love with these projects as I was the first day. My daughter and I spend A LOT of time in the craft room. This is where I work on projects for the blog, sign orders from my shop, and it’s also where we homeschool most days. That being said, I needed more seating in this room… rather than having to drag another chair in from the dining room. And because I’m cheap frugal, I decided to use what I had already. Let’s bust out the spray paint and do a Folding Chair Makeover!

folding chair makeover6

She’s so pretty, isn’t she? I promis you that she was NOT pretty at all before…

Folding Chair Makeover1

Ew, right?! All I did was grab a few cans of my favorite colors of spray paint, a damp rag to clean the chair up, and a drop cloth to put the chair on while I painted it outside. 

Folding Chair Makeover2

I used Rustoleum, which has a primer in it, but if your paint does not have a primer in it, I highly recommend primering your chair first. This while ensure that the paint on your chair will last much longer. 

folding chair makeover5

After I painted the entire chair twice and allowed dry time, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out a vinyl heart. I applied it to the chair and painted the inside (by hand) pink. Because well… pink hearts. 

Folding Chair Makeover3

There’s one more folding chair out in my garage that I’m planning to makeover as well. Pretty much nothing is safe from pretty paint in my house. The after is just SO much better than before, you can’t help but #paintallthethings.

Folding Chair Makeover4

Do you love to paint as much as I do? What’s your current favorite color?

Lucky Wooden Decor

lucky craft6

Hi guys! Its Ali back from Dream Crafter to share with you a fun little craft you can do in an afternoon! I love crafts like these because they spruce up your space for the holidays and they don’t take a whole week to complete. (I obviously have no patience for stuff like that.)    […]

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Mermaid Birthday Party

Mermaid Birthday Party

Hi again! I am back with an update on the budget and details of my daughter’s fourth birthday party. Halen (yes- like VanHalen) decided this year she would like a Mermaid Birthday Party.  After months of planning and prep work I am happy to say this is by far one of my favorite parties I have done! I […]

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Pinterest Feature Friday


Hello friends! Kara here for another fun, weekly installment of Pinterest Feature Friday! Every week my bloggy friends (Michele, Malia, Bev) and I go through the Pinterest Master List and check out all of the fun Pinterest boards that have been linked up. Then we pick one new pinner to spotlight on Friday. It’s super fun and […]

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Shamrock Math for Kids

shamrock math1

Hi Makers! Michelle here from Delicate Construction and I am back to share a quick and easy math idea with some free printables just in time for some St. Patrick’s Day fun! Check out this hands-on math idea- Shamrock Math for Kids! These 2 math activities and printables are perfect for kids preschool-2nd grade.    […]

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Pinterest Feature Friday


Howdy! It’s Malia here from Yesterday on Tuesday with this week’s Pinterest Feature Friday. Each week, Michele from The Scrap Shoppe, Bev from Flamingo Toes and Kara from Mine for the Making get the chance to show off some super cool pinners and their Pinterest Boards. This week’s star pinner is Lauren from Mom Home […]

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February Baby Fashion

feb baby fashion

Hello Everyone!   It’s Siri again from Of Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings back for another fashion guest post! Today I’m going to share a few must-haves for February Baby Fashion!     February is such a fun month for fashion because bold reds and delicate whites can be styled together  to create a classic, winning combination!   […]

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Where Does Sugar Hide?


Sugar is an added ingredient in almost all of our foods in one way or another.  There are also natural sugars that are found in fruits and vegetables.  So what do we need to be concerned about and what do we need to look for when shopping and looking for a healthier life style?  Sugar […]

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Pinterest Feature Friday


Happy Friday! It’s Bev from Flamingo Toes here with for another installment of Pinterest Feature Friday! If you’re new to PFF, every week Kara, Malia, Michele and I {your Pinterest Feature Friday hosts) choose a feature from the Pinterest Master List for Crafters! We show off their boards and some of our favorite pins – […]

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