5 Tips for a Budget Friendly Party

I’m so excited to introduce you to another new contributor today… our Party Contributor! Ashley has been one of my besties for YEARS. Her creativity has always inspired me and truly blows me away. She is the perfect addition to our Creative Team and I know you will love her just as much as I do!


Hi Mine for the Makers!

My name is Ashley and I am so glad to be visiting on Kara’s blog today! Kara and I go wwwaaaayyyyy back and have been friends since elementary school. It has been so fun to have a lifelong friend to celebrate all of the big and little things that life has thrown our way the past 20 years.

A little about me- By day I am a kindergarten teacher but when the bell rings I am wife to Jarrod, a youth minister, and mommy to Halen, 4, and Lola, 8 months. I am passionate about throwing parties to celebrate the major events for those I hold dear and am excited to share some tips I have learned along the way to make your parties run budget-friendly and smoothly.

budget friendly party

Whether you are throwing a birthday party, a shower for a friend, graduation celebration, or Mother’s Day tea party- here are some things to remember.

1. Plan Ahead. Okay, I know that this is often easier said than done, but parties take time and effort, right? My daughter celebrates her birthday the first week in January- which is piggyback to all of the big events: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. We have gotten in the habit of asking her each summer what kind of party she would like and then we start the planning process. Lucky for me, she is really good at not changing her mind!

After we have gotten a theme, we start checking the calendar. I always try to have her party after her birthday rather than before so I have a little extra time to get things in order. My personal rule of thumb is that when it comes to invitations you should always make sure your guests have them in hand at least 3 weeks before the party. Also remember that many people forget to RSVP- so a text reminder to finalize your headcount is okay too!

2. Organize and Budget, budget, budget. I am a nerd and love to have all things organized. I fill out a spreadsheet each year that contains things I want to make, buy, and who we have invited. This way all of my details and lists are contained to one spot! I simply fill it out, print, and put it in my purse….er, diaper bag. I also like having all of my addresses in one spot for invitations and thank you cards. The best part is, if you save it on your computer, the next year you just update and most of your information is done for you!

When it comes to today’s world of Pinterest- it is really easy to find great ideas and want to get a little crazy! But- stick to your budget. I prioritize my ideas and then really think about what I am wanting to spend. I could find a million different things to make or buy, but I realize that if at the end of the party I could buy a pony for what I spent on a party- it wouldn’t make sense. I love the budget part of the spreadsheet because it keeps me focused and forces me to shop smart!

I am attaching a link to the spreadsheet I use- feel free to print it and make it your own!

party pic5

3. Shop Smart and Store. This year when Halen said she wanted a Mermaid party in January I knew I was going to have to start in the summer with a few purchases. I knew I wanted to serve the food in glittery sand buckets so I made sure I hit Dollar Tree in July to purchase them. I also started stalking my local facebook swip swap sites to look for beach themed decorations. I scored a huge bag of mixed seashells for just $3 and a set of six clam serving plates for $2. I also try to grab a small thing each time I head to Target or Walmart to spread the expenses out over time. If you wait to the last minute you are often in a pinch and convenience takes precedence over cost- which can lead to overspending. I also love to shop my house for things I can use as decorations- which are free!

Once you start collecting all of your goodies, purchase a storage tub, use a copy paper box, or save those Trader Joes bags. Find a safe spot in your house and start loading up! I put a box in the corner of my craft room and start putting all of our supplies in it once I purchase them. That way I don’t have things pigeon holed all over my house- where it will most likely be lost, eaten or forgotten. Once the party is 2-3 weeks away I set up a table in my kitchen so I can see exactly what I have left to buy and can start working on things.

party pic1

4. Ask for Help. Everyone knows what their strengths are with parties- right? I am great at creating, decorating, and organizing. However, I am a terrible baker and cannot photoshop an invitation to save my life! If you have a friend with great editing skills that can make a cool invite- ask her! Your mom is a master cake froster- hit that lady up! Chances are if you ask people in advance they will be more than willing to help you out. My mom always helps me with food items. My little sister is the party photographer and my older sister helps with dishes and clean up. It helps the party run smoother and helps keep a million people asking you what you need help with!

  party pic2

5. Make the Day Your Own and Enjoy. After you’ve hit your Pinterest, magazine, blog overload- think of ways to make the party have your special twist on it. I started the tradition with Halen to have a book that coordinates with her party theme each year. I have all of the partygoers sign it on the day of the party so after the party you have a great keepsake. Also- what a fun collection for when your child gets older!

Even though it is easy to get wrapped up in a million details and stress out- try to remember the person or reason you are throwing a party for. Unless Martha herself is rolling by to feature your party, try to calm down and enjoy the day. After all, the memories you are making with your loved ones are the things that cannot be found on Pinterest.

party pic3

And in the interest of full disclosure- when you come to my house for a party- don’t ever peek in my laundry room, because this is what you will find!!!

party pic4

I’ll be back again to share all of the details of Halen’s Mermaid Party and give a budget breakdown. This might just be my favorite party to date! Until then- Party on friends!


Five Steps to a Healthier You

Good morning mommas! I am so excited to introduce you to our new Fitness and Health Contributor here at Mine for the Making. Shannon of Fitness Food Diva has a passion for healthy foods and healthy life choices and it shines through on her blog. I am so happy she is apart of our Creative Team this year!


Five steps to a healthier YOU starts by getting the idea out of your head that you need to DIET to get healthy and/or loose weight.  “Diets”, as it has been said over and over are so restrictive.  As soon as I here the word “diet” I cringe.  No one wants to omit everything in life that is good and puts a smile on your face while you eat it.  Those moments must exist.  Food is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, so do not deprive yourself.  Being healthy consists of setting goals, making good choices (not perfect), getting rest, staying active, and incorporating more water into your day.  These simple yet attainable steps can be accomplished in making a healthier you.

  5 Steps to a Healthier You

1. Setting goals:  This is such an important part of everyday life, from setting simple daily goals like; reading every night to your kids, paying your bills, calling a friend, etc.  Goals are meant to be reached and acquire a feeling of accomplishment.  Each goal needs to be obtainable and realistic wether it is personal or family oriented.  If you are looking to set goal for a healthier you, make them real to your character.  Write them down, look at them and hold yourself accountable for them.  If you are setting goals for working out, then start with something simple like, join a gym, get familiar with the equipment by asking one of the employees to show you around (if you don’t have a personal trainer).  Try to go to the gym a few times a week and then set another goal for more.  Goals are meant to be set, worked towards and accomplished, which in turn provide us a sense of happiness and accomplishment and a healthier you.

5 steps to a healthier you4

2. Making Good Choices:  This is a hard step and I understand that.  Making good (healthier) choices when it come to food and snacks is not always easy.  We think it is, but when you are in a hurry fast food is always so much easier than going to the store and making dinner but, this is where setting goals can help.  Plan out what you need for the week to provide yourself the healthier choices in meals and snacks so you are less tempted for the fast food or sugary snacks.  Instead of eating out every night, choose to eat in and make a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner a several times a week.  Try to avoid the high calorie snacks that spike your sugar levels and then leave you crashing, they are not your friend.  Snacking needs to turn into “GRAZING”, eating something “good”every three hours.  For example choose a Quest Protein bar instead of a candy bar or granola bar.  Eat pretzels in place of chips, choose whole wheat crackers rather than white flour cracker.  Replace white rice with quinoa or brown rice.  Drink lemon water or crystal light rather than reaching for high sugar sodas or sports drinks.   Try more fruits and vegetables in lieu of candy or cookies.  Staying away from high fructose corn syrup, which is in a lot of foods is a really simple choice that will help towards a healthier you.

3. Getting Rest:  We always here “we need eight hours of sleep” to be fully rested.  I admit, it is hard to go bed at night especially when there are only so many hours in the day to get things done.  I know I am always trying to fit a million things in after I get off work before going to bed and my night continue to get longer and the morning begins to come quicker.  Sleep is so important to our recovery from the day and how we are able to attack the next day.  When we feel tired and sluggish that is when we start to slip on our goals and go for the bad food choices rather than the good, which really often make us feel worse.  Eight hours is hard and sometimes just unrealistic, but it is essential to rebooting our bodies to a healthier you.

5 steps to a healthier you2

4. Staying Active:  Getting out everyday and just moving can make us feel better and keep our heart and mind strong.  Wearing a pedometer can help you set goals to move a certain amount of steps each day, which can be at home or work.  If you sit at a computer all day it is good to step away and relax your eyes and stretch your body out.  Staying active doesn’t mean you have to run 5 miles everyday or do hours of yoga, it simply means “move!”  Play with your kids, wash your car, vacuum, walk the dog.  Being sedentary is not an option, we must find a way to get our bodies moving to provide a healthier you. 

5 steps to a healthier you3

5. Drinking more water:   Water is truly a big must for me.  I try to drink a gallon of water a day ( a bit obsessive), but trying to drink one 8 ounce glass of water every hour is not unreasonable.  Again, it comes back to setting goals, making smart choices, avoiding fatigue, and staying active.  Drinking water is essential to our health.  It helps us to control calories, if we drink more water we feel fuller and will eat a little less.  Water helps us push through those final sets at the gym by providing energy to our muscles and helps replenish the water we loose when we sweat.  I like to put a little amino acids in my water at the gym to help retain muscle mass . Water helps us have clearer skin by flushing out toxins in our body, it helps avoid muscle cramps from dehydration.  Water keeps all things flowing through our bodies and is a large step in becoming a healthier YOU. 

I hope these tips make it a bit easier for you to becoming a healthier YOU this year! I’d love for you to head over to my blog for great workouts and yummy, healthy recipes.

Shannon {Fitness Food Diva}


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