Reclaimed Wood Candy Corn

It’s been quite a few days since I’ve posted on the blog! I have missed it so. We had such a busy week last week with soccer starting, homeschool activities, sign orders, and preparing for MFTM Craft Class I just really had NO time left. But I’m back and ready to share so many cute Halloween projects with you! My *first* Halloween project this year is Reclaimed Wood Candy Corn!



Um…HELLO little cuties! Come sit on my entry table please! We made this in MFTM Craft Class and the girls all loved them too. My 5 year old wants to make one, so I see many more in our future. Want to make some for yourself?


You will need:

2×6 piece of reclaimed wood

table or circular saw 


protective eye wear

tape measure/ruler


paint (white, orange, yellow)

sponge brushes

How To:

First you want to use your pencil and ruler to draw triangles on your 2×6. You want a 4 inch tall triangle, 5 inch tall triangle, and a 6 inch tall triangle. 

Use your saw to cut out the triangles.

Sand the triangles with your sander.

Use your pencil to draw lines around the triangles to separate the 3 colors.

Using your sponge brush, paint your triangles, starting with white at the top, orange in the middle section, and yellow at the base of the triangles. 

Allow time to dry.

*Optional: distress with a sanding block and distressing ink



I just LOVE them these reclaimed wood candy corn. Have you worked with reclaimed wood? I love it because it’s reusing something rather than letting it go to waste and I also LOVE the look of reclaimed wood.  My husband does lots of home renovations/business renovations and whenever there is wood being tossed, he knows to bring it on home. Between the two of us, it will get used. I have also been know to pull over and throw wood it my trunk from off the side of the road (furniture too). One man’s trash is this girl’s treasure.

Here’s a look at my Halloween entry way…



Almost everything was made by me or was purchased at Dollar Tree, Target’s dollar spot, or at a craft store on clearance after the holidays. The themes for my entry way is a witch’s lair. Check out some of these Halloween projects below…

Thanks so much for being patient with my absence for the last several days. I promise not to make it a habit! I hope you loved the Reclaimed Wood Candy Corn! I’m excited to share my other Halloween projects with you this week, so stick around!




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  1. Hmmmm….. I love those candy corn!!! That is my next project for sure! And it entry tank looks amaaaazing. I love the shadow boxes idea…even for my small Halloween trinkets. And the ribbon trim on those dollar tree glass containers is genius. I’m stealing all of these ideas now. Lol

  2. Haha… “entry tank” should be “entry table”

  3. LOVE!! So cute, and I love your table!
    Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama recently posted…25 Candy Corn CraftsMy Profile

  4. LOVE THEM, I need to make some now.

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