Witchy Halloween Wreath

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Hello friends! This month is seriously flying by. I just barely finished this year’s Halloween wreath and then I had to be sure that I made time to photograph and post it. It’s a cute one…maybe even one of my very favorites…so I just had to share it with you. Check out my Witchy Halloween Wreath!

witchy halloween wreath1

I have a ‘thing’ for witches…as in decorating with them. And Hocus Pocus happens to be my all time favorite Halloween movie. So it only makes sense for me to make a witch themed wreath. Didn’t she turn out nice? I like to think it’s equal parts creepy and equal parts cute. 

Here’s my list of supplies so that you can make one too…

  • styrofoam wreath (dollar store)
  • glitter skull (dollar store)
  •  styrofoam cone (dollar store)
  • black roses/spider bouquet (dollar store)
  • creepy cloth (dollar store)
  • Mod Podge Collage Clay
  • Mod Molds
  • Mod Podge Glow-in-the-Dark
  • Folk Art Multi-Surface Paint
  • glitter paint
  • paint brushes
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • Mod Podge Silicone Craft Mat
  • scissors
  • embellishments (ribbon, buttons, etc.)
  • circle piece of cardboard

witchy halloween wreath3

Not all supplies pictured.

I started out by wrapping the styrofoam wreath in the creepy cloth and securing it in place with hot glue. Then I used the Mod Podge Collage clay in the Mod Molds on the Mod Podge silicone craft mat.

I decided I wanted to make the skull and cross bones and the word EEK to add to my wreath. After squeezing the collage clay into the molds, I allowed them LOTS of time to dry and cure (took about 48 hours). 

Once the clay was dry, I easily popped the pieces out of the molds and painted them with orange. 

Once the pieces dried, I went to town with the Mod Podge Glow-in-the-Dark! I painted the collage clay pieces I made, the spider, and the glitter skull. It goes on visibly but dries clear. And it totally makes things glow-in-the-dark! 

witchy halloween wreath4


Now it’s time to make the cute witch’s hat. I painted the cone and the circle piece of card board black. Once it dried, I painted over the black with glitter paint.

Once both pieces are dry, hot glue the bottom of the cone to the middle of the cardboard circle. Add embellishments to the hat using hot glue to adhere. 

The wreath is ready to arrange and hot glue all the pieces on where you want them…

witchy halloween wreath5

I took a big piece of thick, glittery black ribbon to hang the Witchy Halloween Wreath from my front door. 

I wanted to show you want the wreath looks like at night on my door… but I am warning you that night time glow-in-the-dark photos are super difficult to take. And I may have taken 100,000 to only have 2 semi-decent shots. But, alas…here is the two skulls glowing at night…

witchy halloween wreath6

You get the idea, right? A Halloween wreath that glows…now that’s cool!

witchy halloween wreath7

witchy halloween wreath2

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Thanks for stopping by today friend and Happy Halloween!!

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